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  • Are there any herbs for reducing fast metabolism

    Are you interested in increasing fat metabolism? Looking out for organic or ayurvedic herbs for fast burnout? No worries, scroll through this page and get to know the required herbs.

    Are there any reliable ayurvedic herbs for fast metabolism ( fast burnout ). If so, where can they be found. More prefence to pure and organic herbs rather than processed ones sold in the form of capsules on various herbal/ayurvdic clinics. Also are there any herbal teas known to decrease fast metabolism.
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  • Metabolism is nothing but the rate at which the calories consumed are broken into energy and used by the body. The faster the metabolic, the easier it is for the body to use the calories consumed and burn fat.
    While regular exercising and eating a balanced diet may go a long way in boosting metabolic rate, adding few herbal ingredients in diet may bring world of a difference.
    It speeds up your metabolism by better utilization of carbohydrates and prevents the body from storing fat. Have cinnamon tea couple of times in a day especially with a high carb meal.
    This herb is excellent for boosting stamina, metabolism and tackling insomnia. It helps in balancing hormones and can even heal thyroid issues helping you lose weight. The powder can be mixed with milk and consumed twice a day.
    It has miraculous health-benefiting properties. Curcumin present in turmeric helps in burning fat effectively and boosting metabolism.
    Cumin water:
    This remedy is extremely effective for weight loss. It boost up metabolism and facilitates burning calories. It is advised to boil a teaspoon of jeera in a glass of water and drink first thing in the morning for best results.
    Black pepper:
    Using black pepper in regular diet is good for metabolism. Also, do not forget to add a pinch of pepper to your haldi doodh. Piperine found in pepper goes well with the curcumin present in turmeric and gives your health a much needed boost.
    Fenugreek seeds are a good source of mucilaginous (gumlike) fibre that soothes and protects the digestive tract from free-radical damage. A tonic and antioxidant, fenugreek seeds also help boost metabolism.

  • Having regular exercise and eating a balanced diet will give you a fast metabolism. Adding a few herbal ingredients to your diet will catalyse the fast metabolism. The following ingredients in your diet will be good for this.
    1. Cinnamon: This is very good for fast metabolism. You can add it two your tea and you can have it two times a day. It will make the process of fat burning fast by proper utilisation of the carbohydrates you have consumed.
    2. Ashwagandha: It is a very good general tonic for immunity development. It helps in balancing hormones and heal thyroid problems. It will be useful to reduce weight and improve your stamina. Powders are available. You can mix this powder in milk and drink. There are ashwagandha pastes available and you can eat as per the dosage mentioned on the bottle twice a day.
    3. Turmeric: It is well known for its medicinal benefits. Curcumin is the active ingredient in turmeric and that will help burn fat and boost metabolism. This is a very time tested product.
    4, Cumin water: Take two tablespoons of Jeers and boil it in a glass of water. Drink this early morning before eating or drinking anything. This will be an excellent way of reducing your weight.
    5. Black pepper: This is an excellent ingredient in our various preparation which will help in dissolving the fat. A little powder of black pepper added to your milk or added to your vegetable will be very helpful to improve your metabolism.
    6. Fenugreek: An antioxidant and fibre material available in this Fenugreek helps in improving the digestive process. It helps in improving the metabolism. A teaspoon of fenugreek seeds can be soaked in water and kept overnight. Drink the same on an empty stomach nest day morning. It will improve the metabolism.

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  • To a greater extent, we can reduce the fast metabolism with the inclusion of certain Ayurvedic herbs. Ayurveda uses the natural ingredients to help us in gaining weight in a healthy manner. The weight gain would be proportionate in all parts contrary to its accumulation in a localised region.
    Here the following herbs may be tried for the reduction of faster metabolism-
    1) Aswagandha Churna - We can use Aswagandha - Churna of any reputed pharmaceutical to be used one teaspoon in the night after half an hour of the dinner. In order to get positive result, this must be used regularly for at least forty days at a stretch and its best result has been observed along with its usage with warm milk. This Churna provides enough Calcium, Magnesium and Protien for repairing the damaged body cells apart from boosting immunity.
    2) Shatavari - Shatavari is a herb being used for the normalisation of body hormones and this is best suited to ladies. However, it does not mean that males should abstain from this herb if they are having low immunity with the lean and thin structure. This herb would produce peaceful sleep so that body growth hormone functions at the peak level. This is the rich source of Calcium, Protien, Vitamin E and Vitamin B complex providing the body enough nutrients resulting in healthy digestion thus improving the body weight.
    3) Chawanprash - It is a valuable Ayurvedic formulation containing host of herbs such as Gooseberry, Banshlochan, Mulethi, Pushkarni and other benificial herbs acting towards the revitalisation of the entire body. It should be consumed around one tea - spoon twice along with warm milk after the breakfast and should be consumed for nearly three months so as to have the permanent benifit of stronger immunity.
    4) Licorice Root - Licorice Root is one of the best remedies for weight gain, improvement of enhanced immunity, endurance and body stamina if consumed regularly for at least two months under the supervision of Aurvedic Physcian.
    5) We may use certain spices such a Ginger, Cloves, Cinnamom to improve our appetite and hence either Ginger or Cinamoms are best 45 minutes before the main meal so as to see the effect of herb in boosting appetite. Cloves may be chewed after the completion of main meal.
    Other tips -
    1) Taking up brisk walking regularly for at least 30 minutes in each session morning and evening, jogging or body stretching keeps the body feet. This will improve appetite.
    2) Drink at least two glasses of lukewarm water early in the morning. This will hydrate the system, boosts digestion and improve weight of the body.
    3) Sleep for at least for eight hours in the night so that the different hormones of the body functions at the peak level.
    4) Avoid stress, anxiety and depression at any cost since this will affect our metabolism in a negative way.
    5) The foods consumed by us should be masticated well so that it is properly digested and provide us strength and a surge in body weight could be noticed.

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