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  • How to keep a control over sweet cravings

    Want to know how to fix sweet cravings? looking out for healthy alternatives and tips and tricks to reduce the cravings? Scroll through this page where our experts have responded to your query.

    My sweet cravings are increased a lot these days. I keep on munching chocolates, cakes (homemade whole wheat cakes), ice-creams and whatever sweetdish is available with me. Please suggest some healthy alternates as well as some tricks to fix my sweet cravings.
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  • Sweet craving is a minor form of addiction the same kind we have for coffee or tea whilst working or studying hard for exams. The basic mechanism is resolution, we seek to address something and resolve it, but since we ourselves cannot do it sometimes in the same state of coherence we seek an alternative, in this case the coffee or tea provides us with an altered state of coherence whereby we feel refreshed as if new energy has been pumped into us. This state is also connected with the phenomena known as placebo effect. Do not worry it usually resolves itself once the nagging issue in your subconcious mind is resolved. I suggest that you do meditation and exercise regularly develop more interest in other forms of food that suite your tastebuds and if you cannot get rid of it in these straightforward manners, then we go for a slight self-hacking by means of hypnotic trance. You can read any of the self-hypnosis scripts available to stop addiction or make an appointment with a certified and reputed hypnotherapist.

    In short just get rid of stress, your cravings are pointing to the fact that you're in a muddle.

    Hope this helps.

  • Many people have a desire for sweets and if we like a sweet dish we will consume a
    very high quantity of the same. But doctors always advise consuming a minimum quantity of sugar. They say high sugar will cause many health problems. So we all should make the habit of eating no sugar or very less sugar. Many of us will be drinking coffee or tea many times in a day. We add a lot of sugar in this. As a first step, I started taking coffee or tea with no sugar and no milk. Initially, for a few days, I felt a little uneasiness. But afterwards, it has become normal and now I enjoy coffee and tea without sugar.
    Then one can start practising the following so that our craving for sweets will come down and we can stop eating sweets.
    1. Take a healthy and early breakfast. The breakfast should be rich in proteins and fibre. A whole-grain toast, with some frits like avocado, maybe a good choice. Fresh lime juice with a little salt is also a good choice,
    2. Cinnamon is good to avoid the desire for sweets. It will control blood glucose levels and minimise insulin spikes that may result because of having an unbalanced meal. Sprinkle a little cinnamon on fruit pieces, roasted vegetables and sweet spices so that your desire for sweets will get fulfilled.
    3. Fresh vegetables will keep you full and you will not have a craving for sweets. So try to consume as much as possible fresh vegetables. They will give you the required proteins and your intake will reduce.
    4. Try to divert from those thoughts by diverting your mind to some other activities from routine works. Going for a small walk. having a bath etc.
    5. Whenever you feel like eating sugar try to take a very sweet fruit but the sugar content is very less.
    6. Try to have good sleep regularly. Sufficient sleep will maintain your energy levels and also reduce the appetite. You should have a good sleep in the night for a minimum of 8 hours.

    Above all, one should have the will to practice it. You should decide that you will not go for sweets. That determination will bring good results.

    always confident

  • Additionaly a short trip to your family dietician, would set you up with a sustained diet plan that you could follow. Healthy alternatives may include desserts made from milk, jaggery and honey or grounded vegetables, fruits and berries.

  • At the first outset, it would appear for you to a difficult task to manage your attitude but with your concerted approach, you will win over your present habit. You may try the following points -
    1) Start your morning with two glasses of warm water containing some amount of honey and lemon and don't take any thing for at leat half an hour. Dehydration of the body promotes sweet - cravings. Afterwards, indulge in yoga or meditation to develop your will power.
    2) Take morning diet containing Oatmeal mixed with some fruits such Apples, Avacados etc. This will reduce your sweet cravings.
    3) You may take help of Cinamom Powder- Sprinkle some Cinnamom Powder in the items to be used in breakfast or otherwise to lessen your sweet cravings.
    4) Whenever, you have the sweet cravings, reduce the quantity of the item to half and reduce the quantity gradually.
    5) Your routine should be packed with the activities so that your mind does not go for sweet cravings.
    6) You may take the help of an Homoeopath and he will provide you right medicine after reviewing your personality with his detailed discussion with you. You will have to co- operate with him so as to get right selection of the medicine.
    7) Protien rich foods such as Meat, Fish and Eggs can curb your hunger to a considerable extent and due to the fact, that your stomach is full, you won't feel sweet cravings.
    8) As far as possible, avoid stress since the stress developed needs some outlets and under that circumstances, your sweet cravings multiply.
    9) Take some multivitamin as suggested by your Physcian, this will take care of your body deficiency including the sweet - cravings.
    10) Take enough sleep in the night - Sound sleep keeps healthy flow of essential hormones such as Thyroid , Insulin, Serotonin, Cortisol, Adernaline, Human Growth Hormone etc and after the sleep of eight hours, body compensates the deficiency of hormones including the sweet cravings.

  • It is said that sugar and oil are two big enemies of good health and it is difficult to tackle it if there is a liking for them in an individual. Controlling on these cravings requires not only a disciplined life but one has to divert oneself from such situations where such attractive and yummy items are easily available and sometimes even being forced by the family members on each other. Our social get to gathers, parties and other such functions end with a sumptuous quantities of sweets. In such an environment it requires a lot of will power and strong will to accomplish this otherwise impossible task.

    Let us now go through some of the measures, precautions, and methods that might help one to acquire a control on such indulgences. Some of them are as follows -

    1. It is not possible to discontinue something that we are doing for a long time. So the intake of sweets is to be reduced in a gradual way. If you are taking a big piece of sweet or bowl full of ice-cream then first reduce it to half then reduce further and hopefully in a month time one would get the considerable practical reduction.

    2. Whenever going to a party or gathering where a large number of sweet dishes are there, one should eat a lot of salads and other such items during the course of eating and when one feels full then only try a little sweets as by that time the hunger would be completely quenched with fibrous and healthy food.

    3. If there is craving for sweet then it makes sense to replace the too much sweet items with lessor sweet items. One can take some sweet fruit to satisfy one's craving rather than go for the normal sweets.

    4. One should keep oneself hydrated all the times and empty stomachs sometimes are the culprit for such cravings. In our Ayurveda many suggestion are given like taking a good amount of water in the morning and also after a gap after the main meals. That would certainly reduce the cravings of course for any food item.

    5. Another great way to divert attention from eating indulgences is occupying oneself. It is said that those who can occupy themselves in creative, constructive and positive activities forget even about food and other such necessities. Our mind has terrific potential and we have to tame it in the desired direction.

    6. In extreme cases of sweet cravings, sometimes go for a little amount of fruit jams and jellies rather than the normal sweets.

    7. Meditation and Yoga are two important tools that can be adopted for keeping a healthy mind
    and it is of course the healthy mind which can take healthy decisions. It is worth trying.

    8. Regular exercise also is a very important thing in our lives and one can try to give a good time out of the daily routine and that helps in not only in making the body robust but keeps the mind also in sound condition. One must consider this as the number one priority in one's life.

    Knowledge is power.

  • Those who has the liking for sweets and wants to have the same at regular interval is the sort of addiction towards sweets and these people cannot be controlled or tolerated as they would be bothering the house hold to make one or the other sweet items now and then. The house members should be closely watching the behavior of the such persons and they should not make the sweets in front of such persons nor allow them to eat outside sweets. However now a days sugarless sweets are available in many sweets shops and that can be given to these persons who crave for the sweets often. Instead when ever sweets are wanted to be eaten, these persons be served with beverages like bournvita, milo , boost and other energy drinks which may divert the mind for the sweet as the sweetener is always added in these energy drinks.

    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

  • Sweet craving in us since childhood is common and it will get reduced day by day automatically. But we can continue if there is no diabetic symptoms. My father was not at all a diabetic till his last breath at his 86 years. He was very fond of sweets. Whenever I and my wife went outstation and return he was asking what sweet we bought for him. On January 16, 2012, when we went to Hyderabad and on reaching station, my wife alerted me to buy some sweets for my father. Immediately I ran to Pullareddy sweets stall and got some sweets for my father. On return my father felt very happy to see that and ate. Without any bed ridden etc., he lost his breath on 26th January 2012.
    My elder brother also very fond of sweets. One Ganesh chaturthi, our grandmother was serving sweet kozhukkattai in luch to all of us. My elder brother asked more and more. My grand mother put a plateful of kozhukkattai on his plate. But my brother did not felt anything and by believing grandmother gave everything for him and he ate all without hesitation. That brother now as he is diabetic controlled his sweet craving very much.
    It is a good thing to munch 'fenugreek' frequently as a chewing gum and it is good for health as my father did normally and highly appreciated by an Ayurvedic Doctor cum Professor, a friend of mine.

  • It is very difficult for many people to stop sugar craving and perhaps this is why health experts believe that it makes it difficult to stick to a balanced diet. Craving is not produced by the body only but by the brain also. If you have controlled your mind, then you will control everything. For this you should meditate daily.

    Apart from this, you will try these tips, it will help you -

    - Whenever you have craving to eat something sweet, just eat a morsel or a spoon instead of overeating. This will
    also calm your craving and you will also avoid the loss of sugar.
    - Some people have craving due to dehydration, so whenever you feel like eating something sweet, drink a glass of
    - You can also choose healthy choices of sweet items such as fruit and fruit juice. Use honey instead of sugar in
    beverages or dishes. Bananas, apples and oranges are good choices.
    - Eat some health whenever you have sugar craving. Protein rich foods such as meat, fish and eggs can be eaten. -
    they are very helpful in reducing hunger.
    - Apart from this, exercise will also release endorphin hormone which will give you 'feel good'. This can also help
    to overcome craving.
    - Getting sound sleep is also very important to stay healthy. This will help you avoid unnecessary craving.
    - Avoid stressing too much. Some things, tasks or places can trigger sugar craving. Try to stay away from such

    However, if these will not working, then meet a good doctor, or dietitian and consult them, otherwise negligence can also lead to future illness.

  • Generally, the sweet carving is seen in children as they are very fond of sweet items like chocolate, ice cream and another sweet item. But, nowadays many young people are addicted to having a sweet item. That's why obesity is going to be a big problem for our society. It would not be easy to stop sweet carving. So, one should control over oneself. There are some ways by which we can try to control it:- one should do regular exercise and meditation. Dehydration is also one of the reasons for it. So, you should drink one glass of water when you feel hungry. You should have different types of fruit like orange, apple and banana. These fruits can satisfy your sweet carving a little bit and finally, it will not harm your body.
    You can also consult a homoeopathy doctor where medicine is given for it.

  • Sugar has the same effect on our brain as that of an addictive drug. Sugar carving is common but it affects our body as over a third of the calories we consume come from sugar or highly refined food items like white flour, sodas, bakery items, etc. As per the new research findings, an adult consumes on an average 22 teaspoons of sugar and children consumes 34 teaspoons of sugar a day whereas it should be limited to 5 teaspoons for females,9 teaspoons for males and 4 teaspoons for children in a day. According to the American Dietetic and Diabetic Association(ADDA), increased sugar consumption is the leading cause of degenerative disease like Acid reflux, Rashes, Irritable bowel, Joint Pain, Fatigue, Migraines, Anxiety and stress.

    Q: Please suggest some healthy alternates to fix my sweet cravings?
    A: Some of the healthy alternates ways to fix a Sugar Addiction are -
    a) Drink lots of water: Gulping lot of water at regular interval will help to reduce hunger which will aid in reducing your sugar cravings.
    b) Have fruits: Fruits have natural sugar which is good for health and having a piece of fruit can reduce your sweet craving and is much healthier for your body.
    c) Take vitamin and mineral supplements: Deficiencies of minerals and vitamins like magnesium, zinc, iron, calcium, Vitamin B3, Vitamin D3 and omega 3 fatty acids can improve blood sugar control and lower your sweet sugar craving.
    d) Keep yourself busy: Try to keep yourself busy by playing, reading going out, walking, exercise, etc which will keep you active and avoid the craving for sweet as cravings usually last for 10-20 minutes maximum. Being busy will distract your attention as slowly, your craving for sweet will reduce.

    Q: Please suggest some tricks to fix my sweet cravings?
    A: Some of the tricks to fix your Sugar Addiction are -
    1. Add spices to your food: Adding spices like Cinnamon, nutmeg, cloves, cardamon, etc naturally sweetens the food and help in reducing the craving for sugar.
    2. Quit or reduce gluten and dairy products: Slowly try to reduce or avoid gluten and dairy products from your diet. This will not be easy but slowly, it will help you have more energy and fewer cravings for sugar.
    3. Know sugar terminology: You get sugar in various form and if you are familiar with sugar terminologies like sucrose, dextrose, honey, molasses, turbinado, corn sugar, fructose and brown sugar, you can easily recognize all these sweeteners and will be able to avoid it.
    4. Choose whole foods: Processed food and food products contain a high amount of sugar printed with other sugar terminology whereas a whole food contains less processed sugar and have no metabolic problems.
    5. Include Protein, carb and fat in your diet: A diet that includes the right amount of protein, carbohydrates and fat will help to prevent sugar cravings.
    6. Get enough sleep: Getting a good sleep of 8 hours at night, it can help you to store the energy thus preventing sugar craving which is normally activated to counteract the tiredness.
    7. Do exercise: Doing workout or exercise, yoga, playing sports or even dancing will help you to reduce stress and tension which will decrease your craving for sugar and boost your energy level.
    8. Sugar or Sugar-free food: Try not to substitute Sugar or Sugar-free or artificial sweeteners food for sugar.
    9. Eat regularly: The more you skip your meal, your sugar level will drop making you feel hungry which will make you crave on sugary snacks so it is good to have a proper three meal with small two snacks a day or small five-six meal a day.
    10. Reduce calories drink: Try to avoid soft or aerated drinks which have more sugar content and substitute it with vegetable or fresh fruit juice or green tea without sugar.

    “The most important thing in life is to learn how to give out love, and to let it come in." — Morrie Schwartz

  • Sweet craving is a natural lure and it is not easy to get rid of it or have control on it. Many people take tea and coffee but if you offer them it without sugar they would not relish it which clearly means that sweetness is the main reason why they were taking these drinks. It is only after the doctor warns them to not take sugar due to health problems that they stop taking it in tea and coffee. Any craving is to be controlled in a gradual manner. If we try to cut on it in a drastic way we would fail miserably. So, there are mainly two methods to control it. First is gradually reduce it to bear minimum and second is to replace the bad sweet with good one. Bad sweet means processed sugar and sweets while good sweet means jaggery, honey or other organic sweets. Good sweet also to be taken in limited quantity otherwise it would also harm us in long run. Another thing which many housewives do is make very small pieces of the sweets so that if someone takes it then it does not do much harm to ones health. It is the psychology of people that if you give them big pieces, due to craving they would happily accept it.

    Sometimes it is not possible to control the sweet cravings and people consume it. In that case it has to be compensated with rigorous walks and exercises. We have to burn fat whenever there is extra indulgence in this matter.

    Thoughts exchanged is knowledge gained.

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