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  • Whether external battery is available for laptop

    Wondering if one can buy an exernal battery for a Dell laptop? Want to know how to proceed to buy the same? Find suggestions from experts on this page for resolving your issue.

    I am having a laptop made of Dell as received through an US relative. Recently it stopped working due to battery problem. I showed the Laptop to the nearby dell person for replacing battery for that. He told that the battery for the laptop is not available in our country and told his inability to service the same.
    Now I want to know
    a) whether some external battery is available for the laptop.
    b) If available how can and whom can I approach
    c) I can use power bank to charge the existing one.
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  • There are a few options. First, just directly inquire at the Dell Support No. 000-800-440 2475 if the battery is available anywhere in India and if so how to place an order for it and have it delivered to you. It is possible that since the product is from the USA, the hardware parts, including the battery, are not available in India.

    Secondly, you can check for yourself at the official Dell India website if they have a battery for the particular model that you have, which is - Alternatively, go to this page - They have provided the list of the type, such as Vostro, Inspiron, etc and then a list of all the model numbers. At the same page, at the side, there is a support Chat Tab that you can open. It gives the contact numbers as 1800-425-4002/080-2510-8001 and an email support ID is also provided there.

    Thirdly, you can seek technical support through this page -

    As for using the power bank to charge the Dell laptop, I would not advise it unless you know for sure that it is compatible with the particular model. I am not knowledgeable about electronic gadgets, but I assume that just as it is advised to have a compatible charger for a smartphone, so also it may be the case with the laptop. I think it has something to do with the voltage or some such thing that may cause electrical fluctuations and perhaps not be safe. So you can inquire with the Dell Support people which power bank is suitable for the laptop that you have and if the one that you have is not so, then whether they have one available with them and place an order for it.

    Note that it is always best to contact the official company of any electronic product to get authentic, original hardware to replace the earlier one. In case you consider purchasing it from some e-commerce site, there is the possibility of getting a second-hand used version of it that will wear out soon and, contrary to the claim made that it is compatible with the product you have, it may not be so at all.

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  • You are advised to contact their service centre as I have talked to them regarding availability of required battery.

    Dell Laptop Service Center in Adyar chennai
    No 109 LB Road Adyar, LM Golden Gem, Chennai, Tamil Nadu 600020

    Make appointment ·
    090031 09383

  • You can check if your laptop is under warranty. Normally the battery will be covered under warranty but depends upon the purchase you made. If it is covered under warranty, you can check with the Dell Customer Support team on how to replace it. If the battery is not covered under warranty, then you can check with your laptop model on the internet to see if any battery is available in any of the E-Commerce websites.

    The best option is to first check with the Dell Customer Support team and then if it is not working, then you can go ahead with the alternatives.

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  • Yes. There are some external battery packs are available in the market. A battery pack is almost the same as a power bank. There is no significant difference between these two. But you have to find out the best battery pack suitable for your Laptop. You have to get the information about the suitability of the same from Dell customer support.
    You can go to, the official website of the company
    You can contact them on 1800-425-4046. It is a Toll-Free
    There is another number also which is chargeable as per normal rates. The number is 080-2510-8026. You can get all your technical doubts clarified from them and then can guide you in getting a new battery also.

    They will advise you also about the suitable external battery and they will get you the new battery also if required.

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  • Are you sure the laptop is stopped to work due to battery problem? If yes, then detach the battery from the laptop and try to connect the direct power to laptop to start it or check it. If the laptop is 'on' then the issue is in battery and if it is not 'on' then there is no issue in battery but other hardware problem's most probably or like mother-board issue etc.

    Also, in case the laptop has battery issue with confirmed, you can then use the compatible battery if the same is not available in the local / country. For this, you need to let us know or the sellers about the battery code and Volts/Amp etc. so that we can assist or seller can give you if available for replacement.

  • This type of thing happens due to some defect in the battery or if due to mistake it is fully drained and damaged in the process of using it especially when the battery cut off mechanism when battery goes down below a stipulated value is malfunctioning and not working so the battery gets excessively drained out. It is possible even in a new battery. There are some options to look now. Even if your battery is dead, you can run your laptop on mains or better on the inverter if you have one installed in your house for uninterrupted electric supply during the electricity shut down periods which is very common in many parts of our country. If you are able to use it on mains then it is clear that laptop is good and battery only has gone bad. So till the time you do not get a replacement for battery it works just like a desktop as it has lost its portability to outside. If your laptop is not working even on mains then it is some serious problem and would require it to be sent to service centre.

    I had a new laptop (not dell but some other make) in which same problem happened and the new battery got completely drained out and did not get charge back. I gave it in the service centre and they checked the whole thing and replaced it free with a new battery. They took about 20-25 days time for that.

    Meanwhile I would suggest you to go to the Dell battery FAQ site in the internet to find out exactly your problem and then follow the guidance given there.

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  • Yes, external battery is available for the laptop. But you must use the authentic one provided by the company (Dell). Since, the laptop is of another country. So, you can contact Customer Care of Dell if they have that battery in India. If not, ask them whether they can arrange that battery in India.

    Power banks are made for charging smartphones. If they were made to charge laptops, then separate port for laptop would have been given. Somehow, you can manage to charge laptops with powerbanks but I would not suggest it. Because, it would be risky enough.

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  • Yes, external battery is available for Dell laptop. You must contact the Dell customer care centre in India -

    If possible they'll replace the battery, otherwise they'll arrange another suitable alternative.

    Hope this helps.

  • Power bank/external battery for laptops:

    There is no such thing as an external battery for laptops. Alternatively, you can get a power bank or a small UPS.
    Also, laptops can be used as TVs without a battery. if there is power, it will work; otherwise, it won't.
    Ask the nearby computer store if the battery is available. It is also fine to use compatible batteries if the original battery is not available. Just note down the model number or serial number. On the bottom base panel, you can find them. If not, go to command prompt and enter this: wmic bios get serialnumber.

    Battery Pack/power bank for laptop:

    The Flipkart and Amazon websites offer power banks such as MaxOAK, Coolnut, etc. Their capacity is around 185Wh/50000mAh. They are compliant with UL1642 and UL2056 standards. For safety and longer recharge cycles, these batteries use lithium-ion polymer battery cells with six security features. All products include a hassle-free minimum 12-month warranty. They have 12 - 14 DC connector ports (charging pins) available for connecting various laptop chargers and other devices.
    Such power can charge a laptop 2.5 times and a smartphone 11-18 times. The advantage of this over an AC outlet power bank is that it can be used while charging.
    Compatible devices include cameras, routers, LED lights, smartphones, iPads, tablets, and other USB-charged devices.
    Charging multiple devices simultaneously will save you a lot of time. The charger is ultra-efficient and fast charging. Charge time for the battery pack is 6-8 hours.

    Buying a UPS:
    Each UPS costs about INR 3000, such as those manufactured by APC or Zebronics.
    Interactive panels are available on these UPSes and they have a 360 watt / 600-volt load capacity. The charging time is 4 hours. They have a low power consumption 6A surge protector with three batteries. Wi-Fi and Modem compatibility are also there.

    More inquiries can be made at

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