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  • How to update new mobile number in Aadhar online

    Wanted to know how to update the mobile number in Aadhar? Check this ISC page to know from our experts.

    I would like to update my new mobile number in Aadhar card but would like to update it at online mode. There are different steps in offline way or have to go different location offices to update the mobile number in Aadhar card.

    How to update new mobile number in Aadhar online? Kindly enlighten on this.
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  • You can't change your Mobile number in your Aadhar data without going to the nearest Aadhaar enrollment centre. The facility of changing mobile number online is abolished to avoid misuse of personal data bu some culprits.
    There are two methods to change your number in the Aadhar database.
    A. This method is by using an OTP. In this method partially you can do the work online and book the appointment in the nearest Aadhar enrollment centre, The detailed process is as follows,

    1. Visit the Aadhar official website
    2, Log in into the site by filling the mobile number and Captcha. ( Earlier registered mobile number)
    3. Verify the details for correctness and click on 'Send OTP'. Keep your mobile with you.
    4. Once you receive the OTP in the box that is available on the screen and click on Submit OTP and process,
    5. Then a new screen will open and on that screen click on update Aadhar.
    6. The next screen asks you various details which you can fill and then under the field ' what you want to update" fill Mobile number. Then click on Proceed.
    7. The next screen will ask your mobile number and a captcha. Fill all the field and click on send OTP.
    8. Enter the received OTP, verify and then click on 'Save and Proceed'.
    9, you will see a Success Screen with your Appointment id. Click on the 'Book Appointment' option to book an appointment at the nearest Aadhaar enrollment centre.
    10. You have to search for the nearest Aadhaar enrollment centre using the PIN CODE. There are some other options also. You can select the centre convenient for you. Then fill the time and date convenient to you from the available slots and click on confirm. You will get an application form in PDF format. You have to save it and take a copy of the same when you go to the centre.
    You have to go to that centre at the time fixed and the person there will tell you the process.
    B. updating the new mobile number without OTP.
    1. Visit the nearest Aadhar update/ enrollment centre.
    2. They will give you Aadhar update form fill it and Rs.25/- rupees to be paid as fees.
    3. In the application form, you have to fill the new mobile number only.
    4. The Executive there will register your request online in Aadhar site.
    5. He will give you the acknowledgement slip containing the URN (Update request number)

    Once you complete the process you request is submitted. After fifteen days if we want you can visit the site and download your updated Aadhar card. Receiving new chard copy may take a long time and this downloaded will be accepted as original.

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  • You cannot update your mobile number in Aadhaar online and must visit your nearest Permanent Enrolment Centre for that. Earlier, the option to update an existing mobile number online was there but, because of security and safety concerns, the facility is not available now. However, one can update the address through online mode by visiting the official website

    1. There on the left side of the navigation bar place the cursor on My Aadhaar.
    2. A modal window will open where you have to click on Update your address online available on the second column.
    3. The Aadhaar Self Service Update Portal will open where you need to click on Proceed to Update Address button.
    4. There, enter your Aadhaar number and Captcha and click on Send OTP. You will receive the OTP on your registered mobile number.
    5. After logging in, you need to select the fields that are to be updated.
    6. In the selected fields, enter correct data.
    7. Submit the form to get the URN, which you can use to check the status of Aadhaar update.
    8. You need to select the BPO in your area to update the Aadhaar data and to review the documents that you will upload as proof to correct the data.
    9. Scan the original supportive documents and attach them. To get the list of documents required for verification, visit


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  • Q: How to update a new mobile number in Aadhar online?
    A: Earlier there was the facility in the UIDAI Official webpage ti register and update mobile number in Aadhaar card through online but the facility has been discontinued due to various complaints received from Aadhar cardholders regarding misuse of it. As of now, you have to visit the nearest Aadhaar Enrolment centre to register or update mobile number in Aadhaar. After updating the same through the centre, it takes up to 90 days for the updation to reflect in your aadhar details.

    Q: There are different steps in an offline way or have to go to different location offices to update the mobile number in the Aadhar card?
    A: You will have to visit your nearest Aadhar enrolment centre to make the changes or update your mobile number. It is also to note that you don't have to visit different location offices to update the mobile number in the Aadhar card as everything can be updated in one centre itself. Below is the procedure to register your mobile number in Aadhaar:
    1. On the internet, search for the nearest enrolment centre by visiting the UIDAI Official webpage and book an appointment with the centre for updating your mobile number. The link of the official page is given below.
    2. Go to the Aadhaar Enrolment/Update Centre according to the appointment timing.
    3. Ask for the aadhar updation form and fill the details that you need to update.
    4. Enter your new mobile number in the form. Please note, not to write your old/previous mobile number anywhere in the form.
    5. The person/executive -in-charge will register your request. You need not provide any proof for updating your mobile number as they already have your fingerprints and biometric details.
    6. The person/executive -in-charge will provide you with the acknowledgement slip containing your request details.
    7. You need to pay a fee of Rs. 25/- for the service.
    8. The process is complete and it will be reflected on your Aadhar within 90 days of updating your changes in the system.

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