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    Mode of spread of athletes foot infection to another person?

    Do you have a query about infection from athlete's foot to a child? Searching for detailed information regarding the spread of infection? On this Ask Experts page get advice from medical experts for your query.

    My son is a 11 month old infant. He has hydronephrosis. My father has an athletes foot and unknowingly he kept baby above his legs for baby to urinate. His big toe has the infection and it touched my babies under thigh. Will it cause spread of infection? I had immediately washed the area with soap and water and dried it.
    Wii it cause infection as well as urinary tract infection to my baby?
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  • Athlete's foot will be caused by the fungus which causes ringworm and jock itch. \humid conditions favour the organisms' to grow. This will mainly happen due to the wetting of our foot when it is tied in shoes for longer times. The symptoms of athlete's foot include a scaly rash-causing itching, stinging and burning.

    Athlete's foot is a contagious decease. It may spread by contact with an infected person. It may happen due to contact with contaminated surfaces. It will come if we use mats, rugs, bed linens or shoes of a person who has a fungal infection. This infection may happen in hands, nails and groin.

    As you have acted immediately and taken necessary precautions chances of this problem happening to your kid are less. Chances for urinary tract infection are almost nil. But if you see any symptoms you can consult a skin specialist and go for the treatment.

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  • Athlete's foot or tinea pedis is a common fungal infection that usually begins between the toes or fingers of your feet that can cause itching in the toe webs, scaling or blistering of the feet soles, stinging and burning sensation, etc. Many of the athlete's foot cases are caused by the fungi belonging to a group called dermatophytes that causes ringworm and jock itch or groin rash called tinea cruris.

    The fungi that cause Athlete's foot grow in warm and humid conditions and feed on keratin, a protein found in hair, nails, and skin. We can see it commonly in people whose feet are sweaty, people who wear tight shoes for hours, wear wet socks, etc.

    The fungi spread when you come in direct or indirect contact with an infected person, by skin particles that is left on the floor, towel and shoes or sandals. It can also be contacted by using locker rooms, swimming pools, gyms, common showers, salons, walking barefoot in the same area where an infected with athlete's foot has just walked, etc. It can also be spread or infected by sharing clothes, shoes or sandals, beds or mats with the infected person or person having the Athlete's foot or tinea pedis or fungal infection. People with impaired immune systems or diabetes must consult a doctor for the better and right treatment.

    To identify fungi for diagnosing and treatment, the skin is scraped from the affected areas of the feet and biopsy is done under the microscope to detect the type of fungi. Normally the medicine is the over-the-counter type which gets cured within 1-2 week. An antibiotic pill and antiperspirants like 20% aluminium chloride (Drysol) can keep one's feet dry and clean.

    For more remedy, you can even go through our post on the same issue i.e. Remedies and precautions for Athlete's foot or Valam Kadi or Tinea Pedis

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  • Athlete's foot infection is a skin infection which in most of the cases start from the toe and catches up if the toe and its adjacent areas are generally full of sweat and humidity. It is an itchy irritating condition and sometimes blisters are also formed. Unfortunately, it is a disease which can spread from one person to another also but if we keep proper hygiene and care then we can avoid it.

    You father is suffering from that ailment and you have a doubt that it might had spread to the child during the incident you narrated. We have to note that just with one contact, one cannot conclude that the disease would spread. There are many things which are responsible for the spread of a disease even the contagious ones. Sometimes the child's immune system would simply kill the infection and in villages or remote places where people are not much aware of these things this might be happening (this disease or any such other one) to so many children but what is the percentage of them getting such infections quickly. So, as you have already taken the precautions there is nothing to worry.

    Common cold is a very contagious ailment and in a family if one gets it then many other also start getting infected by it during the incubation period but even in that situation some members do not get it and remain healthy. So getting an infection and then suffer with the disease is not a straight forward process. There are many if and buts in between and sometimes transfer of ailment from one person to other simply does not take place. Sometimes you have to harp on these unknown factors.

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  • Athlete foot infection is a fungal infection which can be spread by contact easily . It is mainly caused by fungus that causes ringworm, jock itch .
    If you clean the touched area of you child then there would be less chance to infection but you should be aware for future. As It can be spread while infected person keep his foot on the floor or bed or any place, during infection some water could be released from the infected area and wherever this liquid would be anyone contact, that can be spread to that person. Infected person can touch the infected area and then if he touches any other person again here is chance of infection to other.
    Do not worry too much but for a safety purpose visit to a dermatologist or child specialist and take a check up may be everything would be fine but as your child is too young to speak so he is unable to tell you about his problem so just have a visit.
    Apart from that make a distance with your child by the infected person for sometime only because you child is just 11 months and he need more care.
    Love will not affected by the maintaining distance so don,t mind it and talk to your father make some distance until he will get rid of infection.

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