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  • I want to know the home remedies for pain in the heel after getting up in the morning

    Suffering from acute pain in the heel on a daily basis? Wondering how to reduce this pain with the use of medication or footwear and any other remedy? No worries, reduce your pain with advice from experts here.

    My elder sister is 36 years old and she has a daughter who is 6 years old. My Sister has a lot of pain in the heel after waking up every morning, after some time the pain gradually less but every morning this pain seems unbearable.

    The doctor says that after delivery, there is a lack of calcium in women is common and due to lack of calcium these kind of pains occurs. She is also taking calcium tablets but has not get as much relief in the problem,

    Experts please tell me some home remedies that can be help to get fast relief to her pain. Also let me know which kind of footwear she should use to avoid the pain.
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  • I had similar problem last month and a relative of mine suggested the simple following remedy. I did and got relieved.
    muder plant, which is available plenty in all areas. Take some leaves of the plant. Please take care while picking as the liquid (milk color) should not spill in your skin especially in eyes. Take a bowl of boiled water and keep the leaves picked for some time by pouring the water in to a wide bucket or tub. Let the water get cooled for some minutes.. As you see the level of heat is tolerable, you keep your leg till the anklets level got submerged in the water. After some time take your leg and wash with normal water. You do this for three days your heel pain got vanished.

  • I am attaching the picture of the plant with its flower for identification, It is available in all road sides.

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  • Altough I am not a doctor but what I am sharing is from my own personal experience which I and my wife have suffered.

    A few years ago I too had a lot of pain in legs, heel, irritation and lethargy. I ate good healthy food and also took milk but still nothing helped. I and my wife got a complete body chekc up and it included Vitamin D3, Calcium and B12 tests also in that package. Both of us were found deficient in Vitamin D3 and B12. Doctor advised taking supplements for Vitamin D3 i.e. Calcirol 60000 IUIgm and I had to take direct injections for B12 deficiency for a week to boost the level.

    After sometimes the deficiency got reduced but still the relief was not long lasting. Doctor advised to continue with the supplements for atleast a year. Calcirol once a week for a month, then fortnighly for 3 months and then once every month and continue with same lifelong. To be honest, the relief was temporary.

    What I noticed that due to our lifestyle we were rarely exposed to sunlight. As both of us went to office in the morning and came back in the evening with not even a minute of sunlight exposure all day long and sitting in AC for the whole day, our D3 and calcium level went down drastically. I searched and found that any amount of calcium intake will be flushed out of the bosy as it will not be absorbed by the body as there is deficieny of Vitamin D3 in the body. Vitamin D3 get produced in our skin when exposed to sunlight and hence exposure or going in the sun everyday for atleast 15 minutes is and should be made complusory for all.

    Now, my wife also delivered a healthy baby 2 year ago and similar to your case she again was found calcium deficient. Doctor advised to take calcium supplement but we on own own made this a habit to take atleast 15 minutes of sunlight daily, especially in the morning and it did miracles. We tried to expose as much skin possble so that maximum sunlight is absorbed by the body.

    Get the Uric acid and Thyroxin tested, which I hope doctor must have got it tested and if not then get it done immediately. TSH also gets disturbed during and after pregnancy, so getting it tested is recommended.

    I know that we all try to eat the best but still we suffer deficiencies as we are having some very sedentary lifestyle.
    Eat healthy and take supplements as advised by doctor but exposure to sun is must, without this all the supplement will only give a temporary relief only. Do light exercise and yoga and walk barefoot on grass in early morning.

    I have totally got rid of all supplements and so does my wife and hope that if you follow the routine regulary for atleast 3 months, the pain will disappear. Footwear has got nothing to do with this pain so jsut use any comfortable footwear and avoid any expensive footwear that are sold promising miracles. We hace already wasted thousand without any comfort as such.

    For calcium, white seasame (Til) can be taken but in limited quantity with milk every night but start this only once regular exposure to sun is there. Also the best time to take seasame is during winters so you can take them in limited quantities now as winter is just round the corner.

    Hoping for early recovery and I am sure the pain will go away if you follow natural remedies and bring some changes in lifestyle.

    Live before you leave.

  • This pain may be due to different reasons:
    Plantar fasciitis involves inflammation of a thick band of tissue that runs across the bottom of your foot. It commonly causes stabbing pain that usually occurs when you take your first steps in the morning. The pain normally decreases with movement.
    People who are overweight and those who wear improper shoes have an increased risk of pain.
    A heel spur is a calcium deposit causing a bony protrusion on the underside of the heel bone.
    Achilles tendinitis is an overuse injury of the band of tissue that connects the calf muscles to the backside of the heel bone.
    Here is an Ayurveda procedure to reduce heel pains related to plantar fasciitis, Achilles' tendinitis and calcaneal spur:
    Mix 1-2 tbsp horse gram powder or dill seed powder, 2-3 tsp sesame oil, 1 tsp rock salt and 1 tsp vinegar with enough yogurt to make a paste. Apply this around the heel, bandage overnight and remove in the morning. Try this for 5-7 days.
    Wearing well-fitting shoes, shock-absorbent soles, warming up and doing stretching exercises; losing weight are important self-care measures to reduce heel pain.

  • Though your sister may get temporary relief with the administration of Calciferol 60, 0000 weekly initially for three months and later fortnightly for six months and finally it should be continued for 12 months on monthly basis as per recommendation of your Physcian indicating a long regime for the compensation of the deficiency. Of course, it is a immunity boosting medicine.
    Vitamin C also plays the significant role in toning up the immunity and for that Ceiling 500 mg per day would be required to compensate such a deficiency.
    This is not enough, you need to check your thyroid level to see your TSH is in the normal range.
    This is not enough foods containing Vitamin B 12 such as Eggs, Beans, Carrots, Almods, Cashews, Walnuts in moderate amount should be taken along with your morning breakfast to compensate the deficiency or otherwise take a tablet of Vitamin B12 of appropriate strength and duration as suggested by your Doctor.
    Hence you must resort to natural ways to take care of the present ailments as suggested below -
    1) You have to ensure that you are not overweight and all the problems start with the the surge of weight. You may take Mahayograj Gugglu of any brand a famous Aurvedic medicine to control Uric Acid since the ingredients Gugglu, Gooseberry, Harad, Rasna etc act on the metabolism to control both your weight and Uric Acid if taken regularly as suggested by your Vaidya.
    2) Use Turmeric, Ginger, Cayenne, Pepper and Cumin seeds liberally to be used in the form of tea.This should be continued regularly.
    3) Take a brisk walk in the morning preferably in presence of sun - light for at least 45 minutes will be of great help in your case. Absorption of sun - ray would provide you adequate Vitamin D and you can see its result within three months.
    4) Consumption of Apple Cider Vinegar- This is an excellent remedy to take care of different health issues if you take one table spoon with your principal meals. The other way is to add two teaspoon of the vinegar in around 1/4 bucket of water and deep your heels for at least half an hour regularly once in a day such that the temperature of water is fairly tolerable.
    5) Flax Seed Oil - Flax Seed oil is rich in alpha linolenic acid, a form of omega 3 fatty acid which acts on the part of inflammation. Pour some amount of Flax Seed Oil in a bucket containing hot water and soak the towel with this concoction and apply the same on the affected part for at least an hour. This should be done regularly till you get the positive result.

  • Plantar fasciitis creates pain in the foot. This pain will reduce as the day progresses.
    Take ice cubes in a bag and keep this bag and press a little. Continue the same till the ice cubes will get dissolved. This will also help in reducing the pain. This can be repeated 3 or 4 times a day.
    Stretching exercise also is recommended for this.
    Coming to the general treatment, you have to follow the recommendations of the doctor.
    There are some home remedies for controlling the pain. Please try to follow the remedies measures mentioned here.
    1. Have control on weight. Overweight will increase pain and it will increase the swelling also. So good eating habits will help in reducing the pain.
    2. Don't wear high heels shoes.
    3. Use sturdy and supportive shoes. They should be a tight fit.
    4. Cycling and Swimming will help in reducing the pain.
    5. Proper rest to the foot is very important. See that your foot will have sufficient rest
    6. Wearing a splint in the night is also better in severe cases.
    7, Have a healthy diet rich in vitamins and proteins.

    always confident

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