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    Formulating Himalayan pink salt body scrub

    Wants to prepare a homemade natural scrub with various ingredients and doubtful of the mixture or combination. Needs the suggestion from our Experts and check this page to know what did they say.

    I am planning to make natural body scrub for selling purposes. My scrub will be based on Himalayan pink salt adding few oils in it like - jojoba oil, grape seed oil, sweet almond oil, and white oil (mineral oil) - glycerin - vitamin-E and phenoxyethanol (preservative) and different fragrances oils like lavender, citrus, rose, etc.
    Let me know if I am missing anything in the formula? Should I add any other item or should I remove any above items from the formula?

    How can I make the best possible natural scrub?
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  • All the required items are covered. Salt as an exfoliator, oil, preservative and a fragrance. These are the essential ingredients in a body scrub. Fragrance may be removed also are can be there based on the interest of the user. You have to initially conduct some experiments by changing the quantities of oil and exfoliator. You can add a combination of oils also and try for the required consistency. Sometime these scrubs may give some irritation to some people. So you should make a caution on your product to apply this on a small area of the skin and wait for 24 hours. If you are developing a new recipe you should test it thoroughly and then only you should release it to the market. Before you try on your own also it is to be seen on a small area of your skin and then finalise the recipe. The consistency of the material should be observed properly and try using the material to know whether the consistency is good or not.
    You should take all precautions while making the product as it is going to be used by people for their better appearance and all regulatory issues are to be followed without fail. You can make a small quantity and give to known persons and get the feedback. Based on their feedback you can manage your recipe and then you can release it to the market.

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  • Body scrubs are exfoliants that help to get rid of our remove the dry and dead skin cells and keeping new and naturally glowing skin. Many people use a different combination of ingredient depending upon their skin type like dry, oily, dry or combination skin type. Some of the ingredients or recipe that are commonly used in a face scrub are exfoliant, liquids and add ons which are mixed in proportion to make a good body scrub.

    Now coming to each ingredient and their usage in the body scrub:
    a) Exfoliant - These are the granules of your choice used to get rid of dead or dry skin from our body. These can be Salt, Sugar, Ground of coffee seeds, Ground of rice, Baking soda, Oatmeal, Ground of Chickpea, etc which are great to add as it helps to remove the rough, dry patches of dead skin.

    b) Liquids - The liquids such as honey, milk, oils(coconut oil, jojoba oil, grapeseed oil, almond oil or olive oil) etc are added in the scrubs to smoothen, softens, a natural antiseptic and moisturize one's skin.

    c) Add-ins - These add-ins are excellent natural exfoliators and provide a refreshing feel, calm scent effect, treat acne and brings in a beautiful look. These add-ins are essential oils like Lavender oil, Lemon, lavender or sandalwood oils, camomile, rose or neroli oils, etc. These are selected depending upon different skin types.

    Some of the best homemade body scrubs are
    1. Honey sugar body scrub - Mix a bit of honey with half spoons of sugar and two spoons of essential oil of your choice and mix well. Your honey-sugar body scrub is ready.

    2. Coffee- Coconut scrub - Add coffee grounds and hot water to a mixing bowl, mix well then add coconut oil and add-ins to form correct consistency and its ready.

    3. In the same way, you can make your own combination to make different scurs like Lavender-vanilla-sugar scrub, Vanilla-rose-sugar scrub, Ginger-Coconut oil body scrub, Green tea body scrub, Almond pulp scrub, Cofee-Banana scrub, Cucumber body scrub, Papaya body scrub, etc.

    Note: As you are planning to make natural body scrub for selling purposes, you need complete all the formalities that include permit, brand name, registration of the product, medical or product clearance and other certificates. Much before this, you need to get it to check to see if the combination has ant effect on the skin(reaction or allergy) and then only go forward with the product.

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  • If interested to make a shrub containing Himalaya Pink Salt, you would be required the combination of Himalaya Pink Salt, some oils such as jojoba oil, sweet almond oil, Shea butter, Lyche etc apart from a preservative binding the different ingredients maintaining consistentcy.
    Now with the ingredients mentioned above, you can come out with a viable product ultimately liked by the consumers. Now let us discuss the merit of each product to be included in such a formulation-
    1) Himalaya Pink Salt -
    The function of Himalaya Pink Salt is to provide exfoliation to the skin, it speeds up the removal of dead skin cells, excess dirt, oils and other impurities appearing on the surface of the skin. The end result will give your skin feeling soft and glowing.
    This shrub containing a lot of minerals benificial for the regeneration of the skin cells would first detoxify and exfoliate the the skin cells to allow fresh supple skin.
    2) Liquids - The liquids such as Honey, Milk and other oils such as Sweet Almond oils, Jojoba Oils etc are mixed uniformly so as to provide antiseptic effect apart from offering moisturising the skin.
    3) Essential Oils - There are numerous essential oils such as Lemon oil, Grape Fruit Oil, Peppermint Oil etc and these are added one or two drops to promote fragrance in the product.
    To make the body scrub, you will have to add all the ingredients in such a way so as to get consistentcy of the final product. The role of the preservative is to bind the ingredients uniformly.
    Use of Essential Oil is restricted to minimum to curb the cost and adding it sparingly would add fragrance of the product.
    All the ingredients are soothing to the surface to the skin but before you launch your product in the market, you will have to run an experiment to note its effect on the skin, cost of the product and other licensing formalities.
    Other home made scrubs may also tried enlisted below -
    1) Coffee Scrub - The tiny granules of Coffee are gentle on the skin, takes part in the removal of dead cells from the surface of the skin. The ingredients to be used are half cup of tiny granulated coffee, 2 table spoon of hot water and one table spoon of Coconut oil. Mix them uniformly and should be applied.
    2) Green Tea Sugar Scrub- Green Tea Sugar Scrub would benifit you in many ways since Green tea is known for its anti inflammatory properties taking care of the skin caused by the Sun - damage.
    You would require 2 tea bags of green tea, one cup of brown sugar and a little quantity of Coconut oil so as to mix up the gradients uniformly prior to its application on the body.

  • If we talk from business point of view then a good scrub should have following qualities and accordingly we have to go for the constituents in the required proportion and then only a good scrub would be created and would have a wider acceptance.
    1. Able to exfoliate - This means that the scrub should be able to open the pores of the skin deeply by removing dirt, dead skin cells or oner foreign materials from the skin and also make it soft to accept the post scrub creams etc.
    2. Should have tenderness - The scrub should not be too hard or rough on the body as it can do harm and damage to the skin surface permanently. In fact a good scrub can be applied just through massaging the body.
    3. Effective - Scrub should be able to create the required level of cleaning on the skin before applying any post scrub creams.
    4. Supportive - It means that it should not have any harmful effect on the skin of the person. In fact a slow massage with a good quality scrub can stimulate the production of collagen, which would help the skin to remain firm and radiant.

    You have selected some items for making the scrub and all of them are useful in their individual capacities for this work. Only thing is the proportion in which they are to be used. Moreover all of them might not be needed. Let us go in more details and find out the optimal path. Himalayan salt is obtained from the rocks in Himalayan region and contains minerals in pure form as it is unpolluted due to its dwelling in the rocks for a long geological time. These minerals nourish and hydrate the skin when Himalayan salt is used in a scrub. To bring other qualities in a scrub some carrier oil is to be used in it and for giving it an attraction some little fragrance is also to be added in a requisite quantity. Further, the Himalayan salt is also claimed to keep the pH factor of the skin in the required level to avoid growth of harmful bacteria or fungus on the skin. It is even claimed to reduce the wrinkles also.

    Coming to the ingredients, basically only three items are required but there are other items which also help in soothing the skin and can also be incorporated. I can give some basic idea for preparing a basic scrub using Himalayan salt so that you can get some feel of the proportions of the constituents in such cosmetic items. Mostly the proportion used is - one volume of coconut oil (in its place one can very well use jojoba oil, grape seed oil, almond oil, or olive oil also) is to be mixed with 4 volumes of Himalayan salt and then about 1/2 teaspoon of some essential oil (like rose, sandalwood, jasmine, lavender etc) is to be mixed in this. To make he scrub softer 2 tablespoon of honey can also be added as the fourth constituent.

    There are many combinations in which a scrub using Himalayan salt can be prepared but using too many ingredients would not be a prudent thing to do as it would increase the price of the product and that might be an adverse thing for the spread and growth of the product in the society to the wider masses.

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