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    About marriage relation where it is right to marry or not

    According to Indian culture can one marry among father's immediate family? Searching for genuine information if this relation is correct or not? No owrries, our experts shall provide your inputs to take a correct decision.

    Can I marry my father's sister's daughter?
    She is my father's mother's sister's daughter's daughter.
    Is it right to marry with this relationship?
    Is it ok according to Indian culture?
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  • In some societies marrying with near cousins is allowed and it is accepted so if it is a practice in that particular tribe or group then it is legally also correct to do so. The Hindu Marriage Act does not put any restrictions on that type of marriage in those communities. At the same time in general in Hindu communities (barring a few one) near cousin marriages are culturally not admissible and the law also says so. As per the act marriages up to 3 lines of ascent that is third generation in mother side and 5 lines of ascent that is fifth generation in fathers side are not legally admissible. If someone doing that then it is as per their own risk and in case of divorce or property dispute there would be a big problem as the marriage itself would be declared as illegal.

    In your case it comes within the above periphery so it seems it is not admissible. But you have to check what is the norm in your own community and that would decide the final thing.

    Thoughts exchanged is knowledge gained.

  • You are the first generation.
    your father is the second generation.
    Your father's mother is the third generation and their father is the 4th generation.
    You are within the five generations (inclusive) on the groom's father's side.
    You will be referred to as "Sapindus" of each other.
    In these cases, the Hindu Marriage Act of 1955 bars marriage between two Hindus of this nature. Your marriage may fall under the special marriage act.
    Many communities in India marry the mother's brother's daughter. But not the father's sister's daughter. All depends on the customs of the family. So you have to make a decision based on your conditions and family relations.
    Legally your marriage is possible as per the Special Marriage act.

    always confident

  • The girl you mentioned is a daughter of your father's mother's sister. So she is your father's sister's daughter only. So you can marry her as she is your aunt's daughter. It is a right relationship only. Provided you, if you are following, get compared the horoscope match etc., As for as relation concerned she is right relation to you for marriage.

  • The issue with which you are confusing is the relationship of the girl. As you have indicated her relationship considering both side - your father's side and your mother's side. However, with such a relationship you can go ahead for the finalisation of marriage if you consider the following facts-
    1) Examine her mental level in the sense how far she is cooperative in sharing her views without suppressing the facts. She is ready to take up the responsibility required in afamily setup and understands the situation and accordingly she takes up the decision.
    2) She must have at least a graduation qualification so that she would take pain in getting the homework done as given the teachers. She takes keen interest in the area of kid's education.
    3) She is not a fickle minded lady.
    4) She understands your psychological needs and without giving undue pressure from your side, she would proceed gladly to carry out all assignments satisfying you mentally.
    5) She understands the priority of tasks and accomplishment is done accordingly.

  • You can marry Father's Mother's Sister's Daughter's Daughter as long as there is no issue either side and it is abiding within the religion / caste / community / country rules.

    You can also consult with your parents and elders on this to avoid any objection from them or to know more about the future relationship.

  • One of the most important decisions in life is to decide marriage. This decision should be taken only after knowing and understanding the life partner with whom you have to spend your whole life, and should take care of some very important things and move towards this decision.
    As far as you are concerned, to marry your father's sister's daughter, you can get married with her. Traditional marriage systems prohibit marriage in a gotra. Still, in many areas of the country, a gotra does not get married, but in 1955 the Hindu Marriage Act was created and all the old customary laws were changed.
    Real Brother-sister, uncle-niece, aunt and nephew, real brothers 'children, sisters' children many more Relationships come under the ambit of a Prohibited relationship and if someone marries in such relationships, it will not be valid. According to law , Spinda relation cannot marry. That is, if a boy or girl wants to get married in the 5th generation of the father and the 3rd generation of the mother, then she cannot get married. This is called the Spinda relation. However there are exceptions to the Prohibited relation and the Spinda relation.

    But your relationship does not come under their purview because as your aunt is not even real sister of your father, then you can do this marriage with the consent of your family, there will be no problem on behalf of Law

  • If you want to marry with father's sister's daughter then you can do. There will not be any problem on the law point of view. At first, you have to make a decision about life partner with whom you want to spend the whole life would be perfect for you or not. In traditional society, this kind of relationship is considered a prohibited relationship. In other words, you can't make marry with this relationship. But, today in many Indian communities, this kind of marriage is not prohibited especially, tribal society. According to special marriage 1954, your marriage is legal. Earlier, there was one custom in our society that you can't make marriage with the same gotra as a born baby with this relationship was assumed as a biological disorder. So, people never want to make marry with 3rd generation and 5th generation.

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