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  • Expertise about Hanuman or Bajrangbali Avatar and its purposes

    Do you want to know about the avatars of Lord Hanuman, if any? Go through this ISC page to know more details from our experts.

    The word "Hanuman" actually means 'disfigured jaw' in Sanskrit and a great companion and devotee of Lord Rama thus created his version of Ramayan. He is also referred to as Pawan Putra Hanuman and even after being a brahmachari had a son name Makardhwaja born to a mighty fish. It is beleived that Lord Hanuman has taken Nine(9) avatars and has more than 108 names in the Sanskrit Language that are recited by his devotees or bhakts. I would like our experts to help me with the following answers:
    i) How many avatars did Hanuman or Bajrangbali take and why did he take such avatars?
    ii) What was the purpose or story behind each avatar?
    iii) Why did each avatar come into its form and how did it vanish or die?
    iv) Any more information about Hanuman or Bajrangbali(birth, parents, siblings, wife, children, his weapon, etc) that add value to this post.

    I have raised questions on different avatars of Hindu Gods that are interlinked with this ask expert questions to know or learn more about them. They are Lord Vishnu , Brahma or Prajapati , Lord Shiva or Mahadeva , Parvati, Saraswati, Their vahana or the deity's mount, etc.
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  • Hanuman is the son of Vayu ( The God of Wind). He is the brother of Bhima, the second in Pancha Pandavas. Anjana Devi is the mother of Hanuman. He is also called Anjaneya.
    Hanuman is having many powers even at his young age also. When he was a kid, one-day early morning he saw the rising Sun and thought that it is a yellow ball. He leapt into the air to catch hold of Sun. Indra threw his Vajrayudha on the boy. Hanuman got injured and fell down. His father saw that Hanuman got wounded and became very angry. He decided to go on Strike. No wind on the earth. The strike made the life people on the earth very difficult. All the Gods requested Vayu to call off his strike and gave many boons to Hanuman. Brahma blessed Hanuman and given him a boon that ho weapon will hurt him. Indra told that Vajrayudha will not hurt him and he made the body of Hanuman as strong as a diamond. The God of water. Varuna. Blessed him that he will never get hurt with water. Agni blessed him with immunity to fire. Sun gave a boon to him saying that he can change his size as he wants from time to time. Yama blessed him with no death.
    Hanuman is the devotee of Lord Rama and where ever Rama is worshipped, Hanuman will be present there. Hanuman played an important role in Rama Ravana Yuddham. He saved the life of Lakshmana by bringing Sanjeevani Hill.
    Hanuman is believed to be an avatar of Lord Shiva and to show his love and affection towards Lord Vishnu, Shiva has taken the avatar of Hanuman. Anjaneya Swamy is worshipped by Hindus and we see him in different forms and call him with different names. The nine avatars of Hanuman are as follows.
    1. Prasanna Anjaneya Swamy: In this avatar, Anjaneya Swamy is very soft and when we see him we will have a pleasant mind and he will bless us with peace of mind always.
    2. Vimshati Bhuja Anjaneya Swamy: In this shape, Hanuman will appear with 20 hands,
    3. Panchamukha Hanuman: Hanuma will have five faces in this form
    4. Astadasha Hanuman: 18 hands are the speciality of this form
    5. Veera Anjaneya Swamy
    6. Suvacharla Sahita Anjaneya
    7. Chaturbhuja Anjaneya: 4 hands will be there for hanuman in this form
    8. Dwatrimshath Hanuman: 32 arms will be there for this Hanuman. He is also known as Virat Hanuman.
    9. Vanarakara Hanuman.

    Hanuman is only one but he will be worshipped by the people in various forms as mentioned above.

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  • Lord Hanuman, Bajrangbali or Anjaneya are the different names and this is the huge character in Ramayana through whom the great search for Sita begins and the Ramayana is centered around him without which the story seems to be not worthy or no interest. The strength and ability of Lord Hanuman is not known to himself and one has to induce him or tell him about his great quality and then only get the right impetus to invoke his strength on others and eventually win the situation. And the way he approached Sita amid the fear of attacks and magic from the Ravana rakshas followers, he made the sober entry and created confidence in Sita that he can be believed.

    In fact he had the strength and energy to body lift Sita and take back to Lord Rama, but he want to give the credit of eliminating the Ravana in the hand of Ram and thus have popular exit from Sri Lanka.

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  • Hanuman is a very important figure in our mythological narrations and he is well known by his association with Lord Rama in the Rama-Ravana war which culminated in the end of Ravana, the demon king of Lanka. Our scholars have described the brevity and devotion of Hanuman for Lord Rama and it is an exemplary show of how a devotee can follow his master. The great poet Tulsidas in his epic Ramacharitmanas has beautiful narrated the deeds of Hanuman to help his master and getting victory for Rama through an army of monkeys and bears.

    Hanuman is known as 'Pavan Putra' which means son of the wind. The story goes that Hanuman was born to a nymph by wind God. Even in his childhood Hanuman was very powerful and it is said that he simply mistook the sun as a red round fruit and he flew and grab it. Lord Indra tried to struck Hanuman on the jaw but Hanuman continued and then he was cursed that he would forget his special powers in his life until he is reminded of them. Many interesting stories are based on this as time to time he was reminded about his hidden powers.

    The Avatars or various forms of Hanuman are as follows -

    1. Bala Swamiji or Prasananjaneya Swami - This is the peaceful form of Hanuman and gives peace of mind to its devotees.
    2. Vimshati Bhuja Anjaneya Swamy - In this form, Hanuman will appear with 20 hands showing his immense power and energy.
    3. Panchamukha Hanuman - In this form Hanuman will have five faces and it is worshipped in many parts of the country.
    4. Astadasha Hanuman - This form is bestowed with 18 hands and is a speciality form to pray and worship.
    5. Veera Anjaneya Swamy - In this Avatar Hanuman is very powerful and could do so much destruction in Lanka single handedly. It is known as Virmaruty also.
    6. Suvacharla Sahita Anjaneya - This form is to get blessings by Hanuman to his devotees who worship him with faith and belief.
    7. Chaturbhuja Anjaneya - In this form there are 4 hands and is a state of worshipping or meditation.
    8. Dwatrimshath Hanuman: This is the giant form of Hanuman and is also known as Virat form. It is interesting to note that Hanuman was blessed to change the size of his form as desired.
    9. Vanarakara Hanuman - This is the simplest form which shows Hanuman in his normal monkey attire. This is the one that we see him in many pictures as sitting near the feet of lord Rama.

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