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  • Which non-medical job posts are suitable for a fresher in a hospital?

    Interested in working in Hospital and preferring a non-medical job? Check this ISC page to know about the potential job avenues in this area.

    I am a 37 years old female. We shifted to Haryana few months back. A multi-specialty hospital is under construction near to our house and is expected to inaugurate in 2-3 years. I am interested to grab a job in non-medical staff of that hospital (like accountant, front desk officer, receptionist, etc.). I had completed my graduation in commerce in the year 2004 and have good knowledge of computers and the internet. Is there any scope for me? Should I prepare myself in any way in these 2-3 years to increase my chances of getting a job? I don't have any experience of working till now except that sometimes I manage accounts of husband's business.
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  • Appreciating your willingness for such noble service. Hospital service is really a good one and can be performed only with self interest and self motivation. You can approach the Hospital authorities for a job in Accounts section as you are a commerce graduate. Most important thing in this hospital job you should sacrifice your time bound service.

  • Well, I must appreciate your move but before joining the hospital administration, you need to have your self retrospection so that you may not complain for taking such an initiative. The points are as follows -
    1) You are basically a commerce graduate and hence you are fully familiar with the accounting- procedure, business economics and are aware of preparation of balance - sheet of the concluding years. Your qualification is very much needed in their account - section.
    2) Though we were not exposed to working experience in this line except the minor familiarity with the procedures of accounting while dealing with the bussiness of your husband.
    3) You are familiar with operation of computers and Internet indicating that you can handle multiple tasks if offered a job.
    4) Are you a lady of achieving weekly and monthly targets in terms of revenue generation in your office?
    5) To what extent, you are diplomatic in nature, Can you work beyond the work - schedule if the situation demands?
    6) You should be analytical and while dealing with the customers, you should be able to satisfy the clients with your convincing answer.
    7) You should not have any complaint regarding their duty - schedule. You should be a lady of calm nature but sensible enough to realise your responsibilities.
    The points listed above and if it matches with you, you are one of the potential candidates. Face the interview confidently with a nice representation of the queries raised by the Board.

  • For a commerce graduate there are definitely opportunities in many industries including the administrative and supportive jobs in hospitals. Your experience of handling the business of your husband would also be helpful in presenting your experience elsewhere. I would suggest to make a resume in which in addition to your academic qualifications you also mention what types of computer apps you have handled for invoicing or billing works and what are the financial and accounting processes you are familiar with. Keep a watch on the job portals and apply wherever you find a matching job with your experience.

    Coming to your specific query regarding non-medical jobs in hospital, especially a multi speciality one you would have following types of non-medical jobs -

    1. Customer help centre - Generally in this section of the hospital you need not to have any special skills except to know in details about the hospital, its timings, the list of doctors, their visiting days, their fees, registration issues, availability of doctor's appointment and other such things. So everything would be available in front of you in form of the charts and bulletins and also online in the hospital portal and you have to refer and satisfy the query of the customer. Within a few days these things would be on your finger tips and I think there should not be any problem in performing this type of job. Big hospitals generally employ people in shifts for this purpose and may be there would be a morning shift from 7 AM to 2 PM and another from 2 PM to 9 PM. For night callers generally these jobs are outsourced to call centres.

    2. Reception and registration - This is nowadays solely based on the computers and you have to ask the new customer to fill a registration slip or give his already existing registration number so that you can fetch his record and then bring or get his old file from the adjacent record room. Depending upon which doctor he wants to consult, you have to make the invoice with all the details and take payment and give him the copy of the invoice/receipt with which he would go to the doctor. This requires a bit of coordination as you should be fully aware of the doctors schedule in the hospital and also if there are any last minute changes to that. Everything would be available to you on the computer screen and you would have to just follow the process and serve the customer as quickly as possible.

    3. General duty staff - There is no specific counter sitting work for these people but they have to move from one place to another in the hospital for various coordination and activities between the medical staff and the hospital administration. You might have seen these workers moving quickly from one floor to other with reports and big envelopes in their hand containing MRI or CAT scan. These people are very important as they help the medical people in each and everything desired or required by them.

    4. Accounts office - This is the most important part where all the details of receipts and expenditure of the hospital are collected, assimilated and presented to administration for perusal. Many important decisions are taken based on the data compiled by these people. For getting this job you might have to do some certificate or diploma course in finance and accounting so that you learn the skills and salient points of this area.

    5. Supervision of canteen, laundry, room service etc - This is a very general type of job and does not need any higher degree but in a big hospital it is also a lucrative job as one has to monitor the housekeeping and direct the workers below if any deficiency is seen in the hospital upkeep or get up. It is a responsible job and if one has an inclination for housekeeping one can think of it also.

    To sum up, you can proactively submit an application in that hospital giving your resume with all details of experience and also your willingness to do some of the above types of jobs. They may call you also seeing your interest at the scheduled time of recruitment.

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  • You have your core proficiency in commerce subject and you have also some experience in the up keeping of business records of the husband's business. With this experience you can very well apply in the hospital which you have mentioned in your query post. There are many positions in hospital where people are working at the registration, billing counter, file library, housekeeping supervision, catering monitoring etc and for all theses jobs no special training is required. One can learn them during the 'on the job' training and comfortably execute the job in the coming times.

    Nowadays, the reputed and busy doctors keep an assistant with them who is supposed to make coordination with the hospital as well as direct the patients to the doctor as per their turn. Any person can mange this easily and the nature of the job is secretarial one. One can try for such a job also in the said hospital.

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  • Sounds good that you want to start something new in life, when you have decided to do this job that means you are ready for any efforts for preparation so I would suggest you should think about Hospital administration as you have done graduation in commerce then you can apply for this department -

    The job of hospital administration is to conduct all the work related to organizing, coordinating, planning, staffing, evaluation and control of health services for the admitted patients through the support staff. The main objective of hospital administration is to provide quality healthcare to the people and that too at low cost. Hospital administrators have proved how institutions can be managed efficiently at a low cost in any given time.

    What should be the qualification for hospital administration?
    To apply for the posts of Hospital Administration, it is necessary that the candidate should have passed Bachelor's degree from a recognized university or institute. For senior positions, a Masters degree in Hospital Administration is sought.
    What is the age limit for hospital administration?
    It depends on the hospital. Different private hospitals can decide according to it
    Selection Procedure for Hospital Administration
    Candidates for the post of Hospital Administration are usually selected on the basis of academic record and interview. However, sometimes the institute concerned may also conduct a written examination for shortlisting the candidates.

    Apart from this you can work for below posts also -

    Accountant - you are a commerce graduate person so you can handle accounts very well for this you have apply of Hospital accounts department.

    Front Office staff - This also good one , foe this one have to completed graduation and have knowledge about basic computer and internet services.

    Receptionist - For this job one has to Good communication, appealing personality and sound patient centric approach.

    Medical Transcriptional : Typist- You can also apply for it but have to ensure smooth functioning of department, ensuring the reports are generated on time with zero errors.

    These were some jobs which will be suitable for you as per your qualification , as we know most of job in hospitals are demanding specific qualification related to medical that is why I have mentioned only those jobs which need any graduation person.

  • Nonclinical or non-medical job is that work which does not involve patient care. Such jobs may be for freshers that may require only a high school, diploma or a degree. Other jobs may require a post-graduation along with years of experience. As you have mentioned that you are a commerce graduate but have not worked so you can apply for any entry-level work in a clinic or hospitals. Here are some nonclinical hospital jobs that you can apply:
    a) Medical admissions clerk - These are clerks that gather information from people about their reason for visiting, their medical and personal information if they need an appointment, Prepare a file if required and register their data in the hospital's system, attend incoming calls and communicate with nurses and doctors about any information about the patient records, etc.

    b)Receptionist - The job of the receptionist is to greet people entering the hospital, gather their information and guide them accordingly. The person should have a good personality, humble and understanding and have excellent communication skill. They will have to attend phone calls and transfer it to the concerned patient, nurses, doctors or department.

    c) Coding or insurance specialist - They work in coordination with the billing department. They classify, code and review the health claims, making sure if the insurer is eligible for reimbursement as per their card. They work in close communication with the hospital billing department and insurance companies receive payment and resolve denied claims from insurance companies.

    d) Accountant - The job profile of an accountant is to prepare the bill of the in-patients and out-patients, distribute salary and wages, keep an account of every transaction. They have to update the bills and receipts of the hospital and clear it for smooth auditing of the hospital. You may require to know tally of SAP for working in reputed hospitals. As you are a commerce graduate, you can learn tally from any reputed computer institute and apply for the said post.

    e) Housekeeping - It is a general type job that keeps the track of every room, cleaning the patient's clothes, changing beds, keeping room ready for the next patient, cleaning the floor, a dusting of room and keeping it uncluttered and tidy. These type of job does not need any higher degree but is liable for the upkeep of the hospital, department and the premises.

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  • It is good that you can think of starting a career in a hospital in the non-medical area.
    You are a commerce graduate. You have good knowledge of computers and the internet. It is good that you have some little experience in accounts of your husband's business.
    In a hospital, there will be some jobs which don't require any skills in medicine field. A commerce graduate with some experience will have a good chance to get a job.
    You make a fresh CV with your qualifications and also you can show working experience in your husband's business. You can also mention your skills in the computer area.
    If possible as the under-construction hospital is nearby your house, you try to get in touch with somebody through some common contacts. That will give you better chances to get some job in that organisation. If you can get some information about their accounting procedures and methods, you can try to get some certificate in that area.
    In a hospital, there will be money posts which will be suitable for you. Some posts which are available in the hospital for your profile are
    1. Receptionists: In every hospital, there will be some receptions to receive incoming calls and answering them. To guide the new people. They will be the face of the hospital. How they respond will speak about the culture of the hospitals. Generally, these posts will be good for ladies and they will be with less physical strain.
    2. Secretaries: There will be some post of Secretaries to the senior official of the hospital like MD, CMO and other senior posts. They prefer generally, ladies for this post. Early they are preferring people with shorthand. But these days they will see your computer skills and then consider.
    3. Coding Specialist: They work in close relation with the hospital billing department and insurance companies. They will receive payments from insurance companies and also resolve disputes with the insurance companies.
    4. Billing Executives: They have to make the bill according to the case and feedback in the case sheets of the patient and consultation with higher authorities.
    5.Housekeeping Executive: This is an important post in almost all hospitals. Patient rooms and all hospital area is to be maintained well and to be kept clean and neat. Many hospitals outsource this function. But they will keep one or two executives from their side to see their functioning and also address their problems and solve the disputes.
    6. Scheduling Executives: To manage the timings of various specialists and the patients and keeping the time gaps between each patient. They will also see the chamber arrangements to the doctors and also seating arrangement for the patients.,
    7. Security Supervisors: Generally, the security functions of a hospital will be outsourced. But they will have one or two supervisors from their side. This is to supervise the functions of the security and also to address their disputes.
    8. Transport executive: This is also a very important function to monitor the booking of the ambulance and their movements monitoring.
    9. Bookkeeping: This is also most similar to an accounting job. Updating the account books by seeing the receipts and payments etc. This job is suitable for a commerce graduate.
    10. Help desk executives: This will be in addition to Receptionist. The main function of this post is to guide and help the patients in the hospital during their stay.
    11. Accountants: Good job for B.Com graduates.
    12. Canteen Administrators: The canteen will also be outsourced. But some hospitals may keep some administrators to monitor the canteen functions.
    In addition to the above post, if you have the capability and interest, you can try for taking some outsourcing works in the hospital and keep your employees and see that you will make some money. You will become an employer and if it works alright you can enhance your work to other hospitals and other organisations.

    Start working from now itself and you will get a positive result. All the best to you.

    always confident

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