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  • High cost of education at private schools

    Have a query about fees charged by private schools? Want to know if there is any regulatory body which addresses the greviences of parents? Find advice from experts here for your question.

    Is it right for the private schools in our country to charge a so much. Should there not be a regulatory body that should prevent these institutions from exploiting parents at their own whims? Providing legal assistance to parents to adress their greviances.
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  • In India, as on date, there is no law which can regulate the fee structure in private schools. No rules are also there common for these institutions made by the government. If they get the recognition they will be authorised and the students in those schools will be treated as regular students. If there is no recognition they will appear as private students. If a school is asking for high fees, nobody forcing the parents to admit their children in those schools. But expecting good teaching from these schools, the parents are admitting their children in these schools. The schools are putting all the efforts to see that the students will get good ranks which are giving an edge to those schools and demand for those schools increasing and hence there is a rise in the fees. Most of the educational institutes in India will have some political affiliation and that will make the government not make any law for curbing this high fee structures.

    The only way that can make the demand less for these institutions is to strengthen the teaching and facilities in government schools. The government is spending a good amount of money on free education. But no efforts being made to increase the quality of teaching in these schools. Then only we can the money that is being spent by the government is usefully spent. Otherwise, it is a waste only.

    It will be good if a regulatory body is nominated to monitor the fees of various schools and to fix a ceiling on the maximum amount that can be collected as fees. This should be initiated by the government. But the MPs. MLAs and other important leaders will not have an interest in bringing this regulatory body because many of them are the people who started these institutions are they will have some affiliation to a political party. The parents should boycott these schools and send all their children to government schools. But there is no chance for this.

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  • So far there is no regulatory mechanism to fix the fee - structure levied by the private schools while pupils receive education in these schools. These schools enjoy monopoly in relation to fee structure since they have acess to influential leaders such as MLA's, MP's , local leaders supporting them in the hours of crisis. Though we may not get the solution to this problem within a fortnight but the following tips may lessen their attitudes to ask for an unreasonable fee -
    1) The schools being run by the Government have the competent teachers in the different areas of teaching and they are capable enough to change the fate of the students with their quality teaching provided they gear up themselves for the quality education. Meet your local leader to persue some changes in the attitudes of such teachers through the regular meetings of such leaders with the Principal/ Headmaster.
    2) Teachers in the Government- schools are secured in terms of employment enjoying lucrative salaries as compared to private ones but they are not accountable to overall progress of the students in terms of their studies. Hence the teachers should be appointed on casual basis and their regular absorption has to be made after completion of five years of service subject to better performance of their students.
    3) Government should allocate some extra remuneration of such teachers whose students at least 10 percent of strength have secured outstanding marks.
    4) Administration of the Government- run should conduct seminars involving teachers and guardians and should have interaction how best the performance of a particular students can be improved.
    5) Let there not be impression that the Government Schools are meant for the poor kids only, our sensible guardians with sound economical backgrounds should induct their wards in the Government schools. They should indulge with the administration guiding them how the quality of teaching can be at par with the private schools.
    6) There will be a healthy culture of the school with the free mix up of poor kids and the privileged ones.

  • Yes private schools are draining money from parents more and more by saying they are providing this and that other than school curriculum. They are not wrong as the main resource for their exploitation is parents only not any government. Many parents, in present days, do not have time to spare with their children in their busy schedule and they want to entrust the children into the schools with fully engaged. Besides this parents are more ambitious that their children should get IAS before their 18th year. For that they want the schools with more extra curriculum such as bus facilities, Air conditioned class rooms, abacus, swimming, indoor and outdoor games, etc., They are expecting such activities from schools without minding the distance and fees. By taking advantage of their such 'good' intention, the schools are collecting alarming fees from the parents. Rich people do not mind this hefty fees but middle class people suffering as anything as they are for prestige sake approaching such schools for their children and later suffering in due course. It is better to approach Government Schools, according to me, the Government schools and government aided schools are not inferior anyway in standard of teaching.

  • After 1990 when LPG Policy (Liberalization, Privatization, Globalization Policy) was declared, the main aim was to balanced the economy of the country and after this privatization is increased day by day.

    There are some reasons for why private schools have more fees.

    Initially government allowed many people to start their private organisations schools colleges and the rules regulation were very flexible due to liberalization so private schools got right to decides their fess structure by themselves.

    Another important point is parents do not want to send their children to the government schools as they thought the education system is far better in private schools and every parents want their children get best education.
    Private schools system is aware with that and demand fees more and more.

    Some facilities which provided by the private schools are not available in government schools.
    Administration of private schools are better then other.

    Teachers of private schools have more concerned for their students when we compared them with goverment schools.

    So there are many reasons that why parent go for private school first.

    Now if we talk about governments role in private school so government has limited rights for it which government used on time to time for example in this time when corona era is bothering everyone government declared that private schools allow to take only tuition fees from students.

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