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  • How to get rid of houseflies

    Facing trouble from houseflies? Want to know how to get rid of them? On this page our experts have responded to your query with remedies and medicine .

    Houseflies are irritating a lot these days. Is there any method to get rid of these houseflies? I am not even getting any medicine for these creatures from the market.
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  • House flies are not as dangerous as mosquitos but they have more nuisance value and we should see that these flies will not enter inside the house.
    The best way is to have mosquito nets for all the windows, ventilators and doors. We should that these netted doors will be always in closed condition. Initially, you have to spend some money and the durability is good. These doors will keep all the insects away for the inside of your house. There are no side effects also. I feel this is the best way.
    There are some sprays available in the market like HIT and some other brands. They will kill the flies. But using these sprays is not good as it may have some bad effects on our health. The impact will be high on the children in the house where you are using these chemical sprays.
    There are some natural products that are being suggested by elders. You can try the following.
    1. You can take some cloves and press them into a cut fruit like banana or Apple. Keep this in a plate and keep it in the house. The flies may disappear.
    2. Grow Lavender Plants outside your house. Take some leaves and put them in a vase and keep the same in the house may see that the flies will go away. You can use the Lavender oil and spray that near the entrance of your house and near all the doors and windows of your house. This will see that flies will not enter the house.
    3. Orange or lemon will also helpful. Cut the fruit and keep it in a plate and keep the plate in the area where there are many flies. Please see that the cut portions of the fruit are wet. You may have to rub it once in a while so that it will not become dry.
    4. Plant basil near the windows or doors. That will keep flies out of your house
    5. You can wet a cloth with pine oil and keep it in the area where there are flies. The smell is not good for the flies and they may go away.
    You take the following precautions so that flies will not be attracted into your hose.
    The best way to make your home less attractive to flies is to limit access to the areas they prefer.

    Keep the dustbin outside the house. if you are keeping it inside the house please see that there will be a tight lid to the waste bin. Plastic keeping a cover inside the waste bin so that it is to remove the waste quickly so that flies will not come.
    Keep the house clean and never keep to be cleaned dishes and lasses inside the house. Keep them outside the house that too in a corner.
    Let there not be any pile of leaves or gross near the surroundings.

    always confident

  • Follow these simple preventive measures to keep the house free from house flies-
    1) House flies are attracted to moist and damp places or substances. Thus, to keep the house free from them, make sure that nothing inside the kitchen or anywhere in the house is rotting.

    2) After preparing the food, keep it covered. Store the leftovers in the fridge.

    3) Make sure that flies do not have access to garbage bins or food.

    4) Dispose of waste regularly and keep dustbins covered.

    5) Clean kitchen and dining table immediately and do not let spills stay away on the floor or anywhere in the house for a long time.

    6) Make sure the drains are clear and nothing is clogging them or else it may slow down the drainage and attract flies.

    7) If there are thick shrubs growing around your house or in the garden, it can also be a reason to attract flies. Make sure to get rid of all those unwanted shrubs and vegetation.

  • Generally, housefly and mosquito are found in dirty places. If your house and surrounding areas are clean then there would be very little chances to be present house fly. So, firstly I would like to suggest you try to keep clean your house and surrounding area. If any open drainage and garbage area are there then definitely this housefly would come.
    Some of the preventive measures by which you can get rid of houseflies are as follows:-
    1. Everyday you should clean your house with any disinfectant like lizole and phenyl
    2. Don't keep open dustbin. It should be covered.
    3. Keep your kitchen clean. All food items should be covered. Dispose of waste item daily.
    4. You should spray lavender oil near the entrance gate and window as its smell is sharp so housefly goes away.

  • House flies are fascinated to spots where they can lay their eggs. That usually indicates areas with lots of wood trash, garbage, animal excrement, and decomposing material .The best way to make your home less stunning to flies is to restrict entry to the areas they like. Use a trash can with a tight-fitting cover and carry the sack out as soon as it gets filled
    Houseflies might carry several diseases like food poisoning, cholera, E. coli, typhoid fever, dysentery, tuberculosis, eye infections and tropical infection.
    There are some herbs that help to keep flies away.
    -Take about 20 cloves and poke them all into an apple or a citrus fruit and place it on a plate where flies are buzzing.
    - lavender plants keep houseflies at bay so use lavender plants at the entrances, windows and where flies are expected to be whizzing.
    -Citrus oil is a natural bug deterrent.
    -Basil is a good herb. It keeps flies at bay.
    -Pine oil is also a natural flies repellent. Swab a few drops on a cloth and place it where you see flies.

  • I would like to give a simple suggestion. You can use 'phenol' with little mixed water and clean / mob the floor and kitchen's cooking area for two to four days and see the result.

    This is one of the best solution that observed to get rid of flies and insect. The next one is, use Auroshikha / Sambrani Incense Sticks once in a day to keep the place and atmosphere nice.

  • Flies often come into the house during the summer and rainy seasons. They first sit on the waste lying in the house, then sit on the food items. This causes many diseases to the body. Along with this, everything that flies sit on. He would like to eat again. Flies can be got rid of by adopting some simple methods.

    1 Burn the camphor in the house to drive away the flies. After lighting the camphor, rotate it in the whole house. camphor's smell is so strong. The flies go away from home after sniffing her.
    2. Tulsi plant is also very helpful in driving flies away from home. Basil as well as mint, lavender and marigold plants can be planted at home to keep flies away from home.
    3. Vinegar can be flamed out of the house. To use vinegar, take vinegar in 1 bowl. Now add detergent to it. Doing this will attract the flies to your solution. The flies will drown in it.
    4. Add a little chili to the water and mix. Then spray it where there are more flies.
    5. Cinnamon is also helpful in getting flies out of the house. Flies do not like their smell. This is why flies go out of the house.
    6 oil: There are some oils that are used to flies away. These are lavender, eucalyptus, peppermint, and lemon grass. They are used not only for their fragrance but also for fleeing flies. Flies do not come here by spraying it in your bedroom, and in the kitchen. It has been proved many times that mosquitoes and flies run away from the smell of clove oil. Also, by mixing clove oil in coconut oil and applying it on the skin, it works you should try it.
    7. Screening: This can prevent flies from entering your home. Screening gives sufficient light to the house, so that flies do not come into the house.
    8. Use best anti-insect or anti-flies solution in water while mopping so they will not stay much longer on the floor of you house.

    The worst thing is that these flies pollute our food and drink and give rise to many stomach related problems. There are many things available in the market such as phenol, herbal spray, disinfectant, which promise to get rid of them, but do not live up to their promise. That's why you should follow home remedies and get rid of them.

  • Houseflies are found crawling anywhere in our home premises and their movements are not only irritating to us but also invite many health issues giving rise to dysentery, diarrhoea and other stomach issues and in the wake of being infected due to their sittings on food items. They are the carriers of many germs and there is possibility of our infection with these houseflies if the food - items are not properly covered.
    We may apply a few home remedies for expelling them from our home and some of the remedies are listed below -
    1) Basil - Basil has some special aroma to repel the flies from the home region. In order to get rid of flies from our home, make a repellent spray with the Basil Leaves by taking up the following actions-
    1) Pick up a few Basil Leaves and squeeze them a little to form cuts in the leaves.
    2) These leaves are to be boiled in hot water for twenty minutes.
    3) Stain the leaves and use it as a spray in almost all areas of your home.
    2) Apple Cider Vinegar and Eucalyptus Oil -
    To make a potent repellent, you would require 1/4 cup of Apple Cider Vinegar and 50 drops of Eucalyptus Oil. Follow this sequence -
    Take the quantity of the following items as stated above in a spray bottle and the mixture is thoroughly shaked prior to spray. Regular spray twice a day would eliminate this menace to a controllable level.
    3) Essential Oils -
    Many essential Oils have strong odours chasing the flies away. Make a spray of Clove Oils, Thyme Oils, Peppermint Oils, Lemon Grass Oils, Cinamom Oils and adopt the following procedure to make an effective mixture-
    1) Add 10 drops of each essential oil to the spray bottle.
    2) Pour two cups of water and two cups of non flavour vodka.
    3) Blend the ingredients properly by vigorous shaking and apply the mixture for spray.
    4) Block their entry points -
    Although flies can enter on all such occasions whenever you open the doors and even they come through the openings of windows, vents not properly plugged etc and you have to check these entry points to fix this issue.
    Hence it should be your first priority to take steps to plug the areas from where there is possibility of their entries.

  • Houseflies are a great nuisance and wherever some food items or waste food products are kept, these flies would crowd in the place and create havoc. They also spread diseases from one place to another. It is required that we take measures to repel them or stop them coming inside.

    The first and foremost is keeping the house in a clean and hygienic state so that flies do not get place to crowd and lay eggs. In this context the disposal of waste food and other organic matter is to done in a precise way by keeping them in garbage bags and not in open here and there. Other thing is that when we work in the kitchen then some water or food product gets scattered here and there and they are actually the small attractions for these flies who start sitting on them and slowly create a mess everywhere. This method of keeping hygiene would only help when the flies are not much in that area and it is the individual house upkeep standard levels that attract them.

    For an area where outside flies are in abundance like crowded market places, congested eating places etc, the above method might not be very useful. In that case the only effective alternative is sealing the house with mosquito net in all the windows and ventilators etc. Doors of course should have the extra net door everywhere. Nowadays people are putting mosquito net on the balconies also. Though it is a bit costly but helps in getting rid of these insects thoroughly.

    Using ultraviolet light traps at the main entrance also helps to some extent by attracting the flies to it and killing instantaneously. Nowadays, flypaper (resin stripes) are available in the market which can be hanged in the walls especially near sink in the kitchen or near the dining table and they also attract and kill the flies. These flypaper strips work for 2-3 months comfortably and are to be replaced after that time.

    Another way is use of insecticide but that has some harmful effects on human beings also and one has to be alert about the type of insecticide one is using for this purpose. These spray based insecticides contain chemicals like pyrethroid etc and it is advisable to read the instructions on the spray before using. Fly baits are also available which are sugar based and kill the flies when they consume it.

    Knowledge is power.

  • Houseflies are great a niusance especially during the summer season. One has to constatly keep driving them off. We suggest the author a few practical approaches to keep the houseflies at bay -

    1) Use traps as suggested by members above. You can also use special essences which keep the flies from moving further from the trap. In this way they gwt caught in the trap easily.

    2) Use a repellent, there are flies repellant just like repelkents for ants and mosquitoes.

    3) Use automated flaps or manual flaps to cover your windows, therebt decreasing a chance of any fly popping inside your room.

    4) Try to keep your place and the surrounding areas free from dirt and debris of any kind as this leads major issues with the health and civic communities.

  • House flies are the common botheration for 10 months in a year and the flies would more when there is lots of carelessness in maintaining and up keeping the house. Flies get attracted to those places which are not clean and there is every chance for their breeding and further increasing their presence. The simple ways to get rid of flies is to sprinkle diluted water with rock salk. Another way to keep the flies away is to collect the green neem leaves and create smoke around the house so that the flies would be running away and would not come back. As far as possible keep the environment clean and do not keep the messy items open which gives lead to flies accumulating in large numbers.

    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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