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  • Conversion from PDF to word and vice versa

    Are you searching for immediate pdf to word conversion and vice versa? Searching for the best option to do so? On this page our experts have responded to your query.

    Immediately I want to convert a PDF file to word file. How to do that? After editing the converted word file I again convert it to PDF format. How to do that?

    Actually I have to edit some important document which is at present in PDF format. But as editing a PDF file is not possible, I want to convert the same in word format.
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  • To covert PDF to word format and from word to PDF format you have many online sites that provide the functionality.

    For PDF file conversion, only thing required is that it should not be password protected and the file/document should be owned by you. You can search online you will find many sites that enable coversion of documents from one format to another. Among many sites I have found the follwoing site very useful i.e. smallpdf (dot) com
    Just enter the name in oroper format in the browser, the site will open.

    You can convert word file to PDF also from here. If the document is of huge size then you can try their premium feature as 14 days trial is already been given.

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  • The following sites are useful for you to convert Pdf to the word.
    1. You can drag-and-drop, the file you want. It will convert PDF to Word within a few seconds. You need not register. You can use any size file for conversion.
    2. You can select the file and drop in on this site. The conversion will be done if you follow the instructions. No need to register.
    3. No need to register. Just follow the instructions given on the site and the conversion will be done.
    4. Easy to follow the instructions. The site converts the PDF file to word and email it to you. Follow the instructions on the site.
    5. You can select the file and upload on the converter. In a few seconds, the file will be converted editable word file and you can download the same.

    All the above sites will be useful for converting your word document to PDF also.

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  • Nowadays there are many apps as well as online sites which can be used for these conversions of files from PDF to word and word to PDF. Some of them are -

    1. LightPDF - You have to go to LightPDF site to use the online facility for conversion. This is having a facility for conversion from PDF to word and word to PDF. Actually it is having a facility of converting a PDF file itself. One can try even that way also. Alternatively one can download the app also and use it in one's device.

    2. Nitro PDF to Word - For this one has to go to the Nitro PDF site where one can use the trial version for these conversions.

    3. PDFonline - This is one of the reputed sites and one can upload the PDF file to be converted to word here and then do the editing before saving it back to a PDF format. One has to go to this PDFonline siteand use it for the conversion.

    4. ilovePDF - This is another online option where one has to visit the ilovePDF site and upload the PDF file for conversion. This has many other relevant conversions also available there.

    5. Formswift PDF editor - This is also a good online place for these conversions. One can visit this Formswift PDF editor site for this purpose.

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  • Nowadays, there are a large number of apps and websites available to convert PDF or Word to PDF format. For example, ilovepdf. com, smallpdf. com are popular websites which help to convert into both formats.

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  • There are many apps and websites that can fulfill the above mentioned task, some of them have already been mentioned by the members above. You can also encrypt your files once you've transformed them. This enables further privacy and security for your pdf files especially if they're docs related to your workspace or your cvs.

  • You can convert any document to any format from
    You don't need to subscribe or login into this page. Just upload the document and select the preferred format and click on convert.

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