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  • Best online course in psychology

    Aspiring to make a career in psychology? Looking out for the best courses online since physical connecti s a constraint? Find suggestions from experts on this page.

    Need of learning psychology is the need of the hour.
    I am a post graduate in Commerce.
    Certified Global Career Counselor UCLV is my added value.
    I have a passion in public speaking
    Motivational speaking is more interesting to me than a profession.
    In short I am handling humans
    Psychology is a core area of the my activities.
    Learning psychology is my ambition.
    Physical learning is a constrain to me.
    Online learning is my best option.
    Learning from a valid educational institution, valid course is my wish.
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  • Psychology is the study of human health and behaviour affected by their mind. Psychology courses in India are offered at various levels i.e. Diploma courses in Psychology, Certificate courses in Psychology, Bachelor degree courses in Psychology as well as Postgraduate courses in Psychology. Moreover, there are many research-level courses in Psychology and part-time or online courses in Psychology.
    While, Psychology is a vast subject itself, but every course that requires studying about Human anatomy and related subjects also include basic concepts of psychology in its course-curriculum. Psychology as a subject is generally included in counselling courses, physiotherapy therapeutic and other medical courses. Psychology course requires studying and understanding human brain development, consciousness, behaviour and personality and related topics.
    Psychology is a practical subject, so that leaves us with very limited options when it comes to distance learning mode. You can enrol yourself in IGNOU [ ] (Indira Gandhi National Open University). It is, without a hint of doubt, one of the best open universities in India. They have classes, that are optional, but you are required to attend the practicals. They have internals, assignments and projects. They even provide internships at PG level.
    Another option is Annamalai University Directorate of Distance Education [ ] . They provide you with study material and call you for a personal contact programme at the end of each year to conduct the practicals. These PCPs are very helpful. They conduct lectures too for the next academic year.

    There are other universities too, but these two are pretty fine to consider, IGNOU being the best.

  • Demand for psychologists is also increasing rapidly in the field of social service and sports. People who want to pursue a career in the field of psychology are required to be sociable. It is also necessary to meet more and more people to get information about their human behavior.

    Educational Qualifications -
    The study of Psychology begins after passing the 12th class at the ordinary level. After 12th, a Psychology subject can be selected in the BA Honors or B.Sc. at the undergraduate level . Proficiency in the field of psychology in the subject can be achieved by doing postgraduate or doctoral.
    Special Skills-
    It is very important for a psychologist to have the ability to analyze, along with the ability to patiently listen to and understand the internal problems of the people, many kinds of activities going on in the mind. It is imperative for psychology experts to have personality sensitivity, communication skills, and to be humble along with a colleague.
    There are many branches of psychology.
    Cognitive Psychology - In this branch, the brain's visualization, problem related to imagination and capabilities of solution are studied.
    Educational Psychology - Under this psychology, behavioral and theoretical aspects related to education of elderly and children are studied in detail. In which studies and management of various types of malformations and methods to improve results such as method and further emphasis are given.
    Social Psychology - This psychology center studies the social environment and behavior of the individual.
    Clinical Psychology- This is the important branch of psychology under which efforts are made to prevent the problems going on in the internal mind of the person i.e. people suffering from psychological problems, to get relief from their troubles and sufferings.
    Sports Psychology - As it is known by all people, an athlete has to be strong enough not just physically but mentally to be a sportsman. Psychologists stay with them in modern times for maturity and excellent performance of a player.
    Organizational-Industrial Psychology - Under this branch of psychology, any company or business is able to create a workable environment among the officers or employees working at the big or small level, besides studying the measures to increase the job orientation. .

    The following courses can be done in this -
    BA in Psychology,
    BA Hons in Psychology,
    BSc in Applied Psychology,
    PG Diploma in Guidance and Counseling,
    PG Diploma in Child Psychology Care and Management,
    PG Diploma in Clinical and Community Psychology

    By the way, this course can be done from all universities and many private institutions. But for your information, some are -

    BHU University, Varanasi
    Barkatullah University, Bhopal
    Mohanlal Sukhadia University, Uday
    Utkal University, Bhubaneswar
    Central Institute of Psychiatric Medicine, Ranchi
    Gujarat University, Ahmedabad
    University of Hyderabad
    Rajasthan University, Jaipur
    Jamia Millia Islamia University, New Delhi

    IGNOU would be better option for distance learning.

  • There are many courses to study on this subject and what is your specific requirement. There are courses which will introduce the subject to you. There are certificate courses, there are degree courses and there are diploma courses also. There are some specific courses designed by various institutes. You can select based on your requirement. There are many university offering courses in this subject through distance mode of education.

    Some online courses: These are free online courses.

    1. Finding Purpose and Meaning In Life. This course is offered by the University of Michigan.
    2.Foundations of Positive Psychology Specialization: This course is offered by the University of Pennsylvania.
    3. The Science of Well-Being: This course is offered by Yale University.
    4. Social Psychology: This course is conducted by Wesleyan University.
    5. Positive Psychology: This course is offered by the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.

    The following Universities in India are offering distance programmes for various courses in this subject.

    1. Bangalore University
    2. Mumbai University
    3. Nalanda Open University
    4. Andhra University
    5, Bangalore University
    6. Kuvempu University
    7. Osmania University
    8. Indira Gandhi National Open University (IGNOU)
    9. Nalanda Open University
    10. Karnataka Open University
    You can select as per your liking and interest and go through the details available on the websites of the universities and apply accordingly.

    always confident

  • If you have interest and requirement to learn Psychology as a subject then I would suggest you to read some basic general books on Psychology and meanwhile you can apply for admission in B.A. in Psychology in some distance education university. There are many such institutions that impart distance education to the aspiring candidates and some of them are as follows -
    1. Bangalore University, Bangalore.
    2. Mumbai University, Mumbai.
    3. Andhra University, Hyderabad.
    4. Osmania University, Hyderabad.
    5. Nalanda Open University.
    6. Kuvempu University.
    7. Indira Gandhi National Open University (IGNOU).
    8. Nalanda Open University.
    9. Karnataka Open University.

    Thoughts exchanged is knowledge gained.

  • Psychology is the scientific study of human behaviour and mental health. It is a very interesting subject. Since the beginning, it has been in great demand among student. Its application has been much in every walks of life. So, even today student aspiring to take up psychology as a subject.
    As mentioned above, you have already done postgraduate in commerce. But, you are eligible. If you are aspiring to do a course in psychology then go ahead. There are different courses available on this subject. There are different degree courses, diploma courses and certificate courses. You can choose any course as per your requirement.
    Some online courses are as follows:-
    Developmental psychology
    Social psychology
    Positive psychology
    Clinical psychology
    Diploma in human behaviour
    The psychology of language
    Psychology of popularity
    Postgraduate Diploma in applied data science.
    Besides, there are many universities which are offering courses in this subject as follow:-
    1. Andhra university,Hyderabad
    2. Osmania university, Hyderabad
    3.Indira Gandhi national open university
    4.Nalanda open university
    You should go through the respective website for details.

  • Psychology is a branch of study of human behaviour, passions, attitudes and their inclination for a particular activity. This subject cannot be understood unless you go through a detailed study from a well established institution providing you inputs on human brain and its functioning.
    You may take up certification course, diploma course, or even a degree course such as B.A in Psychology, M.A in Psychology etc
    The courses can be taken up as per your convenience and requirement.
    Some on line courses in this area is as follows -
    1) Social Psychology
    2) Clinical Psychology
    3) Positive Psychology
    4) Clinical Psychology
    5) Diploma in human behaviour
    6) Cognitive Psycology etc.
    Almost all universities in India offer the degree courses and post graduate courses in the branch of Psycology but to undertake the same through the distance mode,you may choose the following -
    1) Indira Gandhi National University - They provide you excellent coverage of the subject provided to you for your preparation for the examination. IGNOU will provide you a contact programme where the eminent professors will attend to wipe your doubt in various issues related to this subject so as to have clarity of the basics. Clear your papers as per your convenience and hence course can be cleared part wise.
    2) Karnataka Open University
    3) Nalanda Open University
    4) Bangalore University.
    5) Andhra University, Hyderabad
    6) Osmania University, Hyderabad
    7) Utkal University etc

  • Psychology has evolved as a full fledged subject and now there are many branches in it. Wherever there is a human interaction, psychology plays a vital role. Human behaviour is very strange and unpredictable. There is a lot of difference between the psychology of people in one trade than the people in other trade. Child will have some psychological manifestation while adult would have some different expression. Study of psychology will equip a person with tools and methods to unravel the inner feelings of a person and to decipher what lies beneath. It would help one to take good decisions in one's professional life as decisions based on the psychological studies are generally better than the mechanical decisions.

    Before one goes for a psychology course it is imperative that one does some homework to understand the various branches in psychology. So here, first thing that comes to the mind is which branch one has to choose. If you are interested in the area of public speaking then social psychology would be a better option. If you are working in or managing an industry then industrial psychology might be helpful to you. If it is related to mental disorders then neuropsychology would be an option. Those who are interested in health and medical areas or are engaged indirectly to them then health or clinical psychology could be a good option. So, there are many possibilities and many combinations. You have to see your interest, present career, and future aspirations before selecting one from these or many more others. If you have keen interest in acquiring the knowledge of psychology then you can complete it in part time also without compromising with the engagements of your present job or occupation.

    If you are interested to undertake psychology course in correspondence mode then there are many colleges and universities that conduct it and you can apply for admission there. Some of these institutions are -

    1. Karnataka Open University.
    2. Nalanda Open University.
    3. Indira Gandhi National Open University (IGNOU).
    4. Kuvempu University.
    5. Bangalore University, Bangalore.
    6. Andhra University, Hyderabad.
    7. Osmania University, Hyderabad.
    8. Mumbai University, Mumbai.
    9. BHU University, Varanasi.
    10. Barkatullah University, Bhopal.
    11. Mohanlal Sukhadia University (erstwhile Udaipur University), Udaipur.
    12. Utkal University, Bhubaneswar.
    13. Central Institute of Psychiatric Medicine, Ranchi.
    14. Gujarat University, Ahmedabad.
    15. Rajasthan University, Jaipur.
    16. Jamia Millia Islamia University, New Delhi.

    If you want more information regarding psychology admissions and courses then you can visit some links in this site itself -
    Link 1
    Link 2

    Knowledge is power.

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