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  • What is the importance of Satvic Diet? Is it really good as claimed by ayurvedic experts?

    Do you have a query about satvic diet? Wondering how is it different from Ketonic and diets? Do scroll through this Ask Expert page where our experts have responded to your query.

    Can you elaborate on the importance of a true satvic diet. Is it really as beneficial as claimed by the vedic experts. In what ways is it different from ketonic and other diet fads besides being desi. Does eating satvic give you better immunity as compared to other diet plans. Is this verified by Ayush or some other medical authority?
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  • Following a Satvik diet means eating Satvik foods. The best thing about Satvik foods is that they offer us the right amount of energy, unlike other foods which either are unable to take away fatigue ness or make us lethargic. Satvik foods make our body feel light and energetic.

    Importance of Satvik diet-
    - It is light and thus, does not make us feel heavy.
    - It is easily digestible. It provides a cooling effect on the stomach and does not bring indigestion or other digestion related disorders.
    - It increases immunity.
    - It boosts the health of the stomach, liver, intestine and other organs.
    - It offers mild cooling to body and mind.
    - It energizes the body and rejuvenates the mind.
    - It promotes overall health and increases life span.
    - It promotes skin and hair health.
    - It prevents infections and diseases.
    - Those who are suffering from digestion related disorders or are prone to diabetes or high blood pressure if follow this diet can free themselves from these disorders.

    Ketonic diets, high protein diets and many more such diets get popular every year. Some of them work in short-term but it is difficult to stick to them as one cannot survive only on proteins or liquids. There is a necessity to feed a proper well-balanced diet to the body. Satvik diet works on that principle. Thus, those who follow it never complain of being starved. They can easily continue it for the long term and see its remarkable benefits on their mind and body.

    Satvik diet is all about eating seasonal, healthy and organically grown foods. Foods which are grown on infertile soil by spraying chemicals and fertilizers do not belong to Satvik diet. Care is taken that no harm is done to the soil, vegetation, and also thus, there is no killing of animals. It is a purely vegetarian diet. It comprises of naturally ripened fruits and vegetables, whole grains, freshly prepared meals. It does not teach to eat stale food. Food is freshly prepared and consumed in every meal.

  • Satvik diet is based upon the principles of Aurveda and it has not been approved scientifically or it is medically approved. According to Satvic diet it should not develop excess heat of the body but is full of nutrients and each such item consumed will provide us energy, not putting stress on the stress on both liver and kidneys. These foods will keep the the body a healthy blood circulation and hence there is no question of High or Low Blood Pressure.
    By taking such diets, you will not feel lethargic after its consumption.
    Importance of Satvic Diets -
    1) It is light in nature and would not cause you lethargic after its consumption.
    2) It will enhance your immunity and so it will take care of your cough and cold and other infections due to low Immunuity.
    3) It will arrest your negative feelings since Satvic diets provide us positive energies.
    4) It will enhance our logivity due to its benificial effects on each part of the system.
    5) Satvic foods will provide a natural lustre to the body and good vision even at the old age.
    6) Satvic diets should not be consumed in excess such as Nuts, Goose Berry, Oats etc.
    7) Regular taking up Satvic diets can cure the life style diseases such as High Blood Pressure, Insomnia, Diabetes etc.
    Satvic diets are to be produced without the use of chemical fertiliser, bone fertilisers etc and the natural fertiliser such as Cow Dung should be used.
    The biggest drawback of Satvic Diet is that it has ignored the animal Protien such as eggs, chicken, fish etc which the dietician or the doctors recommend for healthy growth of the body but Aurveda considers it as Tamshik Food and hence such foods should be ignored.

  • Satvic diet is a concept based on the experience of our ancient Ayurveda experts and other such scholars. If we go back to the history of mankind on Earth then there was a time when there was no agriculture and the primitive humans had the only way of getting food was hunting down the animals and eating them. Many animals are still doing that and surviving. The fact of matter is that the animal life slowly becomes accustomed to the food it consumes and during the evolutionary processes and survival instincts the body of the animal makes itself accommodative to that type of food. But it does not happen in one day as it takes generations to go through that type of evolutionary transformation.

    Due to the rise of civilisation and use of agricultural products there was a shift in the food habits of the humans and slowly a large part of the population shifted to the agricultural products though due to taste and other consideration the habit of taking meat and other such products continued. Our ancestor had long ago realised that this Earth was meant not only for the humans but also for the animals and killing them and consuming them as food was not in a good taste. They further found that the meat and other such products were creating undesirable traits in people bringing aggressive and offending attributes in their lives. In our mythology the distinction between Demons and Gods is based on those premises only.

    So, in India due to advanced Ayurvedic practices it was found that taking Satvic food is one way to keep one's health in good shape, increases the immune system, and makes a person healthy not only in his body but also in his mind. Now the present scientific advancements have nothing to do with that doctrine because it is beyond the realm of it and there is no way to confirm or strengthen this thought of getting benefit from Satvic diet. It is only based on the experience of those great scholars. Now we have to practically see that whether it really helps us or not. There are a large number of testimonies of the people not only in Indian peninsula but in the western countries also where people have immensely benefited by these specialised diets called Satvic diet. I can vouch for that as I am personally benefited by adopting to this in limited proportions. It acts miraculously. Just as an example, the acidity and heartburn which we get after spicy, oily, and rich fat food is absent when we take Satvic diet.

    In our ancient system three types of foods are mentioned - satvic, rajasic, and tamsic. Out of these Satvic is considered best for our body. Satvic means pure and pious. It brings the necessary nutrition and keeps a person calm and happy. Satvic diet essentially contain fresh, nutrient-full, and high fibre foods like fruits, vegetables, sprouted whole grains, fresh fruit juices, milk, legumes, nuts, seeds, honey, and herbal teas. It avoids processed and chemically preserved foods.

    It is said that doing is believing so those who are interested can experiment the effectiveness of Satvic diet by undergoing it for some time. It is also true that we have to keep a control on our taste buds while going for such a beneficial thing and refrain from indulging in the consumption of junk food that has become so popular nowadays just because it tastes good.

    Knowledge is power.

  • According to Ayurveda, Satvic diet provides genuine aspect of ethical goodness for a yoga practicing person as it cultivates purity physically and mentally. A satvic diet is aimed at cultivating a calm and compassionate mind as well as healthy body.
    Satvic foods are vegetarian and do not contain foods taken from animals. A satvic diet normally contains : fresh, organic fruit, vegetables, all grains, nuts, milk, ghee, beans, lentils, honey, molasses spices such as cinnamon, basil, coriander, ginger and turmeric.
    It is claimed that vegetarian diets are related to considerably lower levels of heart disease risk factors like high blood pressure and high cholesterol. Moreover, satvic diet may protect against diabetes and colorectal cancer.
    Tamasic and Rajasic foods are strictly prohibited by Ayurvedic practitioners as they promote satvic foods only but as a matter of fact what we normally eat is good for our health, so if we deprive ourselves of all the foods which are discouraged or prohibted in Ayrveda is not a wise decision for many people. Therefore, all foods which are generally consumed by most of the people are nutritious and should be a part of lunch or dinner alternately.

  • The Satvic diet will contain high fibre and low fat. It is a vegetarian diet. The meaning of Satvic is Pure essence. Satvic food is supposed to be pure. It is supposed to be a balanced food. This food is supposed to give mental happiness, calmness and clarity of thoughts.
    Satvic food is supposed to be having more nutrients. This food will contain micronutrients that are good for the body. Ayurvedic doctors say that this food will give good physical strength and longevity. Animal proteins, fries and stimulants, are not included in this food.
    Satvic food is good for health and it will benefit the people in many ways. Some of them are
    1. This food will make us healthy by providing proteins, healthy fats, fibre, vitamins, antioxidants and minerals.
    2, The risk of getting chronic diseases like Blood Pressure, sugar, heart problems and cancers,
    3, Bodyweight will be reduced and unwanted fats will not get accumulated,

    The following items are included in this diet.
    1, Vegetables that are available from land and sea.
    2, All types of fruits and their juices. Mangoes, Bananas, apples, pomegranates, etc.
    3, Sprouted grains
    4. Nuts, seeds and coconut products
    5. Milk, curds, honey and jaggery.
    Satvic diet is very restrictive and avoids some foods which may be goods also for the body. That is why many people go for a less restrictive plant-based diet which is found be much better.
    Like any good vegetarian food, this food will also improve the immunity levels and make more resistant to diseases.

    always confident

  • Human body is a great biological machine and it can adjust to all types of foods and drinks which people consume worldwide. It has a very big capacity of digesting and converting them to energy for day to day work in our lives. At the same time we should be careful about the various food items, which though body is accepting and processing, can be harmful for us in myriads of ways. So, type of food and amount of food these are the two crucial parameters which are required to be seen in pursuit of a good health and it is here that the concept of Satvic diet comes in picture.

    Satvic diet advocates taking natural and nutritive foods rather than junk, readymade or stored and preserved ones. It is believed that taking Satvic diet regularly makes a person healthy not only in his physical ways but also for his mental growth and stability. Our ancestors used to have Satvic diet and had a long life which we cannot imagine in toddy's polluted environment. The basic ingredients of Satvic diet are fresh grains, fresh vegetables, fresh fruits and milk. These are sufficient to give us all the nutrients, antioxidants, energy for our working and why we require any other animal meat supplement after that. When the need of the body is already met with Satvic diet in a comfortable way then going for other indulgences is too much of asking. It is only the taste due to which we are being lured there.

    Thoughts exchanged is knowledge gained.

  • Food has very important role in keeping our body healthy. Now-a-days as where most of the people suffering from health problem. So, it is essential for everyone to know about food quality.
    Satvic diet means pure food. It contains all kind of nutrient which provide strength to our body. In other words, it is called pure vegetarian food. In mythology, you might have heard about its importance. In earlier times, most of the people used to have a satvic diet. At that time people would healthy and fit for a long time. Their average life expectancy was 70.
    Different items are included in satvic diet are as follows:-
    1.All kinds of fruit and green vegetables
    2.Milk, honey, curd and jaggery
    3.sprouted grain, nuts and seed
    In Ayurveda, it has proved as good for health. It is believed that the satvic diet controls heart disease and boost up our immunity system. It has many more benefit from the health point of view

  • Satvik food is good for both our body and mind, now it is important to know what is satvik food, food which is easily digested in the machine of the body and does not cause disorder. That is the sattvic food

    It increases the energy in the brain and keeps the mind cheerful and calm. Satvik food is very helpful in keeping the body and mind completely healthy, those who want to get good health in all three ways, spiritually, mentally and physically, they should eat satvik food.

    Satvik food is very easy to digest. One should always eat such things after fasting which easily digests. The specialty of Sattvic food is that it relaxes the mind and stomach and keeps you calm, alert and refreshed by taking such a diet.

    According to Ayurveda, the intake of satvik diet improves mental strength and body health. The age of those who eat satvik food also increases. Eating such food removes tiredness and makes you feel at peace and happiness.

    Satvik food is a good option for patients with high blood pressure and diabetes. Because it has little use of things like spices, oil and sweeteners.

    Satvik food offers beautiful and attractive body. Sattvic food like fruits, green vegetables, milk gives a different glow to the skin and the hair also becomes shiny.

    One should always eat hot and fresh food because hot food and stomach heat cook such food quickly.

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