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  • Want to get a work from home job for under graduate.

    Looking out for online jobs along with studies? Want to know the best online work options for someone having IT skills? Here, on this page find advice from experts for your query.

    I have passed 12th with 78% two years ago and recently I am pursuing BBA from Graphic Era University. Is there any part time job that I can do from my home as I am undergraduate. Also, I have good IT skills like java, MySQL, and basic computer knowledge. Please suggest me some work from home jobs.
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  • Please see this thread

    Different online jobs that are reputed and genuine for common people with internet facility

  • The following are some opportunities that are available.
    1. Online Tuitions: There are so many students who struggle to understand the lessons and they will try for tuition. You can take up this online teaching to them which will be helpful to you also and you can earn also. You can teach to the primary and high school students and you can search for the opportunities online.
    2. Online surveys: There are some sites. You can answer those surveys and you will be paid for this. Similarly, you can evaluate search engines. Search engines like Google and Bing will be asking for feedback from the users and they will be updating their algorithms based on the feedback. You can fill these feedback forms. You can find these works at and
    3. Social Media Manager: These managers help various for companies on social media, and they engage their communities in conversations on social media.
    4. Data Entry: This is a very common job which can be managed by you. You can search for the requirements on the internet and you can offer your services.
    5. Transcriptionist: The job requires hearing audios recordings and writing down them. Then you have to type them. If you are good at typing you can complete this work fast.
    6. Content Writing: If you are good at writing you can start writing on various sites. India Study Channel is also one which will be good for you to improve your subject and you can earn also by writing articles et.

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  • As you have IT skills you have many options in online jobs, some of them are given here.

    1 Web Development - If you have got knowledge of web design and coding, then you'll start web development work From home. If you're not a master of this work, then you'll also learn it freed from charge through online classes. Many companies outsource this work.
    2 Virtual Assistant - This way you as a representative of a corporation have online meetings, contact clients, seek advice from investors or get new orders. except this, you furthermore might need to make sure of the website from making presentations.
    3 Translator - This is often a boon for people that know quite one language. Mastery in any Indian language or foreign language with English can provides a lot of strength to your pocket. However, you'll be able to also take language course for this job.
    4 Blogging - To earn through your blog, you've got to associate it with Google Adsense. Only after this you'll be able to get. However, Google's approval is mandatory for this. Despite earning less within the beginning, good earnings will
    be made in a while.
    5 YouTube videos- The business of YouTube videos is catching up in no time nowadays. Even a straightforward camera shoot goes on indiscriminately, if the content and material is excellent. However, attempt to make videos on a specific topic.
    6 Content Writer - When it involves content writing freelancing, content writing only involves the mind of individuals. Being in high demand. There's no limit to good and fresh content. The more people you'll pull, the more you'll be able to earn.
    7 Online tutoring - If you've got a passion for teaching together with reading, then you'll be able to also earn plenty of cash by teaching online tutoring. Many start-ups are investing during this area.

  • Amid this pandemic, Work from Home culture had increased drastically. Now, most of the companies are practising it for the welfare of their employees.

    Since, you are good in IT skills like Java, MySQL, Basic computer knowledge, etc. So, you can get WFH in a IT company on the basis of your skills. For this, you can apply for jobs like:

    Database Administrator
    As you are good in MySQL, so you can get this post in IT companies. There could be telephonic interview or online test. And after qualifying, you can get this job.

    Web Development
    Since, you have knowledge of Java, which has a vast scope. You can get job as a Web Developer. Not only Web development, it is also used in Software Development. So, you can apply for Software Developer post also.

    In case, if you are unable to get jobs on the basis of your skills that you are having, then you can try freelancing jobs. There are many sites online like Fiverr, Upwork where you can do Freelancing. You will have to work for others like translation, typing, content writing, making audio compositions, etc. and in return you will be paid for that.

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  • The following are the areas where you can concentrate to earn income while living at home -
    1) Take up tuition of the kids up to class ten stage - You will have respectable income if you have keen interest in some subjects such as Mathematics, Science or in English. The pupils would look out some sources where their doubts are resolved to their satisfaction. Keep a time fixed for online coaching and provide your students unique inputs so that they can handle the problems independently.
    2) Freelancing- This area would suit you if you have sound communication skill and can go out despite the adverse weather conditions and you must have the capability to attract crowds with your questions and note down their response patiently. You can take inspiration from the anchors of Aaj Tak or ND TV.
    3) Data Base Administration- Since you do have enough exposure in MySQL, this profession would suit you. Display your skill in the interview so that you are finally selected.
    4) Medical Transcriptionist - There is a greater demand of Medical Transcriptionist if you have the patience to hear the nothings of the specialist and assist him in recording the various parameters such as BP, Random Blood Sugar updating the blood reports which are the requirements of the specialist. No doubt, it is a time consuming process, but earnings are fine.

  • Nowadays, a large number of opportunities are available for work from home such as content writing, logo designing, data entry etc.
    If you are interested for long time online works then first of all you need to register yourself in freelancing sites and present your best performance in your specialist.

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  • For earning some money by doing part time job there are many avenues but the remuneration may not be commensurate with the time spent. The reason is that there is a lot of crowd of people everywhere to make some extra money in their spare time and hence the payments done by such online places are small. Anyway, there are some of them as follows -
    1. IndiaStudyChannel - If you have interest in writing especially education related matters then you can publish articles here and participate in other activities to earn some money as part time.
    2. Survey Sites - There are many survey sites which also pay some little money to people participating in surveys. Some housewives earn in this mode.
    3. Tuitions - I think this is the most convenient and easy way of earning money if you have good proficiency in some subjects.
    4. Data entry - There are some sites where one has to enter data from one place to another place so that it can be structured by them in connection with their business. They also pay little amount but it is easy to do this types of job.
    5. Small business - There are many jobs related to small business like delivery of papers, documents, and merchandise, and selling of items by delivering at the door of customer etc.

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  • You can get part time job to work from home. Freenlacer job. You need to sign up and apply for a small and suitable project to execute it on-time from Freelance website. Based on client's project completion with quality, and payment, your status will rely on this. Other client's may approach you in case if they found your project execution timing and past client's positive comment, if any etc. You can sometime get the past client again to complete another suitable project. So, all in all, you have some chances to spend part time effectively to learn and earn online.

    This site (ISC) also helps you to earn money from publishing fresh and suitable content. You can try for coding or tech related article to post.

    Copywriter, is another part time job where you can search suitable copywriting project online and earn money once completed the project. You can get the copywriter related articles online as well. How to do it and how to earn from it etc.

    Content writing (of your expertise) in suitable domain would help you to earn money, as part time job.

    Digital marketing, data entry and online tutor etc. would help you to make money online in your part time.

    Search online with keyword as "Coding contest" or "hackathon" etc. and most probably you might the suitable contest to participate in it and try some luck!

    Another option is, try to check the following link given website and don't invest money if they ask for - Show your tech talent at

    Since you have good IT skills with java, MySQL, and basic computer knowledge then you can do the part time work online with confident. Try cost nothing.

    Some of them have already replied above with different guides, you can try them as well.

  • There are many options and possibilities for doing some work from home to make some extra money or pocket money and only thing is how many hours can one afford for this as one has to study for one's normal education degree also. As per my experience, to earn even a little money one has to put efforts for at least 3-4 hours per day and accordingly one has to decide whether so much time is possible for one to devote or not. Before I come to the various options available today, I want to narrate a small experience that I had during my class 8 to 10 period. Being from a financially lower class family, I did not have anything like pocket money but when one of the shopkeepers told me that he would provide me old magazines and newspapers and pay me Rs 4 for 100 paper envelopes, I became interested in that as Rs 4 was a big thing at that time (something like Rs 200 today or may be more). So once in a week I sat for 2-3 hours and made 50-60 paper bags using the cooked wheat flour paste. I was able to earn Rs 10-12 per month. It was a great pocket money for me at that point of time.

    Now in the modern era we have many options for earning money right sitting at home -

    1. IndiaStudyChannel as well as many other internet sites are there where earning potential is existing if one can spend commensurate time in them. I would not go in details of those sites but each of them has a different model and some of them offer micro jobs which you have to grab quickly for making a few dollars.

    2. Managing local deliveries of provisions and other items by coordinating online with the shopkeepers and customers. Many local shopkeepers do not have enough manpower to deliver the goods at the door steps but one can coordinate with them online and with a meagre force of 3-4 boys one can make a small group for this and work on the percentage basis with the shopkeeper. Many people are doing it part time and it is a paying job. One has to use WhatsApp or any similar app for doing it.

    3. Another one which is similar to serial number 2 above is home delivery of food. Some women are already doing the cooking for supply of tiffins to the needy people in the local area and they need someone to take the managing the delivery part. It has to be managed on the same ways as the job in serial number 2 above.

    4. Online surveys are also very popular for making a little money now and then. These surveys take about 15 to 30 minutes per survey and can pay anything ranging from $ 0.5 to 3.5 and may be more in some exceptional long surveys. In this area one has to be a bit careful while answering to the survey as before they allow you to do that they would ask you to create your profile and just to test you time to time that you are not lying or filling the survey with random answers, they would cross check your profile by asking some old questions and if you give wrong information about that which is not matching with one stored there, they would debar you from the survey. So we have to undertake the survey in a responsible way. If you complete surveys in a professional fashion more surveys would come to you even from affiliate sources.

    5. Teaching the children online is one area which is becoming very popular and is a good avenue for making some money part time by accepting and conducting a few teaching sessions. You can get the details about this in one of the recently answered question in ISC in the related matter. Though that is for full time tutoring but one can customise it for one's own available time. You can go to this particular link to go through that information.

    6. Earning opportunities from own blogs, own site and other hosts like YouTube are also there but they require certainly some more time and can be taken up as the beginning of the earning activity but as they are all linked to Google Adsense or other earning models they would take time in giving us some return. One could think of undertaking them as a long time earning endeavour.

    7. There are many sites where data entry jobs are offered to the people and generally housewives go for that for making some extra money in their spare time. It is a straight job of data copying from one place to another and generally these sites require a 100% accuracy in that otherwise they might reject the work done by a person. The job is definitely easier and pays as per the volume of data entry made in that project. There is some more information available about it in ISC and you can go to this particular link.

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  • Work from home job opportunities has been increasing due to this pandemic. There are many job available for works from home to make money. In this job, one has to decide how much time he can spend on site. As time is the main factor in work from home job. Your income depends upon it. There are a large number of option available to make money staying at home. Some are as follow:-
    1. Online teaching- Nowadays, many websites are available where you can teach the student by which you can make money.
    2. Freelancing or content writing job- If you are good in writing then many websites are available like ISC and others where you can earn money.
    3. Blog- if you have your own website then blogging is one of the ways to earn money.
    4. YouTube channel- you can upload a video of any good field where having expertise and can earn money.
    5. Data entry job- Nowadays, many sites are there which are offering this job to the people. It is a very easy job where you can copy data from one place to another place.
    Moreover, digital marketing, a copywriter, logo designing, online survey is also available to make money.

  • Work from home opportunities for undergrads are many, they're usually skilled based and some of them might be short-term ie- online contests etc. One must be on lookout for such opportunities during these tough times since they increase the side income of the individual in addition to the regular income. Ofcourse once your skills are above par you can even make it a full time option. One of the benefits of work from home is that you do not need to physically present in a given location, yet can contribute your skill and expertise to it. Here are few options that you have the list is actually exhaustive as many more online jobs will be created during the post - pandemic era -

    1. Online tutor- You can teach online to kids or help them do homework, or can teach students how to face a particular exam, also upload notes and other important study tools examples of such platforms include - vedantu, byjus etc.

    2. Blogging- Creating your own blog is a surefest way to create an additional source of income. But you'll have to work hard, and also ensure that your viewers or readers are satisfied with the content you post. You can practice content writing here on Isc and also earn money to buy your own domain.

    3. Writing a book- e.books are very popular with kids and adults alike, if you're good at writing. You can write a bookand sell it on amazon or blurb.

    4. Virtual assistants - Being a virtual assistant is also an interesting job you can do online. But you'll need skills. You can typle virtual assistants necessary skills in google to read more about it.

    5. Online legal paperwork- Many lawyers hire online ghost wroters to do their research on cases or prepare files you can do this too. Please visit elance or upwork for this work.

    Hope these help.

  • Hi,
    1. You can make videos on any subject in which you are good at and upload on Youtube. For Mathematics, you can help students by giving shortcuts to solve the problems. This helps students to crack the exams easily. These days shortcuts are very useful.
    2. helps you find online jobs.
    3. Create a blog and post content. Through blog /youtube videos you can earn only when you are eligible for Adsense. This takes time and effort, but worthy.
    4. On you can post content on technical topics.
    5. Here on ISC you can post articles on general topics and earn.

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