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  • Different online jobs that are reputed and genuine for common people with internet facility

    Are you interested to know the potential areas that generate online jobs during this Covid 19 pandemic? Our ISC Experts would suggest you few such jobs and other details and check this page to know further details.

    As we are in the pandemic, many people have lost jobs, sitting idle or finding it hard to make a living but have internet facilities and a good smartphone or laptop or desktop. I have gone through some of the articles that is available in our site about online jobs like Reputed online jobs to earn money, Different online jobs and the skills required and Data entry jobs are fraud or genuine? but need more clarification on the subject like:
    a) What are the different online jobs available for the common man without more knowledge in IT or writing articles?
    b) Name some of the apps or platform that gives genuine online job and decent payment for the work?
    c) What is the precaution one must take while applying for any online job?
    d) Is data entry the online job that a common man can apply or are there any other field that he/she can apply?
    e) Any other information those who would like to take up online jobs during this lockdown or pandemic period or in the future?
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  • There was a time when the boom period of internet was there and many sites came into existence promising money to the online workers for the jobs done and in fact they paid also good amount for even the simple jobs. Unfortunately that boom is over and the rates of payments have also come down significantly. People who were getting $5 for an online job are now getting hardly $ 0.01 for the same job. Of course the reason for this downfall is twofold. First is the number of online workers have increased thousand times what it used to be long back and other is the remuneration rates have plummeted drastically as thousands of sites have emerged in internet to take advantage of the online earning potential. The advertising revenue is one main source of income and that is now distributed in a large number of sites making the earning very small. Anyway the point wise answers to the query are as follows -

    a) There are hundreds of online sites that boast of providing income to the people even who have no knowledge of IT area like programming languages etc. These sites are basically data entry sites and survey sites where anyone can participate and work in a monotonous way to earn some money. For example if you complete a survey in survey site it would take half an hour and one can earn $ 0.6 to $ 2.50 depending upon the type of survey. Many housewives use these opportunities to earn some part time money from such survey sites.

    b) For a common person there is no site which can provide a decent payment. Survey sites, data entry sites, and some other miscellaneous sites can provide a little bit of money if one does some monotonous jobs there. I can give one example of survey site that is SurveyJunkie which pays $1 to $3 per survey. You have to have a PayPal account and payout would be made only when you accumulate $ 10. There are sites where higher remuneration is there but it requires writing and editing skills and some other proficiencies. There is also tough competition there. Some of them have closed new registrations also.

    c) There are many fake and fraud sites which lure the gullible people and ask for some registration amount and then simply dupe the visitors. One must be careful in that and only visit the site after checking in the internet about it in some good sites or do a Google search about good companies and only stick to them.

    d) The data entry is the most common dumb job that one can apply and other than that there are some sites which give little money for playing games or viewing quiz or going through commercial emails etc. The amount is small and I would not recommend it for earning point of view. Some sites provide micro jobs also and one can do those tasks and earn $1 after completing a few micro jobs. As amount is small I do not think that they are lucrative.

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  • Earlier days there was a good demand for online jobs and people are getting very good income by working online. But like in any other field as more people are getting into it we are seeing a reduction in the rates. I think it is very difficult to work online and earn decent amounts that will be sufficient to lead a family. Even data entry also has become very less and many offices are doing on their own instead of giving to outsiders.
    There are some jobs online and one has scope to earn money from these works.
    1. Virtual Assistant: Many online companies are doing businesses and such companies are appointing virtual assistants. This job may not require any IT skills. Seeing the emails and responding to them etc will be the jobs of this post.
    2. On line travel agents: Initially, there was a good demand for these. But it is coming down. The income depends on the contact one has and how best one can manage the Laptop with the internet.
    3. Data entry: This is a very common job. Earlier there was a very good demand for these posts. But slowly coming down. Income is also getting reduced through this activity.

    There are some sites where they are giving some rewards for participating in surveys and other works. But they may give very small compensation. Some sites are giving points and you can encash those points for the items you want or you get the cash deposited in your Paytm bank account.

    As the online workers are increasing many sites are offering rewards but they are not paying properly. So it is better to verify and go for working on that.

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  • What I sincerely felt through my experience over these years and also during the pandemic that getting a online job is not that easy and there need to be push and pull. That means those who already know about your working style might can refer your candidature to the online job and that can be sure shot to get, And those who are already working there and have our connections as friends can pull to their side. But when we approach on our own with our personal data. I am sure we end up with fraud companies. So better approach through the known persons who are having the dealing with company and such on line jobs can be accepted.

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  • For the good content writers and proficient people there are jobs in the internet and the remuneration is also adequate but for common people who have only an internet connection and some basic skills, it is not easy to earn money in the area of internet. The reason is very simple that initially there was some earning for common people also but soon there was such a large crowd that earnings became negligible. Youtube is a burning example where the rates have plummeted.

    So, what is left for the common people is data entry job where from one particular file the data is to be copied and pasted to a table provided. It is a repetitive job and not an interesting one. Many housewives do that for making some pocket money. Other thing is surveys. Many companies conduct online surveys for their clients and pay the participants some little amount.

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