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  • Confirmation on a consultancy (Fake/Trusted company)

    Want to check the genuineness of a consultancy website? Check here whether the web services provided by them are genuine or not.

    Hi team recently my details was disclosed to some scammer on job. I am getting lots of mail after that and am worried about my personal details that was used by scammers and now i got a call from a consultancy
    Just want to know whether it is genuine since they are asking me 30k to pay for the job at the movement and overall payment will be 3 lakhs which can be paid on installment. Please help me to find this out
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  • These days there are many institutions. But we can't take them as genuine. Now, these organisations are very unreliable. You should not get into trouble by paying money.
    One of my relative after completing his B.Tech tried for a fellowship abroad. Some consultants like this collected money but there is no positive result. Similarly, he paid some money for another organisation for a job. But afterwards, it was proved that the organisation is also a fake organisation.
    These days these consulting agents started phoning up and say that we have a good job for you. You have to join as a member of our agency so that we can recommend your name for that job and chances are very good. But they will never tell any details of the organisation which is offering the job. After paying the registration fee we will not get any call.
    I have visited the website mentioned by you. It is not safe and I am not sure that they are genuine. So don't pay any money without getting any confirmation from the recruiting company. Otherwise, you will be at a loss. There are some genuine organisations like, and These are very famous and standard organisations.

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  • Don't be lured with the tall promises made by some agencies. Seeing the volume of unemployment, many fake agencies have come up with the proposals soothing to your ear. It is their intention to extract money from the gullible aspirants to entice them some how or the other. Hence prior to making any advances in this regard, it is always better to make a Google Search of such companies and this will enable to detect the authenticity of such companies in terms of its genuineness or otherwise.
    However, you can safely rely upon, Times of etc regarding their roles in providing jobs through their consultancies.

  • It is very true that nowadays there are many fake agencies available in the market. As number of unemployment increasing day by day. So unreliable companies are opening rapidly. You should not believe on them easily. All fake agency have a single intention to extract money from the customer. This kind of agency makes a big promise from the customer but afterwards, the result would be nothing. So, there is a great need to be cautious before paying money to any agency. You must check whether it is genuine or not. You should take all information regarding its authenticity through a google search. and are standard organisation where you can try without any confirmation.

  • Nobody can give a guarantee of reliability of different job portals, however, some of them may be considered as good job portals like Naukri. Times job. Zigsaw. Monster India. Indeed. FresherWorld. LinkedIn. Freshers Live etc.

    I advise you to keep in touch with the Job Section of ISC where you can see a good amount of job opportunities free of cost. Go through and choose your job.

    National Career Sevice is a government of India job portal, you can join it for excellent job opportunities.

  • Usually job consultancy firms which are genuine, never ask for any money for providing you with job offer. It's a very old trick still used as there is an issue of lack of employment opportunities and students and freshers in desperation pay up money to such people who are always on prowl to loot needy students and freshers.

    Usually money is paid for the application (if any) and that too to the company directly and never to such middleman. I think you must be aware of that.

    You must not only ignore but mark the mail and details as spam. I have found some details of the website which I am sharing with you and you search a littel deeper to know who exactly is the person/agency/fraudsters behind this.

    Check the attachment, the website is registered in the name of Infinity Career Solution Services in Chandigarh.

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  • Before internet arena also there were cheating of this kind through newspaper advertisements and verbal communications. I have experiences of such things pertaining to the 1970 to 1990 era when people were being duped by so many fake companies in one way or other. After that due to internet penetration these fake entities mounted their sites in internet and started the frauds online. We should be very particular and cautious in dealing with any site online which asks us a fee for some service and assures us a job in lieu of that. If such a job existed then the owner of that fake site would had availed that job himself. It is because he did not get a job he started to make people fool through his website.

    There are many sites where if you work then they promise to pay you some remuneration but actually they do not pay you and when you claim they do not answer it. Unfortunately there is no governance and strict legislation to monitor and control and punish these fake entities and that is why internet is a safe place for them to exist and do all sort of malpractices. I have visited the site you have mentioned and I do not find it as reliable. Nowadays I am getting a lot of fake mail which starts like - 'Your money is refunded. Claim it.' or 'your account is closed. Contact us.' or 'Your card is cancelled. Renew it.' or 'Your tax refund is ready. Claim it.' or 'You have won the lottery. Collect your money immediately.' When you visit there then they start telling some different stories. Some of them are clever enough to steal the logo of reliable companies or organisations and distract you to thinking that they are genuine.

    Using internet is alright but we have to be very careful and if possible use firewalls and other software programs in your device which can filter the spam sites.

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  • Mostly, the consultancy is a fake one. From my personal experience, I can say that many Job Consultancy firms ask for a registration charge and if they have certain conditions like paying them a part of salary after earning the first month's salary it is clearly mentioned in their Terms and Conditions. This registration charge is fixed and does not vary depending on the job. No job consultancy firm charges such a big amount for registration and when they are telling you to pay the amount to secure the job then please do ignore such offer. No consultancy firm will offer a job in lieu of payment and no reputed company will ask for money from the selected candidates. The present pandemic situation has resulted in many job losses and as usual, taking advantage of this situation many are trying to dupe job seekers in disguise.

    I am sure you have not shared any vital information like your Bank Account details or any other financial details and the details of your ID cards issued by the government. If you have somehow shared any such details you need to be very cautious and this particular issue will be an experience for you to be very careful while surfing any website. There are few security tips to know about the authenticity of a website and these Six security tips to know if a website is authentic or not will be helpful.

    When you are getting a number of emails from particular email id, you can create a filter and set the condition to delete such emails from a particular sender/group of senders to keep your inbox free of such emails.


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