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  • Regarding recovery of deleted videos after factory reset

    Can deleted videos be recovered after factory reset? Just go through this ISC page to know from our Experts.

    I was using xiomi mia2 smartphone.It had storage of about 128gb. I generally like to take photos and videos and as a result I consumed almost its full internal memory. Than I moved on a compressor application.Now I started compressing the old videos ,thereby saving space and utilizing it to make new videos. In this way ,I compressed almost 10000 videos.Sometimes when the phone hangs while compressing videos, I used to reboot it and it got completely fine. One day while compressing the video, it hanged again and when I rebooted it, it showed warning like"cannot load android system, some of your data may be corrupt.Try again and if you got this message multiple times, you may need to do a factory reset and erase all your data"and gave me two options i.e 1. TRY AGAIN 2.FACTORY RESET. I used try again option again and again but it always showed the same warning. I visited many shops and mobile showrooms but they all said that there is not even 1% chance to save your data and we have to upload a new software in it. I came back home and tried ADB debugging to give my phone an OTA update but unfortunately OTA for july is not released by xiomi and older OTAs make installation aborted at approx 40% showing "this OTA has older stamp number and downgrading phone is not allowed". I tried software downloading myself but I was unable to download STOCK ROM from any website. Now ,as it was quite clear that I am going to loose all my data no matter I choose an entirely new software or try to do a factory reset, I preferred factory reset and MY PHONE GOT COMPLETELY FINE AND READY TO USE. The only problem now is that I have lost all my data. Is there anyway to get my videos back? I found two options on internet :1. Dr. phone recovery software 2. Various apps on playstore. The problem with is that it shows again and again that you entered the wrong email ID to which I have to send your recovered videos ( as per review of those who have tried it) and the problem with apps on playstore is that they keep showing the videos that are already in your device and not deleted at all inspite of recovering the actually deleted videos ( as per the reviews of people who have used these). Can you suggest me any method to get my videos back through any method without harming my phone? ( I am ready to use any paid or free method until that method not harms my laptop or smartphone)
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  • We are totally forgetting one great feature available to us through Google is the storage in the drive allotted to each member when the account is opened. This is the most convenient place and more easy to retrieve anywhere and anytime and there is no question of missing videos or the images up to 15 GB and therefore we can keep our smart phones free from the junk of big videos and photos. And if we want more space, we can open another Google account and transfer the data there and by this way we can keep the phones without loading any junk and the phones would be working fast and there will be lesser shut down.

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