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    What is the solution for name format difference ?

    Have a query regarding difference in name formats? Wondering what is the correct format for name in certificates? Our experts have provided advice here to your question and also provided solution in case the name format is different.

    I have done my 10th and 12th from Maharashtra State Board, and the format of Maharashtra State Board to print the name on marksheet is "Surname then your name and then middle name". It is printed on marksheet automatically by format of "Maharashtra State Board". And when I applied for admission for my bachelors degree in karnataka, in that online application form the condition to write the name was that the candidate should write the name as it is printed on 10th and 12th marksheet, that is why my name in karnataka's college is also in the same format as Maharashta State Board has. Now I am going to apply to Universities in UK for my postgraduation, and in their application the format is "name then middle name and then surname". My question is, will the foreign universities consider my degree? And if not then what is the solution for this problem?
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  • I believe that the same will not be an issue as the format chosen by Maharashtra Board is for a pupose and same will be accepted for sure. Although the University in UK may ask for an additional proof which carries your actual name with name, middle name and surname format.

    In India we use dd//mm/yy as date format while in many countries mm/dd/yy format is used, so this much of leverage will be provided anyhow. In addition you are not the only one applying or facing such issue, many more must have earlier applied for UK universities and must have put the same question to those instititions. So, you can proceed with applying for admission and in still if you have doubt then send the concerned University a mail explaining your issue, they will help out for sure.

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  • If the surname, middle name and the name of your matches there will not be any problem.
    In Maharastra Board format your name will be Surname, your name and middle name. Say it is A B C
    In Karnataka Board format your name will be Surname, Your name and middle name . it will be A B C
    In the UK, University format your name will be Your name, middle name and surname, it will be B C A
    There will not be any problem. The total name is the same, there should not be any problem.
    If this is the only issue you need not worry. Nobody will reject your application on the above basis. The person who is scrutinising the application will easily understand the format difference and he will understand that the name is the same but only the order is different.

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  • You want to apply to the university of UK for undertaking the postgraduate course where the format does not match as that Maharastra or Karnataka. Variance of the format should never be your hurdle in your admission procedure.
    They would consider the three components such as your name, second name and finally your surname. Moreover, you are not alone in applying got the course and most of the aspirants will face this difference in respect of the format.
    You should wipe out your confusion in relation to difference of format creating hurdles in the admission procedure.

  • They will always consider your degree because it's an original one. There is no mistake in the degree and only the format of your name, middle name and surname are different. Every official document has its own format. Some prefer the Surname first then Name and Middle name and some prefer the Name first and then Middle name and Surname. In your case, the Name, Middle name and Surname is intact and there is no spelling mistake but only the position of Name, Middle name and Surname has changed in the certificates because of the official format followed in schools and colleges at various locations. Other than this, you have various identity proofs and I am sure there is no mistake in the spellings in those proofs. So, there is no reason to worry about the difference in formats.

    Go ahead and apply in various foreign universities according to your choice and I wish you all the best.


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  • I don't see any problem for you while applying for admission in any foreign university as other members have also opined. You may contact concerned university as well

  • It is normal to write our name as First Name (our name), Middle name (father's name) and Last name (surname).
    Example Sachin R Tendulkar (sachin his name, R - Ramesh, his father's name. Tendulkar surname)
    In south India mostly we write our Initial (first letter of father's Name) and then our name without splitting as surname etc., In Kerala some people write their initial as first letter of mother's name).

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