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    School Teacher Eligibility criteria in India

    Want to become a teacher but have not completed B.Ed.? Know the complete eligibility criteria for school teachers in India. Also, know your chances of teaching abroad.

    I am doing my bachelor's in Arts (final year).
    I want to teach primary or pre-primary school in abroad. As of now, it is very difficult so I want to start teaching in India. I am doing TEFL & german B1 which will support me to go abroad. Please help me how can I become a school teacher in Bangalore without a B.ed.
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  • Teaching is a Nobel profession which helps an individual to transform into a better citizen. In India, the rules for getting a teaching profession B.ed has become compulsory.

    A few years back private schools were hiring educators who had completed a mere degree as teachers but in the present situation, they are being followed up by the B. EO to finalise B.ed completed students for the teaching profession.

    You can complete Nursery Teachers Training NTTC for teaching in kindergarten and slowly you can earn to get a stabilised income to support your B.ed education if need be. This will drag your time and your goal to get a job abroad.NTTC is a certified course for one year. If you teach for one or two years then you can get hands-on experience.

    You can choose a public, private or international school. To work abroad you need to get a bachelor degree and complete the certification course in TEFL /TESOL/ TESL which you have already specified. To teach English, you should be fluent in that particular language. Besides this experience adds volume to your resume.

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  • There are many more courses available for teachers, B ed is compulsory at many places but if you have a professional course degree then some schools do not want B ed.

    If you do not want to do any courses then my suggestion is you should try in playschools first as there is no B ed criteria for teachers. But if you are not going abroad right now so why do not you try for some other courses like -

    D.Ed - If you do not want to do B Ed then you can try for its diploma course, it take less time.
    NTT - Nursery teacher training - It takes two years to complete and after having this certificate one can get teaching job in any primary school.
    JTT - Junior teacher training - This is also one of the best certification course but for this selection would be done by the merit list based on 12th percentages.

    Apart from these courses one more option is Central school as they conduct an exam for hiring teachers , PGT , TGT and others, but for computer teacher they do not want a B ed certificate,if one have completed Msc in computer then no requirement for B ed.

  • Teaching is one of the most prestigious and noble professions which is a great career option for many interested in teaching, being with children and dedication towards serving the society by educating the future generation. In India, Education is a non-profit and basic necessity for all to grow and to help in the development of the country. As you are in the final year of your graduation and interested in teaching, some of the points that you need to keep in mind are given below which will also clear your doubts raised in the section.

    Q: I am doing my bachelor's in Arts (final year), how to go about into teaching profession?
    A: For teaching for each grade/standard requires different Teacher Training course. The Kindergarten includes the Nursery, Lower Kindergarten(LKG) and Upper Kindergarten(UKG), Primary schools cover the 1st through 8th grades (ages 6-14)
    such as NTT/BTC, BEd and Other
    The nursery includes the kindergarten stage covering LKG (Lower Kindergarten) and UKG (Upper Kindergarten). Primary section from1st to 5th standard (ages 6-10) requires a PRT level, Secondary section from the 6th and 10th standard (ages 11-16) requires a TGT level, and higher secondary section from 11th and 12th standard or HSC (ages 16-18) requires PGT level. Along with the level mentioned for each section, you will also qualify the Central Teacher Eligibility Test (CTET)/ State Teacher Eligibility Test (TET)

    Q: Can I become a school teacher in Bangalore without a B.ed?
    A: My answer would be a big No! as all school ask for a minimum Teacher Education Program to be eligible. As per your interest in teaching in a different section, so does the teaching degree, you have to choose i.e. a Diploma (D.Ted.) to teach in primary school, a Bachelor's (B.Ed.) to teach secondary school and Master's (M.Ed.) for specialisation in a prefered subject, to teach in College or for promotions.

    Q: What are the eligibility and the duration required in India for the above courses?
    A: The eligibility and the duration for the above courses are given below:
    1. Diploma (D.Ted.) - For a Diploma (D.Ted.) program you need have passed the 12th standard. The duration of the course is generally two years.
    2. Bachelor's (B.Ed.) - For a Bachelor's (B.Ed.) program you need have passed graduation. The duration of the course is also two years.
    3. Master's (M.Ed.) - For a Master's (M.Ed.) program you need to have a Bachelor's (B.Ed.). The duration of the course is usually for one year.

    Q: I want to teach primary or pre-primary school abroad, how to go about?
    A: If you are looking to go abroad for teaching in schools, there are many governmental organizations that have teach abroad programs like the British Council, etc.

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  • There are many courses which you can do for becoming a teacher. B. Ed is also one among them. Other than B.Ed the following are the courses to become a teacher in India.
    1. Pre-School Teacher Education Program: A candidates who passed 10th class or equivalent can do these programmes and once you complete this you can join as a primary school teacher.
    2. Nursery Teacher Education Program:The candidates who passed 12the class or equivalent with a minimum of 45% marks can do this course. Some institutes call this course as the Elementary Teacher Education Program.
    3. Diploma in Education (D.Ed.): The minimum qualification required is 12th class or equivalent with a minimum of 50% marks
    4. Bachelor of Physical Education (B.P.Ed.): The minimum qualification required is 12th class or equivalent with a minimum of 50% marks.
    Once you acquire the qualification you can start your career as a teacher in any private institution. But to become a government school teacher, you have to get qualified in a Teachers' Eligibility Test (T E T). The State government will be conducting a written test and the qualified people can apply for this TET and based on the marks you obtained you will be shortlisted. Some State governments are giving employment once the candidate is qualified in the test. But some States will conduct Oral interviews also after the candidate is qualified in the written test.

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  • In India there is no hard and fast rule to consider BEd qualified as teachers and even with minimum qualifications but with strong will to nurture the children and make them understand the education in a most polite and play way are considered for teachers post. For example my wife is not a professional person to handle the primary section children. She started her career as teacher for pre primary in the year 1995 and still continuing as the teacher of primary class , of course has changed three schools so far , but she was not asked about any qualification but for the wholesome experience in every school and how she connects to the child in unique way.

    But if the author wants to teach for higher classes, surely the schools must be asking for specialized course certificates and testimonials and that would a added advantage to grab the job.

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  • You want to continue the profession of teacher in the foreign country and keeping the same in your mind, you are interested to acquire TEFL so as to facilitate your job opportunities in abroad.
    At the present moment, you are interested to have a teaching assignment in a nursery school at Bengaluru after passing your final graduation degree. There are numerous private schools offering you scope for teaching in the nursery school. Though most of the teachers taking up nursery classes have covered a course in Nursery Teachers Programme having its duration for one year and the minimum eligibility to undertake this course is to have a certification of 10+2 from a recognised university with a minimum aggregate of 50 percent of marks, but in your case, it may not match your graduate qualification.
    Any way, you may turn up for the interview for the Nursery Teacher confidently and show your aptitude towards child psychology with the inner depth of their liking, disliking, your charismatic quality to develop friendship with the kids are to be highlighted. You may be able to impress the Board of Interview. Apprise them of your intention of undertaking this training course simultaneously with your teaching assignment in the school.
    Later you can have your B.Ed programme from IGNOU by clearing the course part wise and later you can undertake M.Ed from the same institution.
    I have indicated your possible mode of routs of achieving higher qualification in education.
    However, in your case, it would be best to connect the foreign embassy of the country for which you are interested in. British Council would suit you in case, you want to move England. This council would guide you in many ways with the latest updated information.

  • Dear Rashmi, if you are passionate about teaching and you are unable to take up the teacher training course now, you can apply for the teacher's post for primary or preprimary classes. Many schools do take candidates without B.Ed training. Especially if there is a vacancy during the academic year. First, apply to schools, there are chances that you would be appointed if you clear the interview rounds, they may suggest you take up a correspondence course in teacher training. The management does support your further professional growth in the concerned areas. So, be positive and take initiative to apply for positions in the schools as per your choice. Do visit some schools directly and find out about the criteria. Usually, small schools do take in graduates as teachers, if the student strength is less. The work pressure would be less, you will also get exposed to the areas of teaching and get to know how it works. Later you can apply for regular or for distance education depending on your suitability and become a trained teacher. Time will fly so better approach the schools with your resume and try. Once you enter the field it becomes easy for you to know working atmosphere and decide the best for yourself. As you have applied for learning German language and taking up an English test, you can also take-up online tutor training courses/ other teaching courses that match your interests.

  • You want to go for teaching job after doing B.A. and are not interested to pursue B.Ed. You want to gain experience and then finally want to apply abroad for teaching. Whether you are interested to teach pre-primary or primary or higher secondary classes, in each case some teacher's training is a mandatory requirement in the schools nowadays and without that it would be a difficult thing to seek for teaching job. Another thing is that there are some private schools which to save money on salaries compromise and recruit non-trained teachers also but from career making point of view I would not suggest you to go that way. Let us examine the two areas where right now you have interest to find a teaching job -

    1. Pre-Primary - This covers teaching the students of age 3 to 5 years in pre-primary classes. One has to introduce the children to the elementary concepts of the subjects during this phase of teaching. There are some courses doing which entitles one to apply for this teaching job. They are -
    a) Nursery Teachers Training (NTT) for 1 year.
    b) Diploma in Early Childhood Education (D.E.C.Ed.) for 2 years.
    You can do this through distant education mode also.

    2. Primary - This pertains to the class 1 to 5 and requires any one of the following trainings for seeking a job in this area -
    a) Elementary Teacher Education (ETE) for 2 years.
    b) Bachelor's in Elementary Education (B.El.Ed) for 4 years.
    c) Diploma in Elementary Education (D.El.Ed) for 2 years.
    There are some institutes from which one can pursue them in distance education mode.

    3. Secondary School - This covers class 6 to 10. Teachers have to be very thorough in their subjects to teach these classes and B.Ed. is required for seeking teaching job in this category. I am not covering it in details as you have shown interest for above two categories only.

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