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  • Can any one graduate while having a backlog ?

    Want to know the correct rules for graduation? Wondering if someone with a backlog can graduate? Find advice from experts on this page and know if one can graduate if having a backlog.

    Can a student graduate while having a backlog in any subject in any university ?
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  • The question is not very clear. When you have some backlogs in your course, you are not treated as a graduate. You have to complete all the prescribed conditions to declare as a graduate after study. For example, you are a student of B.Sc. You will not be treated as B.SC graduate unless otherwise all the examinations of subjects of your study are cleared. The examinations may be written examinations, practical examinations or oral examinations. You have to pass in all these and you have to get the marks more or equal to the minimum qualifying mark. Then the university will give you marks list and you will be given a provisional certificate stating that you are qualified in the examination and they will mention the class you have obtained also. This is the present system in India.
    But in new education policy, if you complete the first year and pass all the examinations and then discontinue you will be given a certificate that you are qualified in a certificate course. If you pass second year and discontinue you will be given a diploma certificate.

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  • Well, previously this was not possible. In most cases you're not considered to be a graduate unless you clear every exam of every semester . But due to changes in our education policy, you may get a certificate or a diploma of some sort stating that you have completed a certain duration of a course and are eligible to recieve the above mentioned certificate. This is made possible with ease in restrictions on examination and test taking according to the new rules which allow multiple exit options.

    Hope this answers your query.

  • Additional Note: Please contact your respective college/university for further detail.

  • Backlog of any paper irrespective of the year in which a candidate has failed will affect his smooth passing unless the backlog is cleared. Suppose for a degree course of B.Sc consisting of duration of three year, a candidate could not clear a paper of part one and if this backlog is not cleared even in his second and third year, the candidate would not be rewarded the final degree of graduation. Hence it should be immediate priority of the candidate to clear the backlog as early as possible. In that way also he would lessen his undue stress as a result of the existing backlog.
    The new regime of providing a certificate upon completion of part one and a diploma upon completing the second year should not console them unless the final degree is issued to the candidate by the university.
    Without a final degree with the passing out all papers included in the different years would be meaningless for the further persuance of studies/ jobs for which a degree of graduation is required.

  • In many universities as per UGC stipulations there are some provision and procedures for clearing the backlogs. For example in a 4 year UG degree course, 2 extra years are allowed for clearing backlog and then only the student would get the degree certificate. It means while others are passing out in 4 years these students would take more time up to 6 years. So they would be wasting 2 precious years of their youth in clearing the backlogs. So many students who cannot cope up with the studies face this situation in their lives and then with great difficulty try to complete the course in the given extra time.

    If a student does hard work and makes efforts since beginning of the course then such situation should not arise and it is always a prudent thing to clear the papers in time. It sometimes happens that due to some medical exigency or some other setback a student is deprived of clearing paper in time and in such cases he can take advantage of the clearing of backlog or arrears scheme and try to complete that backlog within the forthcoming semester so that he can pass out in 4 years only. Many good students would try to clear their backlogs in that way and would not wait for those 2 extra years which are meant for only the extreme cases.

    Generally these provisions are there for professional courses like engineering and medical as many students are not able to cope of with the large syllabus. One has to check with the university and college whether this facility of arrears is available for general arts and humanities courses or not.

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  • A student who is having backlog will not be able to graduate unless he or she clears all the backlogs and then you only you will be getting a certificate from the University. In medical and in Engineering additional 2 years are there for clearing the papers and many students won't use this opportunity properly and they tend to clear papers after 4 or 5 years. Passing the course within 4 years is good for getting a job in MNC. Some students don't care for their studies from their first year itself and that is the main problem for getting backlogs. Students can work part-time and online for getting jobs and must utilize their time appropriately and must find a career which will be good for your long term relationship with the family.

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  • The student should have applied for appearing examination initially through the college from which he studied. You can apply even if you have not attended the classes regularly but with permission of college. After completing third year if you have backlog in some subjects you can complete the course after passing the backlog subjects as a private candidate. Then only you can get graduation. For this you have to apply to the university where from you underwent the course. If the period between your first appearance and intending appearance more you can go to the university office or any study centers of the university in your area. Through the center you can appear for examination. Recently I read a person appeared and got graduation after many years as the examiner asked him whether he accompanied his son or daughter for examination.

  • Backlog is not a very big problem. There are many graduation courses in which many people pass after the backlog, but you will not get a bachelor's degree until you pass in all subjects. It would be advisable for you to study your backlog topics and give the exam again and pass the exam and get your valid degree. But yes, if you have to apply for a job in emergency or for any reason that you have to show your graduation degree, then for this you should talk to the management or administration department of your respective college, if possible, they can give you a certificate which will mentioned how much you are eligible and how much have studied in any subject so far.

  • With backlog you cannot obtain a certificate , you get a provisional certificate or certificate that clearly states you haven't cleared those papers . But with backlog you can be promoted to next year , and you have to seat for the back papers examination in your next year .

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