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  • Guidance about name format in different state.

    Having some doubts regarding different name or caste on different certificates? Read this page to clear your doubts.

    My name on 10th and 12th certificate are different because of I studied 10th from Maharashtra board and 12th from chattisgarh board. My name on 10th certificate is KURRE ANAND RAJNUKANT and in 12th certificate Anand Kurre. Also my name in college Anand Kurre. Is there any issue in future?
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  • Hope it will help you.

  • In India, names differ from state to state or region to region like East, West, North and south. Every region and caste have their own format that they follow while naming their children. In this 21st digital century, we find it very difficult to verify ourself as we don't have a common format that we follow in our names and this creates confusion and complication while filling official forms.

    In the western part of India, a person has three names. The first one is of the person, the second one is his/her father's name and the third is the family name. For example, Atul Omprakash Bhosale, Atul is his name, Omprakash his father's name and Bhosale is the family name.
    In the Northern part of India, a person's very often has two names, the first is his/her name, and the second is the family name. For example, KushiKumari Gupta, KushiKumari is her name and Gupta is the family name.
    In South India, a person has three/four names and often the first two names are put as initials. The first is their village, the second is the father's name, the third is the individual's name and the fourth represents their caste. For example, K.J. Filatus where K stands for Kattiparambil (Village Name), J stands for Joseph (father's name) and Filatus is the person's name. Being a catholic, he does not have the fourth name that denotes the caste.

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    Q: Is there any issue in future?
    A: Yes, you may face issues in the future as the name in different in your certificate and thus it is good to follow a common format while applying for any documents. As of now, you can make the changes only in your 10th certificate. But, as per the formate mentioned in your 10th standard certificate, it is the international format that is followed everywhere i.e. Surname-Name-Father's name. If you are able to follow this pattern, you will not have any issues in future. But, if you want to follow the name mentioned in you HSC or 12th certificate then kindly change your marksheet details of your 10th standard. This will help you to have a coom format and will not have problem in the long run. Also try to keep a single formate for filling any documents and follow the pattern of your 12th standard.
    You can also go through the attachment which is a guide to names and naming practices produced by the United Kingdom of aid in 2006 or from the link:

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  • Thank sir , but I want to follow my as per 12th (Anand Kurre) because my name on different id card (aadhar card, voter id ) as per 12th format also in my college.

  • What is the process?

  • Generally, the name in the 10th certificate is taken as the name of the person. But in your case, you have KURRE ANAND RAJNUKANT in your 1oth certificate. But in 12th certificate and college, you have your name as Anand Kurre. All other ID cards also have your name as Anand Kurre. If you want to use for all your future needs your name as Anand Kurre, it is better to get a gazette notification by getting an affidavit made in which you can mention that both the names are of the same person.
    For this, you have to get the affidavit done. You can contact a good lawyer in your place and seek his suggestion. He will help in getting the affidavit made and he will guide what to do. Once the affidavit is made you have to publish the matter in two newspapers. One paper should be a national newspaper and the other can be regional paper. Then you have to apply for publishing the same in the Gazette. The lawyer will guide you for this also. Once this is done there will not be any problem.

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  • Thanks for the help sir, I want to apply upsc cse and cds , in future if I cleared upsc exam this gazzett publication valid or not during document verification .

  • Gazette publication is valid for all government posts and you will not have any problem. Even for all legal matters, this publication is accepted as a final document.

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  • Name should be consistent across all the educational certificates and identity credentials otherwise it creates a problem at the time of document verification especially when you apply for some entrance exam or apply for some job in some organisation. It is necessary to correct this at this stage itself to avoid any future inconvenience.

    In your case your name Anand Kurre is already appearing in your class 12 as well as in your Aadhar card. That is good thing. Now it would be better to change the name in high school certificate also for the sake of consistency and to avoid future inconveniences. As the process is slightly complicated you would have to consult a lawyer in this regard. Generally an affidavit is to be made on stamped papers and signed under the oath by the person as well as countersigned by a magistrate or notary public and then this is to be got notified in the Govt Gazette. Once this is done it becomes authentic and legal and you have to keep the copy of that page of Gazette notification for your reference. This is an established procedure and for the concerned lawyers it is a usual job to prepare it and get notified. They will do all the other jobs of getting it published in newspaper also before applying for the Gazette notification. Nowadays many agencies are there to do these jobs smoothly as many people face the name change problems in their certificates due to the typing mistakes or some misunderstanding at the time of writing the names while registering for admission in the school or college.

    If you have some more doubts you can go to the relevant queries in the Ask Experts section here and learn more in the matter. For your reference I am providing some links here -
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  • In your case, you have passed out 10th from Maharashtra Board and 12 th from Chattisgarh Board with some dissimilarity in your name. Your name appearing in the college is matching with your 12 th certificate though.
    However, you need to take up immediate step to remove this anomalies so as to have consistency in your certificate format. You have indicated that your Aadhar Card and 12 th certificate are identical in respect of your name and title appearing as Anand Kurre. In that way, it looks good but for the other documents, changes are required to be made so that you may not face problems in case of document verification.
    You need to approach a lawyer in your local court appraising of your issues in relation to discrepancies appearing in your different certificates and hearing your case, he may ask you to provide him photocopies of the following certificates -
    1) Your 10 th certificate
    2) Your 12 th certificate
    3) Your Aadhar Card
    4) Your Bank Account if any
    5) Your Ration Card etc to justify the degree of discrepancies in the different formats.
    He would make an affidavit on your behalf appearing your name and signature in the left side and this will be issued by the office of the First Class Magistrate.
    Later a notification is to be advertised in two separate papers one in a leading English News Paper and the other in a local Newspaper for the wide publicity of this affidavit. Preserve this cutting so as to be produced before the officials of Document Verification Authorities.

  • It is my experience that our name would not differ with the states in which we have completed our studies instead this would depend upon,
    1. With the name in which we have applied to with the institutions along with the supporting documents. And,
    2. The reference of the name or other related details / information mentioned in the record of the previous courses, degrees or certifications.

    The important point is that although mandatory to have but the importance of previous courses, degrees or certifications would reduce when there is an addition of new courses, degrees or certifications and therefore the details mentioned in your latest studies will matter most.

    Although and as you have confirmed that your voter Id card as well as in the Aadhaar Card, the name is as desired when applying for the UPSC, CSE and CDS, the name mentioned in the 10th certificate needs to be corrected because for government jobs this is essential to have consistencies in the details / information submitted to them.

    Following are the mandatory things needs to have for authorizing the name change,
    First step is "Affidavit submission".
    You need to consult the notary for along with the below details,
    a. Name and the new name.
    b. Reason for the change in name.
    c. Other details as found out to be mandatory.
    This needs to get signed by two witnesses of gazette officer rank along with their stamp. Keep a copy of it for future legal formalities.

    Second step is to publish the above Affidavit in at least the two newspapers of your area. One should be in the publication using the local or official language of the area and the other, an English daily.

    Finally, it is the Gazette notification which can also be described as final step in changing one's name. You need to submit with the following documents,
    1. A formal letter briefing your requirement.
    2. Original copies of the ads published in the publications.
    3. Identity proofs &
    4. Two passport size photographs.

    After the application is accepted, the office of the Controller of Publication will then inform of the Gazette on which the Advertisement/Notification has appeared and this will essentially be the proof of the change in name while competing for your dream jobs, most specifically the government vacancies.

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