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  • Is Kerala Victers channel available in TataSky? What is Channel Number

    Channel number of Victers channel in TataSky is 1897. Find other educational channel numbers on TataSky.

    I am looking for the Kerala Government's Victers channel in TataSky. But I can't find it in the list of channels. Can anybody share the channel number of Victers channel in TataSky?

    Also, please share the channel numbers of other educational channels on TataSky.
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  • I too spent a lot of time looking for the channel number of Victers channel on TataSky. Finally I had to contact their customer support to sort this out.

    Yes, KITE Victers channel is available on TataSky.

    The channel number of Kerala KITE Victers channel on TataSky is 1897.

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  • Kindly find other educational channel and their channel numbers on TataSky Direct-to-Home (DTH) digital TV. I have tried to provide you with an answer in points.

    1. Can anybody share the channel number of Victers channel in TataSky?
    Ans: Kerala Government's KITE Victers channel is available on TataSky at channel no# 1897.

    2. Please share the channel numbers of other educational channels on TataSky.
    Ans: The Government of India has co-ordinated with DTH operators like Tata Sky and other Digital TV to air 12 new Swayam Prabha channels for free.
    2a. These channels are dedicated to air educational content through DTH platforms instigated by the Ministry of Human Resources Development (MHRD) and help students with no internet access at home. The new Swayam Prabha channels will cover topics like arts, science, commerce, agriculture, engineering, medicine, technology, social sciences, humanities and performing arts subjects. This will be available on Tata Sky channels number 756.

    2b.Tata Sky Fun Learn - These is a fun learning channel designed for kids up to 10 years having stories in an animated form that are clean and safe for the kids and improve their language, cognitive and creative skills. This is available on Tata Sky channels number 664 for Preschool children and 688 for Junior kids.

    2c. Tata Sky Vedic Maths - Through this channel, you can learn to solve mathematical problems faster with their unique maths in-depth and practical skills in just 91 days. This is available on Tata Sky channels number 702.

    2d. Tata Sky Classroom - It is a curriculum-based learning channel for students of class 5th to 8th standard covering the core subject Maths and Science. It is available in both Hindi and English languages and teaching through animated stories-led videos, games, sample papers and mock test. This is available on Tata Sky channels number 653.

    2e. Tata Sky English - This channel helps to get good command over the English covering fundamental aspects of English Grammar, Improve your vocabulary and its correct usage, the correct way to communicate(Writing and speaking) for professional, housewives and kids. The channel helps to learn English in Hindi through channel number 660 and to learn English in Telugu, tune into channel number 1424.

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  • Tata Sky is streaming Swayam Prabha channels on Channel number 756. Swayam Prabha channels offer six hours of pre-recorded content on four different subjects. These classes will cover Science, arts, agriculture, commerce and many other subjects.
    The other tata sky channels which will be educative and useful for learning are.
    1.Tata Sky Classroom. It is a free channel and the number is 653
    2.Tata Sky Vedic Maths. It is also a free channel. Its number is 702
    3. Tata Sky Fun Learn: There are two channels and both the channels are free and you can watch them on channel numbers664 & 686
    In addition to the above Tata Sky is offering a free channel for the people to learn dance also. The name of the channel is Tata Sky dance Studio and the channel number is 123. Cooking classes are also conducted on a dedicated channel calledTata Sky Cooking. This can be viewed on channel number 127,

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  • Tata Sky has come up with the different educational channels enriching the concepts of the pupils in various tools even at free of cost.
    Swayam Prabha is one of the innovative channel covering topics related to Arts, Science, Commerce, Social Science , Enginnering, Medicines etc. Hence Swayam Prabha is an indespinsible channel for learning different educational programme. Altogether this group telecasts 32 DTH channels providing high quality programming on 24 *7 basis with the application of GSAT -15 satellite.
    In case of any doubt relating to the topic, students may clear the same by calling the help line instatenously.
    Swayam Prabha Channel can be viewed through channel no - 756.
    Apart from this, Tata Sky offers other educational channels for the benifit of students. A few are given below -
    1) Tata Sky Class Room -
    This channel would enable the students to learn the core concept of Science and Mathematics through the animation supported by Video so that the child picks up the fundamental principles. Currently, it covers the students of class 5 to class 8, teaching Mathematics and Science in both Hindi and English languages.
    Channel no - 653 may be viewed.
    2) Tata Sky Fun Learning -
    This channel provides the safe content for the kids up to ten years encouraging them to have right foundation for the overall development in the area of languages and fun learning.
    Channel no - 664 is ideal for pre school kids and for the juniors they may tune to the channel no - 664.
    3) Tata Sky Vedic Mathematics - Tata Sky has offered a facilitating resources in the preparation of Mathematics through the Vedic concept. It consists of 60 unique topics related to Vedic mathematics and is taught through video tutorial. Some of the topics included are as follows -
    1) Ratio and Proportion
    2) High Speed Multiplications
    3) Faster Division
    4) Special Squaring Method
    5) Profit and loss
    6) Various types of linear equation etc
    This channel can be viewed in the channel no - 702.
    4) Tata Sky English -
    You can enjoy channel no - 660 where you can learn English through the medium of Hindi. It will cover the following modules -
    1) English Grammar teaching you concepts of Noun, Pronoun, Adjectives, Preposition etc
    2) Spoken English - Here Emphasis would be given on correct usage of fundamental principles of grammar.
    3) Imrovement of Vocabulary
    4) Written communication in English with the art of letter - writing and digital writing module.

  • Because of ongoing lockdown due to Corona pandemic, we are advised to restrict our movements and onto this many of the DTH brands including the TATA Sky on request of HRD Ministry are listed with the online educational programs in order to facilitate the students & learners of different streams and age groups to continue with their studies. Following this, the learners at PAN India can request the DTH service provider for these channels without paying any extra as these are free to air channels.

    As part of this program, a group of 32 DTH channels would be providing high quality educational curriculum and being available in TATA Sky in its DTH platform too and are free. Pl. note the channel no. 756 which pops up window for SWAYAM Prabha DTH Channels. The curriculum will be covering the diverse platforms of Arts, Science, Commerce, Engineering, Law, Medicines, Agriculture etc. in order to facilitate the students of the respective fields accordingly. This will be providing six hours of pre-recorded contents on four different subjects daily and will also facilitate the students to clear their doubts by calling on a dedicated helpline.

    Also, you can tune to channel number 653 of TATA Sky Classroom in Tata Sky DTH platform which can assist the students of class 5 to 8, in understanding the basic concepts of the curriculum through animated story-led videos.

    We now can thank the technology which often have been criticized by many of us but here this has been a good assistance to all the students who now can continue with their education and learning sitting at home and on their convenience. The technology has also facilitating us to record the program and then play later-on so as to remind the things which may have missed during the telecast on DTH platform.

  • Basically I belong to eastern India so I do not have more knowledge about South channels. I don't know about Kerala government victers channel available in Tata sky.
    for more detail, you have to search in the combo pack of Tata sky which will give you correct and complete information about our channel which you like.

    Be +ve live +ve,

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