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  • Bio Medical Opportunities in Government Sector

    Interested in workng in the biiomedical domain? Looking out for opportunities in the government sector? Check out this page where our ISC experts have responded to your query.

    My daughter has completed Bio Medical Engineering from Kerala Technological University.
    She is looking for government jobs in Bio Medical Sector. She is eager in Research and Development profession of bio-medical engineering. Her interest in biology and medical sector lead her to choose bio-medical stream. She studied as a day scholar from TK Institute of Technology. As she is browsing for a bio-medical job, most of the jobs are in marketing. Marketing is not her portfolio and interest.
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  • Biomedical engineering is a subject in which Engineering principles are combined with medical science. Using this science, professionals design and create equipment, devices, computer systems, and software that are necessary for medical science. The qualified people will have jobs in manufacturing, universities, hospitals, and research facilities of companies. They will have jobs in educational and medical institutions also. There are opportunities in the government sector but more jobs will be there in the private sector.
    Students can go for B. Tech, M.Tech or PhD in the subject. Jobs in this field may increase by around 4 per cent in the coming years. There is an increase in demand for numbers of technologies and applications to medical equipment and devices as there is an increase in medical needs. This will give more scope for jobs for biomedical engineers.
    Medical research institutions including hospitals, industrial firms and teaching institutions will appoint these engineers. The companies manufacturing equipment for hospitals, diagnostic centres, research and development labs, manufacturing companies will appoint these people. You can go through employment news in which various government jobs will be published and you can apply for them.
    If your daughter is very serious about government jobs only, I feel she should go for PG or PhD. Then chances will increase for her. Otherwise, what I suggest is that let her start her career in a good corporate in their R&D wing and with her experience, she can try for government jobs. Otherwise, she can opt for a teaching profession in a university after completing her PG and once she joins there she can work on R&D also in the labs there.

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  • You have choose nice stream as it has many more career options.There are good employment opportunities in biomedical engineering. As new hospitals are opening. Similarly, the demand for bio-medical engineers is also increasing. Today, India is becoming an international center in the manufacture of medical equipment, which is also increasing the need for Biomedical Engineers.
    Apart from the hospital sector, they can also work in the corporate sector. Can work in companies making artificial limbs. Bio medical is also responsible for arranging machines and supervising laboratories. You can also work in Sales and Marketing Department in companies like Wipro Medical, Larsen & Toubro, VPL, Simmons.
    Biomedical engineers can work in research labs, hospitals, pharmaceutical companies, nursing homes, and healthcare companies. Apart from this, there has been a great demand for Biomedical Engineers abroad. Along with this, biomedical engineers also do product testing, designing, use of medical equipment, their care and research etc.
    Biomedical Engineering provides jobs in government sectors, government hospitals , bio medical teachers, analyst in various department , other medical field, assistant professor or lecturer in bio medical engineering colleges, supervisor jobs in medical and other etc. , Government of India advertise from time to time for the posts of Bio medical Engineer.

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    Can you advise the portal to apply for Government bio medical jobs

  • The function of Biomedical Enginnering is not only confined to a particular field but their roles are diversed in nature as indicated below -
    1) The Biomedical Enginners and the Medical Professionals would work together to improve upon the functioning of the existing medical equipments installed in the Hospitals.
    2) There are Hospital Enginners in reputed Hospitals where the Biomedical Enginners are working day and night to attend the breakdown of the emergency equipments relating to Nephrology, X- Ray, CT Scan, MRI etc and without their physical presence accuracy of the equipments cannot be checked.
    3) They would work on Reseach Laboratories providing the overall improvement to the health care of the patients and behave like an intermediate between the doctor and patient.
    4) They would study the need of essential equipments in a government hospital and accordingly supply is to be fulfilled.
    5) They work on Sales Department in various sectors such as Wipro, Larsen & Toubro, VPL, Simmons etc to enhance the sales of the medical equipments.
    If your daughter is interested for the job of government sectors, she must go in for the post graduate qualification and later she must strive for Ph.D.

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