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  • Suggestion for gas stove for kitchen

    Planning to buy a gas stove for kitchen? Searching for the best among propane and wolf stoves and specific brands and pricing? Scroll through this Ask Expert page for answers to all your queries.

    I was planning to change my gas stove and searched online but I stumbled upon few new kind of gas stoves like - Propane stoves and wolf stove.
    Can anyone suggest me what exactly are these propane stove and wolf stove? As for Wolf ranges stove, I think it is not available in India and if yes then where and how to get them alongwith the price details.

    Will it suitable for Indian kitchen and food or not. Give your valuable suggestions.
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  • What I feel that if you go for online verification of gas stoves to be used for the home. then surely get confused because the high end varieties are mentioned there with large burners and lots of flame which is not required for a domestic home. There are many house hold brands for kitchen gas stoves which are made as per the BIS certification and thus one can believe and trust the brands for quality. However what I suggest that your gas dealer is the best person to guide as now a days gas connections are given with stove facility and good quality and after sales and service is also guaranteed.

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  • Propane is the gas which is compressed and filled in the cooking gas cylinder and we use it. What most of us are using in our houses is propane only. You can buy some good stove to use it. There are many good brands available in the market. What I would suggest is just go to a dealer in the market and check the good brands there and note down their names. After this go to the Amazon or Flipkart type any site and search for it. Sometimes they would be very reasonably priced there and then you can take a decision on that.

    Wolf is a hi-end brand name for gas stoves and they are manufactured in US. Their prices start from Rs 30000 approximately for the basic model. They are well known for their quality and design. One can buy them from the leading online portals like Amazon or Flipkart.

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  • 1. The cooking gas we use in our houses is propane only. Propane is the major constituent in this gas. So the stoves we use may be called as propane stoves.
    2. Wolf stoves highend models manufactured by Wolf. They are very costly and the Indian versions are also available. You can see various models available online. But I never suggest you go for them as after-sales service is very difficult as the users are very less and you may not find the after-sales service personnel easily and the availability of spare parts is also difficult.
    3, The gas stove is to be selected on the basis of the peak hour requirement and the budget. We can go for either 2 burners or 3 burners or 4 burners. This is to be decided based on the requirement. In morning times we may have to use 3 or 4 burners as the pressure on the kitchen will be more at that time. 3 burner models are better.
    4. Butterfly, Sunflame, Prestige, Milton and Elica makes are good quality gas stoves. There are many models again in each brand. You can decide on the variety.
    5. In our house, we are using Sunflame Bonus DX Stainless Steel 3 Burner Gas Stove, Manual Ignition from the last 2 years and it is working well.

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  • Propane stoves are the normal gas stoves we use in the kitchen with gas cylinders. These stoves are usually compared with the electric stoves but for general regular use, propane stoves are preferable as they are more efficient. Such Propane stoves are available of different brands and also in variable sizes in terms of the number of burners.

    If the family has school going kids and office going elders at the same time, it is better to get one with 3 or 4 burners but again if the platform in the kitchen is a bit narrow, then 3 burners are the best option because 4 burner stoves are broader in size in most of the cases.

    Then another option is to have a stove with a lid or without a lid. 4 burner stoves are available with lids and can be closed when they are not in use. It does not allow small insects like ants, cockroaches, etc to roam around on the stove or burner.

    Glass top gas stoves are now days preferred than the steel stoves. It is because; the glass top stoves are easier to clean.
    All the gas stoves can be bought in the range of Rs. 1000 to Rs. 15000.

    Regarding wolf stoves, they are imported and are available are very high rates.


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  • Moreover to this, my suggestion is to select the stove before buying a new one, whatever be the make, we have to measure the length and breadth of our kitchen table where we plan to use. It is to avoid the over size. Also, we have to plan which type of stove we practiced to use. My wife intended to buy a glass top three burner stove. I with the intention of not to disappoint her nodded and we bought. After reaching the home only we found it is over size and not possible to seat in the kitchen desk. To provide a separate table also not possible as we have no space in kitchen for additional table. So, we kept the stove as bought for three years idle and later we gift the same to our brother's daughter on her marriage.

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