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  • What is the career scope in blogging and web marketing

    Want to know about the scope in Blogging and web marketing as an author? Know the average income of bloggers from our experts.

    How good is blogging and social media marketing as a career option specifically side option for an aspiring author? Do bloggers make a good income on an average so as to sustain themselves without being in the corporate sector?. What other options do they have to finance their work?
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  • The future is for digital marketing only and hence there will be good scope for blogging and web marketing.
    The people who want to become an entrepreneur but resources are a problem for starting a company, can start with blogging. Blogging is not only for writing but it is a business by itself.
    It involves a good understanding of the topic you have selected, digital marketing, and sales.
    This will give you an understanding of content marketing You can use your writing skills and become a good entrepreneur based on your content marketing skills.
    Many people are successful and sustaining completely based on the blogging business.

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  • As we know digital world would be more demanding in future even nowadays when many people engages with social sites or other internet activities , we can understand the value of its in upcoming time.
    There are many option for many fields as far as blogging is concerned it is a great idea without any doubt , blogging would be nice option if you have idea about writing, if you like to write blogs about any topic then you must do it for this -
    You can make an ID in and start writing your blogs over there as per you interest .
    Apart from that many sites are there in online platform where you can apply or register as a member and write blogs over there as over websites demand.
    bloggers can earn enough to live but here you will have to keep patience as nothing will get too fast result so you will have to wait for it but ones you got success then you will find that was best decision for you because you love writing.
    You can earn by blogging , google ad sense, and other paid websites.
    You will have to efforts to share you blogs in social media sites to increase traffic on you blogs.
    If you are thinking to start a business over internet then also blogging will help you.
    You must have some knowledge of internet marketing before starting any new business.
    All the best for your carrier in blogging.

  • If one has interest in writing and that also creative writing then it makes sense to start one's own blog in a blog site. A blog site allows us to use some space inside it, which is generally free, and we can give a name to it so that people can recognise it when coming again and again to it for reading or searching some information. What we are doing in ISC is a form of blogging only and the only difference with blog sites and ISC is that here we are earning some money from the ISC as well as Adsense affiliation. In a blog site the site does not pay us and we have to generate individual traffic to have some earnings. In the beginning it looks quite rosy and prosperous but there are some important points that are to be pondered over before jumping in for blogging. The first and foremost point is which is the knowledge area that one is thinking to incorporate in one's blog. Is it stories or poems or essays or politics or recipes or do it yourself projects or technical discussions or religion or agriculture or community development or education or tourism or adventure or photography etc? One has to select an area where one has interest as well as good proficiency. Why I am insisting for good proficiency is that there are a large number of blog sites in almost every area and a plethora of information is available there. So, it is imperative that the blog which one is starting should be comparable to them and if it is better than them then one is the winner. A blog can only prosper through the traffic it can pull and for the traffic quality and content is required. Second thing is whether Google Adsense is allowing the blogger to affiliate the blog with it or not. Once it is affiliated and the Adsense account number is linked to it then only earnings could start. Anyway if one has good quality content which can attract the crowd and get high number of impressions daily then it makes sense to go for an individual web domain on payment basis where it would be easier to get effective Adsense linkage.

    Coming to the web marketing one can make a career in it by first learning about it and then getting some certificate or diploma course in digital marketing and then joining a company or group which is involved in it. Generally companies would advertise in sites, blog sites, social media sites for their products and services and this way they are effectively able to attract the attention of the prospective customers. Web marketing is emerging as a big area and after getting experience one can start one's own consultancy or service in this field.

    Knowledge is power.

  • Blogging is not just the way of writing effectively, it has transformed into a lucrative bussiness involving in depth understanding of a domain, digital marketing and sales content writing can be learnt through the process of blogging. There are numerous companies having been successful based on the marketing skills. If you are interested for a full time career in this field, you can go ahead for it.
    Let us explore the ways how you can start blogging effectively-
    1) Inject an element of motivation and inspiration-
    You will have to come out from the comfort zone and give new things a try. Blogging is risk free trial where you need not loose any thing in case of failure but if it clicks, you will have substantial earnings out of this profession.
    2) Show your skill -
    The most important thing is that you should be comfortable with the topic and should have constant urge of learning and sharing on that topic. It could be anything from cooking, fashion, jokes, marketing, finance, religion and so on. Hence there is no limitation in going ahead any topic for which you have a passion and blogging on that topic can be persued.
    Selecting a broad topic is not that much important, you should identify the needs of customers in this direction.
    3) Test the minimum viable product - You may start writing on a free writing platform for some days so as to restore your confidence in the art of blogging.It would have the following benifits-
    1) You have not to think of the technical set - up.
    2) No cost of hosting or the themes
    3) You will get free analysis of your article performance.
    4) Learn the basics of marketing-
    To become a successful blogger, you should be familiar with the basics of marketing. There are some company blogs which you may like such as Hub Spot, Groove and MOZ. These are not exactly blogging but would cover a wide domain of content marketing, productivity, social optimisation etc.
    5) Be familiar with the process of generating money-
    Initially, you should focus on building loyal audience. Once you have good number of visitors per month, you should go into the monetising channels. You can earn money through the affiliate marketing asking visitors to feel up surveys, selling products directly to the audience.
    It is a continuous process of Imrovement in the direction of blogging. The positive point is that starting up a blog is risk - free providing you enough scope of generating money as per your caliber.

  • What I feel that there should be some regular income for us to tale care of immediate needs and daily needs and the income from blogging and web marketing cannot be wind falling and based on occasional orders and liking. I am of the opinion that those who are doing the things through the online are not giving full time and dedication and thus loosing the contacts. And what ever marketing is done on the web should be wholesome and not something.If this difference could be gauged and maintained there is no short of customers and the business will go. For example one of my friend has been doing one gram gold jewel business online which is highly competitive line ,why because we cannot understand the need of the online customers and ladies especially have too much expectations and choice and therefore seek more designs which we cannot show nor seek business. Therefore fly by night online business or blogging cannot be successful.

    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

  • Ryyu, If you are passionate about writing and have a flair for writing, that is something that you wish for, then blogging may be a good choice. But blogging is not that easy too if you have the commitment and a lot of patience to work and wait for the results to come too. You should be able to produce content regularly and post on blogging platforms. You should be consistent in writing, and good quality posts. If you are keen on generating a good source of income then you have to invest the amount to buying a domain, hosting, and other features to maintain the website. You have to choose a particular area of your interest that in a niche, wherein you are very good at that specific area/ you to have authority over that field to write blog posts every other day. It is not easy but possible if you put in lots of effort, learn the intricacies of writing, marketing, driving traffic, and managing the website. You should also be self-driven and self-motivated to keep your self in the flow. If you lose interest then you may not be successful. Do a lot of research work on blogging and understand how blogging works. With commitment and determination, you can achieve your goals. Blogging has become a full-time job, they are earning a lot of money. If you have a dream to be successful and achieve, then blogging is the best place for you to focus on. If you want to get trained in your skills you can choose Blogger/WordPress and start writing which are free platforms.

  • These days blogging has become a full-time job for many. Blogging takes some time and effort to earn money. Google asks to get a good number of views on your blog to apply Adsense. Once Adsense is approved you can earn money only when the income reaches $100. Youtube is also the same. Making videos on trending topics and post them. But you need to get a good number of subscribers and views. Need to post your blog on famous social networking sites. Trending topics like makeup tutorials, game reviews, how to do, cooking procedures, etc can give you a good number of views. But opt for any topic which you are familiar with so that you can write the content without copying.

    "You will never win if you never begin"

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