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  • Can anyone help me in focusing on my exams and syllabus without getting distracted?

    Getting diverted while studying and unable to concentrate on your studies? Here is the piece of advice from our Experts and chek this ISC page to know the details.

    I get easily distracted nowadays in lockdown while trying to study by phone and laptops. I check Instagram frequently and can't stop checking it. And also its hard for me to focus and understand my 10th grade portions. After sitting for 5 minutes I stand up and go to my phone. If anybody can help it would be great for me.
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  • The present situation has made many people confused and nobody wants this situation to continue. Maybe the worry associated with the present situation is forcing you to stay updated with all the latest information and also in search of some good news in the form of likes on your photo on social media platforms. It's good you understood that you need to stop this distraction to your mobile phone and only you can help yourself to get rid of this habit. A mobile phone is a very useful device but we made those smart gadgets our compulsion. Do not think it is compulsory to use a smart gadget every time. But you need to use them when it is required. I am providing a few tips, and you need to follow them to get the desired result to stop this addiction to your mobile phone.

    1. Discipline yourself. You need to be very strict about this. Make a list of things that you should do and should not do and follow the list regularly.
    2. Stop all notifications on your mobile phone so that you are not distracted by the alert tone of every notification. If you are not checking a notification, you are not missing anything in life.
    3. While studying, do not keep the mobile phone on the study table. On your laptop, do not log onto any social networking platform other than the websites that are required for your study.
    4. Remove the distracting apps from your mobile phone. You can log in to all the social networking platforms from your laptop and fix a certain period during which you will log into those platforms. Beyond that do not stay online on those platforms.
    5. Make the screen of your mobile phone dull which will help you to keep away from the device. Some mobile phones may use this feature on an experimental basis while many others have already implemented it.
    6. You might be thinking that the syllabus is too huge for you to finish and this may be working as a way of distraction. Divide that syllabus into parts that you can complete in a short time. Finish it within the stipulated time and then study the next part.
    7. As a student, studying is very important but not the only thing to do all day. Take short breaks during your studies. A few minutes' break to walk around your house with a sip of water is a good idea and during this break do not log into social networking platforms.
    8. Indulge in your hobbies. If your hobby is spending valuable time online then you need to change that hobby and find something offline.
    9. Avoid studying late at night and have sufficient rest.
    10. Stretch your body. Do freehand exercises or Yoga regularly and meditate. This will not only keep you fit but also help to boost immunity. Make it your habit to exercise and meditate every morning.

    I have provided here a list of things and when you are willing to get rid of the habit of checking your mobile phone every now and then I am sure you will follow these tips diligently. You may also go through the Few simple tips to avoid distraction.


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  • All you need to do at the present moment is to keep away all such apparatus distracting you in your ingoing studies or still better to keep them in silent mode during such periods. Here are a few suggestions to enhance your concentration- level in your study assignment and you may have a look on such arrangements prior to implementation-
    1) Keep a diary mentioning the chapters of each subject indicating the points needing frequent revisions and how repetitively the questions have been set from such a chaper. Go on for all such chapters. The concluding part of each chapter would show what you must do and what must not be done. This will be applicable for all the chapters for a given subject.
    2) Never compare yourself with the other aspirants giving you false notion that they are superior to you.
    3) Stop notifications of your mobile phone so that you are not distracted unnecessarily with such gadgets.
    4) Concentrate on the items required to finish the chapter including the notes and the books connected to that chapter for easy assimilation.
    5) Log down your preparation status separately in the diary for all such chapters of a subject. This should be refered to time to time to know your preparation mode.
    6) Basics should be understood clearly and for the same, text books of each subject must be referred to.
    7) It would be better to work out the question papers of last seven years of each subject to boost your confidence.
    8) Shed your negative emotions and never compromise with your sleeping cycle and its duration should not be less than seven hours.
    9) Have some fun time each day so that you could refresh your nerve. You may also indulge in brisk walking for at least for 45 minutes in the morning.
    10) In case of any doubt in the basics, ask your teacher to resolve your doubts relating to the chapters.

  • Please do not get perturbed with this situation. Many students are going through these feelings during the study phase and it is a natural instinct in many to ignore and neglect the studies. So, this escaping phenomenon is not happening with you only. If you do not have interest in the studies then what are your other plans in your life. How you would be generating a livelihood for yourselves? Please note that you may be a better person in business area and might succeed there and earn money but basically nowadays if you are not minimum educated say graduation then people would see you with that feeling that this is an uneducated person. I think whether you get more marks or less marks please complete your education first. You will have to put up some minimum hours for the studies whether you like it or not. Make a time table and give time for Instagram also. Remember the people in Instagram to whom you are following or there might be some celebrities there whom you are liking, they all have come to Instagram for celebrating their success in the life. They have already done the hard work and now enjoying the social media and why not when so many number of people are following them and making them their heroes. Once you also become successful in life people would also follow you in a big way.

    At this juncture of your life the time management is the biggest challenge and if you can manage that with strict discipline, then you would win the battle. You have to find out what are other areas where you have interest so that you can select your subjects in future accordingly. If you have inclination for business and industries then afterwards you can go for MBA degree also to learn the business things in an academic way. Today what you require is focussed approach and for that you have to control your distraction with some method like Yoga and meditation. They are the greatest tools to tame the mind.

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  • The present situation is very bad and many people are having this problem. Whatever they are doing, their mind is worrying about the COVID19 and they are all interested in the latest position of the same. So more efforts are required to concentrate on your studies. First of all, keep your mobile phone switched off. Even it is better if you can use a normal mobile phone but not a smartphone. Use for communication only by calling or through SMS. Try to think that everything is good and you are not going to have any problem because of the COVID. This is very difficult. But you can tune your mind.
    Then try to follow the following

    1.Study in a quieter place.
    2, Don't keep the mobile nearby and unless otherwise it is required don't open your laptop also.
    3. Make a proper timetable and follow the same without any deviation
    4. If you are getting different thoughts while studying, try to make a list of such thoughts and tell yourselves that you will think about them afterwards. Once you write those thoughts and resolve to think afterwards those thoughts may vanish and you can concentrate on your studies. Afterwards, you can look into those points and decide whether they are worthy enough to think or not.
    5. Don't read continuously for long hours only one subject. You will get bored and you many not concentrate.
    While reading, So change the subject and start studying that subject. Like this change subjects after some time.
    6. Don't go on reading. Read one or two pages. Close the book and note down what you understood. Like this reading for some time and noting down the points may also make you alert and your mind will not get diverted.
    7. Please see that you will have enough sleep. If you are feeling sleepy while studying you can relax for 1 or 2 minutes while taking a cup of hot coffee or tea or milk. That will give you some extra energy and your sleep will vanish.
    8. Allow some time for some physical activity also.
    9. Try to focus on the studies. This focus you can achieve by doing meditation or Japa. Early morning after getting up sit for some time doing meditation. That will give you the power of concentration and focus.
    10. You should get up from your seat once in a while and walk for one or two minutes and continue studying again.
    If you follow the above-mentioned points, you will get some good positive results.

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  • You must keep in mind that 10th class is the deciding factor for your future education and career and you need to be totally focused on preparing to the exam and the studies of all subjects should be systematic. Yes there are destructive elements through cell phones, disturbance from the house members, and disturbance from the nature are also possible. But you must have the target to finish the daily lessons, make important jotting of points and improve upon the same through writing. What ever is written with your hand would be certainly remembered and keep your cell phones with your parents when you are studying seriously.

    Make sure that you should not get up in between when the studies are going through serious phase and let the family members also know that you mean to achieve the target for sure. None can change your determination and interest and that thing must be developed from your inside.

    K Mohan
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  • Study requires devotion and sincerity. These are the essential things and without them one cannot concentrate in it. Worldly indulgences would always attract us and distract us from our studies. It happens everywhere in the world and is a common phenomenon experienced by the young generation. You are also going through the same phase and are distracted to the ulterior areas.

    You have to make certain changes in yourself and your thinking and then only you would be able to concentrate in your studies. We all are given 24 hours time in a day and within that we have to complete our tasks and plan for the next day. Online indulgence in various social media sights has ruined many people as it is a dumb activity and in no way a creative or productive. So time management is one essential part of the scheme and would work in ones favour if utilised in a good schedule.

    Aptitude and interest are two main things that are required as an essential trait in a person desiring to progress ahead. If you are interested in a particular line then you wold be able to work more freely and wold be able to contribute more from your side. It is said that we human beings are capable to shape our destiny. Scholars might confront it but it is a fact of life that efforts generally bring success to us. So, it is time to stand up and take note of the situation around.

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  • Nowadays it becomes a big problem for students as they are not going to school and colleges, not even any other classes, due to lockdown. Self-study is a good thing but only when we can understand the value of time for study.
    Study at home is quite distracting but you have to keep some points in your mind that will help you -

    First, you have to make a mind to study, you should clear about it how important is your study and how important is this time. There is a reason for any task we perform in our daily life so be clear about the purpose of the study.

    Make a timetable for you daily routine and be stocks for it, you should mention all your activities in this time table including your mobile and social media activities also, make your time table as per your comfort zone and my advice is this if you are too much social media lover then you should fix your study time at that moment when most of the online friends are offline so that when you check your phone and social media apps then most of your friends will be offline and you will not waste your time there, after some time it becomes a habit and you will start less use of these apps during study time automatically.

    Now when you start your study pick your favorite subject first actually when we start some work which our mind feels bore so we should choose that step which helps us to boost our energy so if you study your favorite one first it will encourage you for more study.

    Study time should be either early morning or late at night as per my advice because this time noise is less than the whole day. I preferred morning time approximately 4 o'clock in my school days, you choose as per your comfort zone.

    One most important tip if you are feeling bored to study then start writing and making notes about the topic it also helps to concentrate on your study.

    Keep all the necessary things before starting your study because many times it happens we are enjoying the study and all of a sudden we need something and we have to leave study for a while, and sometimes our mind diverted from the study.

    These were some tips which I followed in my school and college days to study

  • No doubt very bad time is going on due to this pandemic. It has not only disturbed life but changed our lifestyle also. Education field also badly affected due to COVID-19. In such a situation, It is a really difficult task to concentrate on studies when everywhere negativity is there. But, we have to be strong with mind and body. The study requires dedication and concentration. You should make a time table for studies. You should follow everything according to the time table. You should always choose a quiet place to study. You should use a mobile phone according to need. You should away from social media. I think nowadays social media is the main source of distraction. Sometimes when you feel bore then try to entertain yourself by your hobby. Finally, you don't be diverted from your motto. One thing keeps in mind that adversity always takes the examination. But, you have to confront it.

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