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  • Medical trancription jobs regarding outsourcing in India

    Is there any crunch for medical transcription jobs in India and are worried about it? Just check this ISC page to know about the prospects from our Experts.

    Are medical transcription jobs drying up in India? Earlier it were selling like hot cakes, but today why jobs are not outsourced. Actually health care is a concern in all hospitals across the globe. I do get a feeling the doctors are too busy to dictate notes or record them on their audio gadgets. Anyway, it is much needed to keep up with the updates of their patients' and to keep track of the progress regarding their health condition.
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  • Like in any other field in medical transcription jobs also there is a reduction in jobs and many doctors are using the latest technological developments. But not completely dead. There is a reduction in these jobs and the reduction is estimated to be about 5% from 2018. The trend may continue. Many companies are outsourcing this work instead of hiring directly.
    Anyhow the field is not as lucrative as it was earlier. Earlier the person was using earphones and hearing the doctor's dictation online and typing. But now it is changed to voice recognition and the computer system types the doctor's dictation and editing is being done by the medical transcriptionist. The time one has to spend on this job is increasing and but the pay is coming down.
    That is why the charm has come down. Many good companies which are offering these services are losing interest in this field and trying to make a shift. The chances are coming down for a good career in this field.

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  • In India, we witnessed a boom of this Industry a couple of years back with the excellent offerings of the jobs in the area of medical transcriptionists. The concept of this job was not fully understood in India where there was enough scope for the Imrovement of health of the aged people.
    We need to understand the new work regime in the area of medical transcription. India has the wide scope for capturing the huge clients residing in the US and the Indian Transcriptionists can avail the assignments over there. However, the necessary condition for the success in this field would be to have sound fundamentals in English both in writing and speaking skills. The other factor is the familiarity with the operation of the computers.
    It could be one of the speedy growing IT enabled service in India with a rapid change of the outlook in Indian Health Care and privatisation of Insurance Sector.
    The demand in future for this profession will pick up due to the needs of the aging population and growing popularity of the outsourcing transcription by the health care providers. For this, we need to enhance the working standard and upgrade the service conditions.
    There is wide scope of opportunities for the huge masses of English - speaking proficiency apart from handling computers for rendering efficient services.

  • I think it is a temporary phenomenon due to the depressive markets in the world and once the economy strikes back then this are is again going to get the same sheen that it once possessed. There are some agencies in our country where the training for medical transcription jobs is given and they have networking with some big houses which are hiring these persons. With renewed thrust on healthcare and medical areas, it is natural that there will be a requirement of people able to work in transcription business and earn some money. Another important thing is that many companies have resorted to more and more rely on the transcription service and when sufficient volume of the same is available

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