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  • Where can I earn for teaching children as full time tutor

    Looking for genuine platforms for online tutoring? Know the various websites where you can earn for teaching children through online classes.

    Hello members, since lockdown I've been looking into ways to increase my income. How is online tutoring as a full time career in this regard, I've been considering it for sometime. Can grads or post grads make a good living off it. Also suggest some genuine platforms where such opportunities are presented in our country. Does ISC provide online tutoring opportunities too, since it's now a full time education website?
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  • As far as my knowledge goes ISC is not offering any online tutoring opportunities.
    There are many sites where you can register yourself as a tutor and they will call you if there are any chances. But how much you can earn and what are the prospectus will completely depend on your skill and times. Your times and times of the student are to match and they should like your teaching.
    In addition to some sites offering resume writing, getting old college papers and uploading them and also job interview conducting jobs also. You can see the following sites and select the best possible site and try your luck. If there are any students in your area you can try contacting them and telling them about your availability for tutoring may also give some opportunities. Because of online classes many parents are trying for tuition teachers for their kids.
    The following are some of the sites offering online tuition.
    1, Chegg: This is one site which is popular and is having a good name. You can go to that site and register yourself. Sometimes you may get offers as a specialist in your subject of PG.
    2. Club Z: It is another site where you can register. In this, the student is having an opportunity to select their tutor. So if you can impress the student with your teaching skills, you will have better chances.
    3. eTutorWorld: On this site, you have to register as a mentor. The site administration will be in touch with the parents to get feedback about their satisfaction regarding the way the mentoring is going on.
    4. Learn to Be: This is no profit online tuition website. It offers services to the students at a very low cost. You may have to fill some application while you take registration here.
    5. Preply: This site is giving the choice to the tutors to decide on their rates. So you can decide on your rates. It will hire tutors from all over the world. The teaching will be in different languages.
    6. The Princeton Review: In addition to tuitions, you can also register for helping the students in doing their homework and test preparation also.
    7. Skooli: This is also a very famous site. This site is offering tuitions and other services to many students. So you can try registering on this site also.

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  • Though ISC is a online site providing inputs in different aspects and with the enrichment of such knowledge, you will have better ideas of the institutions imparting technical knowledges in the field of Engineering, Medical, Management, Hotel Management, Fine Arts etc but this platform does dwell on the course content of these subjects.
    You can go in different platforms having their specialisations in providing coaching in the different technical fields and you have to ensure how far you will remain comfortable in delivering lectures in your specialised field.
    Here a few online portals have been taken up where you can register your self for on line coaching in your subject having specialisation or passion and with your guidance, the aspirants will have clarities on the basics of the subjects undertaken by you. The following platforms may be referred to depending upon your area of interest in teaching and can earn substantially with the greater traffic of the learners-
    1) Swayam- This portals runs on the principle of Acess, Quality and varied courses designed for the learners from class nine to post graduation. Register your self in this portal and provide them quality teaching in the stream for which you are capable and fit ranging from Chemistry to Geography since this platform has wide varieties of pupils enriching their concepts through the on line platform.
    2) Swayam Prabha - It comprises 32 DTH channels running quality educational programmes. The contents are meant to the aspirants preparing for IIT's, UGC, IGNOU, NCERT etc. You need to register your area of teaching and your quality teaching will form the basis of your emoluments from this portal.
    3) E Pathsala - It is a platform providing guidance for NCERThaving abundant storehouse of audios, videos, flip books etc. Show your talent in coaching so that the traffic of students increases and so is your income.
    4) NPTEL - NPTEL is the portal where there is cluster of IIT graduates mostly from Madras, though IIT graduates from other locations are also available providing technical expertise in the streams with which they have graduated such as Mechanical, Electrical, Chemicals etc and the effort of the mentor
    would help the learners to strengthen their basics. If interested get yourself registered.
    5) Study 24*7 - This plateform conducts live classes and videos on demand from the audience side for better live classes. The teaching mentors have sufficient experience and skills in guiding the learners using friendly interface. You can interact with your student through the real time chat system letting you clarify the doubts hovering on the mind of learners.
    6) Khan Academy- Here the teachers are competent enough in their areas such as Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics so that the aspirants can show better performances in these subjects in the test conducted by IIT. Teaches are offered better pay package for their special efforts.

  • Due to the present pandemic situation suddenly the online arena has become much important and many avenues for teaching and tutoring, which were already there have become more prospective and attractive. There were many platforms where it was possible to teach the students either in online lecture mode or in solving problems and resolving doubts mode but now many new have emerged and some old have changed their teaching strategy and other patterns to make them more lucrative for teachers as well as students.

    Before we go through these online portals which can be joined for the purpose of teaching or tutoring, it is to be noted that this area is very much crowded by the qualified and even reputed teachers and tutors and if one wants to make a place for him and earn money then it is imperative that one has to be very good in the subject or subjects in which he is contemplating these activities. There are some sites where thousands of teachers have already registered and working online. As regards the payment, generally, these portals pay either on a lecture basis or on weekly volume basis and depending upon the work load one can undertake, the total remuneration would be decided.

    Some of the online places where one can try to register and check the feasibility of doing this type of work are as under -

    1. UrbanPro - This is a platform where one has to upload one's educational qualifications and credentials and then one would be introduced or connected to the students who are in need of the online tutoring in a particular subject. One has to start the tutoring work once a student is fixed for the purpose and then through the reviews and connecting to more students one can slowly enhance one's activities.

    2. TeacherOn - This is a site where one can register and then choose among the various jobs available on the dashboard. Take up the job and complete it as per the requirement and then switch to another of your choice. One can simultaneously chose more also if one is capable to handle them almost the same time.

    3. Vedantu - Thousands of students use this site for learning through the registered teachers in it. It has coaching and teaching for so many subjects like Physics, Maths, Biology, French, German, Computer Science etc. Many students preparing for competitive entrance exams, like JEE, join it for learning.

    4. TutorVista - This is one of the top tutoring services in our country and is one of the oldest one. They have a good reputation in this field.

    5. Pearson - This requires some training and certification imparted by them before they allow one to be a teacher in their site. So it is definitely a high end one and one has to do some efforts and hard work to get entry there. They teach students online in many countries.

    6. Tutor - They are also a good place for learning and are famous for their online Mathematics classes. They also help students in GRE/SAT etc.

    7. GharPeShiksha - One has to register in it and then jobs would be given and they have mentioned that for spending 3-4 hours daily one can earn about Rs 10000 per month.

    8. BharatTutors - They have a strong workforce of thousands of tutors linked to them and one can also register and join it. One can give one's teaching proficiency details while registering in this site by mentioning the subject like Maths, Science, Music, GMAT, GRE or anything like that so that the site can keep him in a particular teaching category accordingly.

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  • As the Internet is growing, so are the options of earning money sitting at home for the new generation generation. If you have a grip on the subject, then you can do it. You did not say what subject you are interested in. Well, even if you have a good knowledge in any subject, if you have the art of teaching, then there are many options online for you.

    If you want, you can also start your own YouTube channel by making videos related to studies, it takes a little longer but giving some time can be a good source of your income in future, besides there are many online platforms where you can teach children. Huh

    Unacademy - Here you have to give a demo first, if your performance and method of reading is liked and your subject information is sufficient, then you can get both full time or part time jobs here.
    Wiziq - Wiziq is considered a go at online tutoring in India. The company's headquarters are in Gurgaon. This website offers both reading and teaching options. If you want to study, first you have to give online demo class. If you are interested then visit Then click on request a demo. ...
    Tutor India - First login to Then click on the For tutor bar. Go to the How to Teach Online option there. You will get all the information there. - First of all visit the company's website You get three options as soon as the website is opened. You will get an opton . I am a tutor , just click on it and then in online chat to enter the name address and phone number. The company will contact you. - Visit the company's website At the top of the website, a tutor option has been given at the top. Register yourself there. You might get a chance if you pass in the demo class.

    Demand of an online tutor is going to be increased day by day and specially this time when students can not go outside for class but they want to keep their study with right guidance, choosing this option for earning money is a good decision by you, All the best.

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