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  • TB Meningitis Ryles Tube Duration

    Do you have a query regarding duration for using ryles tube for a patient suffering from TB meningititis? Want to knwo when to replace the ryles tube? Find responses from our medical experts here.

    Hello Doctor

    My father is a TB MENINGITIS Patients and he is unable to swallow orally through mouth

    My concern is till how long ryles tube can be placed by changing every two weeks with new ryles tube. Today is 35th days as on date.

    Suggest us a doctor also.
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  • TB meningitis is a TB infection in which the membranes surrounding the brain and spinal cord are also infected with the TB bacteria. This requires a long treatment at least for 6-7 months and can prolong to even 12 months with the TB medicines along with some additional medicines. In your father's case only after the treatment takes place you can hope that the condition of the patient improve and Ryle tube can be removed. This is different from the normal TB and requires hospitalisation and specialist doctor to treat it.

    What I would suggest is either to admit the patient in some nearby medical college or some multi speciality hospital where good facilities are available. In such places some good doctors would be there to take up the case in a proper manner. You have to keep patience as it is going to be a long treatment. You talk to the doctor there and ask about the TB treatment. If there is no facility at your village or town then you have to shift him to a bigger hospital or medical college in the nearby city.

    Knowledge is power.

  • Nano gastric tubes are meant for feeding the patients both liquid, semi liquid food where the volume in a normal case should not exceed more than 2500 ml in a single day. This is also known as Ryles Tube and is ideal for the patients not able to swallow the foods. If the patients are not injected intravenously the volume stated above is applicable.
    Since the Ryles Tube is devoid of side effects, it can be used for a prolonged period as the doctor thinks fit. So there is no case of your apprehension in this regard. Some are given feeds life long.
    Feed volume has to be decided depending upon the age of the patient. Children below 5 years of age would require 1gm/ kg/ day as total Protien requirement but for the adults it should remain in the range of 0.5 to 0.75 GM/ kg/ day.
    In case of fever, infection or tissue damage, intake of fluids can adjusted depending upon the recommendation of the doctor.
    In a single feed, 100 - 150 ml of milk is fed and the same can be given 10-12 times in a day to compensate nutritional requirements. Sugar may be added in such feeds as per needs of calories of the patients.

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