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    Can I complete my graduation after N+2

    Wondering how to complete graduation after a drop? Searching for detailed information about to take this ahead? Find advice from experts here for all oyur queries.

    I had completed all my four years Bdes(Bachelor of designing)course duration-2013to2017 but left two practical subjects, due to some personal issues I had started to work, and my college had been taken all fees which was more than 6 lacks rupees till 4th year, now after 3 year gap, I would like to submit that 2 practical projects and want to complete my graduation and degree certificate, kindly help me the way to continue the pending two subjects or any other way to process.
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  • As per the prevailing guidelines, the universities or colleges give 2 years grace period for completing the arrears accumulated in the students academic account. Now you say that you completed the course partially in 2017 and I am afraid you do not stand a chance for that. Still on humanistic grounds one can always appeal for the same and if the management goes through your personal compulsions due to which you could not go back there to complete the arrears, then they might give you another chance. In case, they agree, you would have to deposit some fees for the examination and if you clear the practicals you may be awarded a degree. You can take a chance for it by requesting them to consider your case sympathetically.

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  • According to the latest guideline of UGC notification, the maximum grace period to complete the degree course is two years apart from the duration of the course.
    Your degree course session was of four year ie from 2013 - 2017 and hence you were supposed to have completed it by 2019 enjoying the grace period of two years of UGC notification.
    You may write an application to the university officials via the recommendations of the Principal of giving the exact reason compelling you leave the practical papers. The university officials may examine your case with the proper review of your case. You will be provided a grace period to clear your practicals within the period recommended by the officials.
    Take an immediate step in this direction.

  • As per the existing rules of the University Grants Commission, a student who studied undergraduate course or postgraduate course will be given 2 years grace period after completing the course duration. If the student fails to complete the backlogs within those 2 years, the university may give one more year extension as a special case if they feel that is reasonable. In your case already 3 years are over. The candidates who completed the backlogs after taking 1-year extension will be considered as a private candidate and no rank So it may be a difficult issue to get an extension.
    However, you can apply to the Vice-Chancellor of the University through the College you have studied, giving the reasons for not completing the backlogs. You can also mentioned that you have not attempted to complete and exoplian the reason properly. Then they may allow you. But chances are very remote.
    If the extension is not granted you have cancel the earlier results and attend for all the papers of all three years.

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