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  • Can Covid-19 become more active during the winter season?

    Do you have a query regarding Covid 19? Want to know if it can become active in the winter season? On this page you can scroll through the experts advice and decide further plan of action.

    Well, I wished to know wether the virus could become more active in winter than it is already at the moment. Should we take precautions in advance as winter is just a few months away. Or we should just wait for the vaccines without bothering anything since the government has promised they'll become available to the general public by then.
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  • Many health experts believe that in the coming winter the virus may create a second wave of the pandemic. They predict that it may be worst than the first one. The virus may survive for longer durations during the winter. But there is no evidence for this. But these are all assumptions. Generally, it is believed that the behaviour of this virus will be similar to other viruses which will cause respiratory diseases.
    The Academy of Medical Sciences, UK did some work on this subject. The report says hospital admissions and deaths in January/February 2021 will be in the same range to that of the first wave in spring 2020. If a vaccine comes by that it will be good. Otherwise, we have to get ready for facing the same.
    We should stop going out and stay home and stay safe. We should follow social distance when we go out. Mask is a must. We should not get exposed more to cold and we should use sanitizers and hand washes regularly and try to maintain a minimum one-metre distance. We should go out in rains and any symptoms of Caugh, fever and respiratory problems we have to take the medical aid and we should get isolated even for a minimum of 14 days.
    These are all based on the research work done by many medical institutions.

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  • There is no established study about the survival of the recent Coronavirus during winters. Initially, it was predicted that it will become less active during summers due to high atmospheric temperature but that never happened and even it was equally active in Switzerland and India. So, the studies are still getting conducted in the labs about it.

    Secondly, as per the updates, it is seen that the DNA of the virus is getting mutated periodically depending upon the geographical area and atmospheric conditions. So, again the survival and its contagiousness it unpredictable.

    Regarding the precautions from Coronavirus will be the same as they are now. The most important thing which is required is to keep your body internally fit, especially in terms of immune system.


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  • The earlier prediction was as the effect of corona virus depends upon temperature. It was believed that this virus would be more active in cold places than in hot places. But, that is not the truth. This virus spreading equally everywhere either it is hot or cold. It is found that there is no difference between India and America in case of spreading the virus.
    As per health expert, the infection rate would remain the same in the winter season. We should follow all guideline till vaccine comes. We should maintain social distance. We should wash hand frequently. Mask is mandatory for everybody. We should stay at home until it is not necessary. We should try to boost up our immune system.

  • In a study, it's being claimed that the covid-19 epidemic within the country may reach its peak in mid-November. it's also been said within the study that the upcoming situation are going to be such there is also a shortage of 'ICU beds' and ventilators.
    In another studies, the covid-19 mutate and due to this pandemic is changing its form. Because of lock down, it will be catastrophic or perhaps reduce its overthrow. Lock down helped the health system to boost resources and strengthen infrastructure. The epidemic may reach its peak by the primary week of November and after this isolation beds, ICU beds and ventilators are reduced.

    But still nothing are often said The lock down may have exacerbated the financial condition within the country but it reduced the impact of Corona by 60% it's prudent that we take care and be sure to follow the precautions given by the WHO appropriately, until the vaccine arrives, caution is safety.

  • The nature of mutation of Corona Virus in the upcoming months cannot be ascertained presently. Though the pilot studies done in this regard indicates its severity with the changed mutation. This is nothing but the speculation and exact pattern of its spread in the winter session cannot be predicted seeing its intensity at the present. However, it is always better to keep yourself safe with the observations of the following points -
    1) Ensure that your immunity level is strong enough not catching cough and cold frequently. To be safe, take Aswagandha and Tulasi tea twice daily. One tablet of Giloy of any Ayurvedic Pharmaceutical may be consumed in the night after the dinner.
    2) There should not be any relaxation of the current patterns which we all are undertaking ie appropriate use of masks, maintaining a safe distance of one meter and use of Senitiser depending upon the situation.
    3) Going outside is not so important unless situation compels to go outside. Believe in the online marketing if it is working in your area.
    4) Don't be panic considering its mutation form in the upcoming days.
    5) Immunuity improves with your improved sleeping and in no way, this cycle should be less than eight hours in each night.

  • Lately a research was conducted by Researchers of the Banaras Hindu University and Central University of Rajasthan, in which they asserted that there is a possibility of a boosting in the coronavirus during the winter.
    The outcomes of the study indicated that in higher latitudes where the climate is cold nearly all the time, the number of coronavirus cases was comparatively bigger as compared to the regions with warmer and low-latitude temperatures. They inferred that cold environment may cause spread the virus.
    According to them it is observed that flu-like infections dissipate more during winters due to two reasons. (A) During winter there is limited sunlight and the weather is generally arid. This enhances the vitality of the virus as there are low degrees of ultraviolet light in the environment. (B) Due to the scarcity of sunlight, our body would relate with mild vitamin D scarcity, which would make us likely to be infected with the virus.
    Further, they assume that summer season could be a bigger time to battle the virus as there is a hazard of a further boost in the spread of the infection during the winter season.

  • Many agencies worldwide are working to find out a relationship of corona spread with the seasons but so far no conclusive evidence or opinion has been firmed up. Seeing the present trend if we assume the same rate of increase of spread then the expected cases by the coming winter is itself a dreadful figure and if the low winter temperatures add to this spread then the fatalities might increase further. Most of the projections are leading to a figure of approximately about 5 lakh total deaths in India by beginning of December this year.

    In different countries the trend of increase is different depending upon the distribution of population, stain of the virus, herd immunity of people, local governance, citizen's cooperation in the safety measures etc. Highly populated and developing countries have their own problems and challenges to face in this situation.

    Now with this background let us come to analyse what would happen in the coming winters. Whether the trend would remain same or it would decrease or it would increase further due to the low temperatures. The research agencies have taken up the cases of Australia and South Africa where there is winter right now and they have seen that there is an upsurge of Covid-19 cases there. Now the question is whether this surge is the normal one as happening in all the places or it is induced by the onslaught of winter there. Some researchers believe that it has a link with the winters as the surge is more than anticipated.

    So, this is still an area of research and till something confirmatory comes out of that we cannot say whether the spread would further increase as compared to the present trend in the winters when it arrives in the Northern hemisphere where we live. Meanwhile in a few months the Southern hemisphere that is Australia, South Africa and other such countries in that latitude, summer would start soon and then we have to examine the trend there to ascertain the hypothesis that winter has something to do with the higher rate.

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