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  • How to change address online in Aadhar card?

    Do you want to change your address in Aadhar Card in online mode and stuck up somewhere? Visit this ISC page to know from our Experts how to go about.

    UIDAI provides the facility to update address online but I am getting stucked somewhere. We are living on rent at present and the rent agreement is on the name of my father-in-law. I have to change address in Aadhar card of my husband, my parents-in-law and myself. We don't have any address proof of our current address. I am getting stucked while generating 'Request for Address Validation Letter'. A text at UIDAI website states, "you can update your current address by requesting for Address Validation Letter with the help of an Address Verifier". Who is 'address verifier'? Is it me, my father-in-law or the landlord?
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  • You do not have any address proof of the present address and require proof of that address to be submitted to the UIDAI. The Address Verifier is the person who is giving you the consent to use her/his address as proof of your residential address in your Aadhaar Card. You cannot be the address verifier in this case and your landlord is the Address Verifier here. There are some points to be noted to avail the service of Address Verifier.

    1. The consent of the Address Verifier to use her/his address as the residential address of the Resident is mandatory.
    2. The mobile numbers of both the Address Verifier and the Resident must be registered with their respective Aadhaar numbers.
    3. Both the Address Verifier and the Resident will be authenticated via the OTP sent to their respective mobile numbers.
    4. Both the Address Verifier and the resident should have a good understanding during the whole process of Request for Address Validation Letter.
    5. If the Address Verifier fails to provide her/his consent within the timeframe, the request of the Resident to change the address will be no more valid. Then the whole process of Address Validation Letter has to be reinitiated.


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  • Considering the factor that you stay on rent and don't have any address proof for the current address, you need to get the Aadhaar updated through Validation letter by the Address verifier.

    Here, the address verifier will be the person in whose name the address is already updated in Aadhaar with UIDAI. So, here you landlord will be the address verifier and not your father-in-law, in whose name the rent agreement is made. Address verifier means the person in whose name the place is already identified with and he can validate the same for others too including his relatives who stay with hin/her or tenants.

    So you will need to ask your landlord to provide his details while you try to update the address on your Aadhaar number with UIDAI. The landlord must agree to it or else the updation will not be possible. I think you are updated about the process and have referred to the steps on UIDAI site and had difficulty with technical term only.

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  • What I feel that updating the Aadhaar details has to be done by visiting the Aadhaar felicitation centers established in many cities and towns and these centers are authorized to correct and upload the right details and the iris details along with finger impressions are taken so that the authentication is done with right person and at the right dealer of the Aadhaar. Though I tried to correct the details online, some hitch would appear and the need is not done. Whereas the corrections done at the Aadhaar center is corrected and acknowledged immediately and the hard copy is also given to us. I strongly recommend instead of trying at home online, visiting the felicitation center would be of great use and they have the knack of getting things done even some hitches are found. They get paid for these services too.

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  • In my view the person whose permission is staying in his house on rent , would be the address Verifier, so you should talk to your landlord about this and explain them the whole situation so they they can help you and provide his detail which you may need for updating address in Aadhar Card.
    You can update the address in Aadhaar through rent agreement. For this, the Aadhaar holder should have a registered rent agreement. For this, the registered rent agreement should be made in your name. Your rent agreement must be registered. UIDAI will be rejected if your rent agreement is not registered. For which the address is to be updated on the Aadhar card, the rent agreement should be in the name of it. You will have to create a PDF file by scanning your rent agreement. If you do not create a PDF it will not be uploaded.
    If your Aadhaar is linked to your mobile, then you can update your address online from the official website of UIDAI If you do not have a mobile link with Aadhaar, then you can update the address in Aadhaar by going offline i.e. Aadhaar Center.

  • Your father in law has made a rental agreement with the owner of the house who gave the house on rent. But on whose name the house is there in municipal records. Sometimes what happens is the house may be on the name of the wife but the agreement of rent will be made by the husband. You have to first talk to your house owner and see on whose name this property is there in municipal records. He will be the Address Verifier.

    First, ensure the correct name of the Adress Verifier as per his Aadhar Card.

    Address Validation Letter is a letter which is sent to the Address Verifier's address. This letter will have a secret code. It will be sent for validation after the Address Verifier consents to the use of his/her address by the requesting resident. You have to submit your request online with the cooperation of your landlord. Once you get his consent both of you have to work together. After successfully submitting your request you will receive the letter within 30 days.

    To get a Request for Address Validation letter you
    1, Visit or
    2. select "Request Aadhaar Validation Letter" option, This will be under Aadhaar Update Section. \Then Self Service Update Portal (SSUP) will open. The following is the procedure.
    A, Log in with Aadhaar
    B. Enter your landlord's or owner of the house's Aadhaar. Click on submit
    C. Verifier will receive an SMS with a link to give consent.
    D. Verifier has to click on the link. He will receive another SMS with OTP for verification
    E. That OTP is to be entered and also type the shown captcha and to be clicked on Submit.
    F. Then you will get SRN via SMS
    G. You have to log in with SRN
    H. The address will come. Your preview the address.
    I. If necessary you have to edit Local Language Then click on Submit button
    J. Address Validation Letter which will contain Secret Code will be sent to your house owner's address via Post
    K. Then you have to open SSUP and click on 'Proceed to Update Address' link
    L. Logs in with Aadhaar
    M. Click on 'Update Address via Secret Code' and then enter secret Code
    O. You have Review the new address and then submit
    P. An Update Request Number (URN) will be shown on the screen. Please note that.

    After 15 days you can download your Aadhaar card with the address from and you may also receive the same via Post also.

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  • You are a tenant and staying in a rented house. You must be having a leave and license agreement with the owner or landlord of this house. As you have to change your address in your Aadhar card from earlier to this address then the normal way is go to a nearby Aadhar centre (which is usually authorised in some banks) and apply for this change by producing the rent lease agreement and other identification documents. Another thing which you were trying was to get it done online which is a new method and a little bit cumbersome and you got stuck at some point. If you want to do it online then you have to enter the details of the landlord who would get message and OTP verification on his registered mobile to verify and authorise the change of address in Aadhar process. Without his permission or consent it cannot be done.

    So you have to explain him the process and tell him that when he gets the SMS he should allow the process to go ahead through the OTP verification and then when he gets a letter for again verifying the credentials he had already approved through OTP then he has to use the code provided in that authorisation letter online to finally complete the process and then in your Aadhar card the address would be changed accordingly. This is a new process and understanding it naturally takes time but once you understand it then you can explain it to your landlord properly and take him in faith for quickly completing these formalities.

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