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  • Is mushroom vegetarian or non vegetarian food

    Confused whether mushroom comes under vegetarian food or non-vegetarian food? Know what our food experts say about this.

    Some people say mushroom is a vegetarian but I feel it is non-vegetarian food. I am a vegetarian person. So please let me know should I have it or not?

    Actually one of my friends suggests me to take mushroom in meal at-least 1 time in a week, but I am confused if it would be a non-veg food.

    Please advise me should I have it or not and let me know if there is any other substitute for a mushroom which is complete vegetarian food.
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  • Mushrooms are the fungi which are usually grown in an unhygienic environment. They are not vegetables but are considered as vegetarian food. It is also known for low-calorie food but some communities do not eat this as they are forbidden foods.

    To take my personal experience, I understand it is vegetarian food, still do not prefer to eat it.

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  • Mushrooms are not from the animal kingdom, Basically, they are fungi. They can be considered vegetarian as it is not an animal or animal-derived product. They are not plants also.
    As per the biological classification, there are five divisions :
    Plants, Animals, Fungi (mushrooms, yeasts, moulds etc.), bacteria, and archaea.
    From the above, vegetarians never eat Animals.
    Veggies will not animals or products derived from animals.
    Many people eat vegetarian and vegan food for their health and also avoid damaging the earth and animals, Mushrooms are not from animals, Eating them will not harm our body and that will not harm the earth or animals. Hence I feel there is no problem for a vegetarian to eat Mushrooms.
    Basically mushroom are rich in proteins and by consuming these we will get good protein food. The other foods which are having good protein content are beans,
    I am a vegetarian and I eat mushrooms as I consider mushrooms as vegetarian based on the above point.
    But all mushrooms are tables. There are some mushrooms that grow in open under normal conditions of a rainy season may be poisonous and those are not for eating.
    Mushroom growing is an Industry and they will grow mushrooms under controlled conditions. In addition to proteins, they will have Vitamins and complex carbohydrates. They are all good for health. These days the product is gaining popularity as a good food product.

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  • Mushroom/ toadstool the umbrella-shaped Fungi are closely related to plants due to their nomenclature but recently been discovered that they are more closely related to animals and thus they are placed in a Kingdom of plants and animals but of their own apart. Mushrooms contain no chlorophyll and get their food from metabolizing non-living organic matter like dead plants, etc.

    Nutrition in Mushrooms: A commercially grown mushroom is more than 90% water, less than 5% carbohydrate especially polysaccharides, less than 3% protein, less than 1% fat and calories and about 1% mineral salts, small amounts of essential amino acids and vitamins. It is a good source of B vitamins especially niacin and riboflavin.

    Q: let me know if there is any other substitute for a mushroom which is complete vegetarian food?
    A: eggplant or zucchini or chickpeas can be a substitute for mushroom in terms of texture but not in terms of nutritional value.

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  • Mushrooms do not belong to animal category or plant category. They are categorised under a different group called 'Fungi'. As they are devoid of life and thrive on their host for their growth, they are considered as vegetarian food item. Most of the people consume them understanding them as more near to vegetables only . So, consuming them will no way hurt the feelings of the vegetarian people. Another thing is that the mushrooms are very nutritious as they contain good amount of protein, vitamin B, and complex carbohydrates which are good for our health. If prepared with Indian spices they are very delicious to eat and it makes sense to include them in one's diet. It is advisable to use the mushrooms in fresh state only as they become blackish and soggy if they are kept like that for a long time before consuming. One can identify the fresh mushrooms just by the shining and firm appearance on their bulbs or top part.

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  • Mushrooms are in actual "fungi" which grows naturally more specifically during the rainy seasons but due to its demands these are grown in an artificial environment too and are available throughout in a year.

    The mushroom certainly comes under vegetarian category because these are not derived from animals.

    In context to its substitutes, the mother nature has greatly benefitted us with the profound varieties of vegetables & pulses & fruits which even has the availability to our nearby markets so that one can choose as per their taste & needs & the same can also be compatible in regard to one's health concerns but when you are more concern of being vegetarian and when deeply concerned of diet than I would suggest you to pl. use only the seasonal vegetables & fruits available nearby to you because this will what would greatly benefit you. Pl. stop or restrict the frozen items in your diet as they have degraded nutritional values with added preservatives and this may have with the chemicals over it in order for this to look fresh for longer durations but then their impact on us would have accordingly.

    Frankly speaking, now a days I do not even consider the milk as part of our vegetarian diet because of the ways in which these are made to produce from the cows or other animals and when become useless to produce milk then sent to the slaughter houses. If others are made to suffer or even made them to be killed, directly or indirectly, then we are no more the vegans. It is disheartening to see about how the species which we always refer to as human being has left with no human aspect and has gone to all time low in its conducts.

  • Mushrooms does give confusion to many and they fail to decide whether it is vegetarian or non vegetarian. But on my close observation few days back, I have seen mushrooms grown in the soil and that is done without anybody sowing anything and seems to be the gift of the nature. But when it grows like a umbrella and the looks feel that it may have the non vegetarian taste. For that matter many does not like to eat brinjal as it looks like eating fish dish after it was cooked. Here what I mean to say that it is left to the discretion of the people whether to accept the mushrooms as the food or not. When we go to some big hotels in Hyderabad, they would give tomato soup or mushroom soup as the starters and it all depends on how we approach towards this dish. However I strongly feel that it is vegetarian and can be accepted.

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  • It is, as far as I know, a vegetarian one. But there are many varieties in the mushroom as it belongs to fungi type, it may contain substances which may harm to our health. Though we buy the mushrooms from noted stores, so said hygienic stores, the quality and harmlessness cannot be confirmed to the extent of accepting to eat. It is better to avoid eating or consuming.

  • Mushroom neither belong to an animal kingdom nor plant kingdom. Actually, it is a fungus. Its shape looks like an umbrella. Generally, it grows in an unhygienic environment like cow dung. It has been a very discussing issue among people whether it is vegetarian or non-vegetarian. It has a good amount of nutrients like protein and vitamin which are very healthy. I have seen many people eating mushroom curry or soup. So, I feel that it belongs to the non-veg category.

  • Mushrooms assuming the structure of umbrella shaped body is a kind of fungi consisting chiefly Agaricales but other edible fungus of the fields are also utilised for human consumption. A very closely related species A Bosporous is a kind of Mushroom grown commercially and these varieties are also available in the markets for the consumption purpose.
    Fruiting bodies of some mushrooms occur in arcs taking the shape of ring.
    Since it is kind of fungus and not derived from the animal kingdom, hence it may be considered as a vegetarian food.
    While picking up the mushrooms, we need to take enough precautions since wild mushrooms containing poison may be picked up by mistake and consuming the same may produce the fatal effects such as mild gastrointestinal disturbance or it may develop allergic reaction.
    However, taking Mushrooms in the regular ways would provide you host of benifits listed below -
    1) It contains zero cholesterol and is considered as the best veggie in terms of heart health.
    2) It contains abundant Calcium and Vitamin D and hence it would strengthen the bone apart from boosting immunity due to presence of Vitamin D. Due to enrichment of Calcium, it would fight Osteroporosis, joint pain and other bone related problems.
    3) Mushrooms are considered to be the rich source of Vitamin B complex containing riboflavin, niacin and pantothenic acid. The entire combination of these constituents is benificial for the heart health.
    4) Riboflavin helps in the formation of fresh red blood cells where as Niacin acts on the digestive system apart from its benificial effect on our skin.
    5) It helps in shedding the body - weight because of presence of high protein. Moreover, it would provide you abundant energy due to presence of proteins.

  • Mushrooms are a type of fungi or fungus. There are many types of mushroomes. Some are potentially dangerous others have health benefits. Some are used in prepreation of herbal concotions whilst others are used to smoke for entertainment or religious purpose. Fungis are eukaryotes like molds and other sub species.

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