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  • How to stop rapidly increasing height

    Worried about your fast increasing height? Read this page to know if there is any method to stop the further increase in your height.

    I am a 16 years old boy from Sri Lanka. I am worried about my fast height increase. In my 14 my height was 163 cm But now in 16 years, my height is 183 cm. It is problem for me because my height is still increasing and all other people are shorter than me in my country. If my height increases with 5 cm, then I cannot go in the bus. What can I do to stop increasing height?
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  • Though you have registered a 20 cm growth within two years according to your confession but you have to understand the functioning of human growth hormone which remains active up to 19 years of age but its intensity deteriorates with the slight precautions taken from your end. You may follow certain tips helping you to arrest your height in an abnormal way-
    1) Pituitary Secretion- Pituitary Secretion is responsible for growth and development of the body. More human growth hormone is secreted, the more your body grows. At times, the pituitary glands may have disorder thereby ending with releasing larger amount of human growth hormones accounting for abnormal height increase. This issue can be fixed with an endocrinologist. Hence take the appointment of the specialist.
    2) Take care of your diet - A balanced diet is helpful for the overall development of your body but in your case, you need to restrict to such pattern of diets. Consume foods rich in carbohydrates. This will result in gain of your body weight and the tendency of your body to register height will drop due to gain in weight.
    3) Genetics factors determining your height - Genes of both parents determine the height of children. You have to consider the genes of both sides - your mother's side and father's side and collect the record of their heights. This will determine your nature of your growth.May be henceforth your growth will remain stagnant since your height has reached to the levels of the genes of both sides.
    4) Physical Exercise- It would be better to reduce the physical exercises especially the stretching and jogging causing elevation in heights.
    5) Posture - Though you might not have paid attention to your posture, but posture can make you loose up to one to two inches of your height by stooping your body while walking. The bending of the spine will affect the growth plates lying on that region and hence to some extent, the issue of growth of height can be arrested.

  • Your height mainly depends on your genes inherited from your parents and a little bit on the food you're consuming and physical activities you're doing like playing basketball or swimming is conducive for height.

    Take lots of Tofu, Soybeans and soy milk. Avoid dairy products and animal meat.
    Weight lifting is a good exercise which helps to stop height increasing. If there are any hormonal imbalances, consult a doctor.

    Don't take testosterone or estrogen prescribed drugs to stop your height until your doctor suggests you.

  • Many people ask how to grow tall as they are not happy with their height. It is very difficult to stop growth. But my general observation is that height will be passed for 2 years from 14th to 16th year. After that, the growth will become slow and you may not grow further tall. My sons also gained height during this age. After 16th year they have not gained any height. My elder son is 170 Cms. and the second son is about 180 Cms. The following will give you some inputs on this subject.
    1. Gender: This is an important factor. The height of your father, mother and grandparents (Both maternal and paternal) will have a good say on your height. My grandfather and grandmother and my mother are short. So I am only 160Cms. But my father and his parents are long. So my sons have gained height. On these issues, we can't have any control.
    2.Diet: This plays a very important in height. A balanced diet is always preferable to the children to reach their full height. A diet rich in all the essential minerals and vitamins will give good growth to the children. As you are thinking to stop growing in height you should go for a diet rich in carbohydrates. You may pick up weight but height may not go further, You should also take all the other nutrients and minerals to avoid malnutrition as per the recommendations.
    3. DNA: Your DNA is a combination of your father and mother. Some traits may come from father and some others may come from mother. If both the parents are tall, the chances for you to go taller than they are high. There is nothing we can control in this aspect.
    4. Exercises: The exercises you do and the time you spend on this will have an impact on your height. By reducing your physical exercises you can control your height gain. Stop doing the stretching exercises. Concentrate on exercises that give you muscles.
    5. Pituitary Gland: This gland is responsible for the growth and development of the body. Any disorder in this gland sometimes will give you height. So to know about the function of this gland you have to consult a doctor and take his opinion.
    6. Posture: This will also help in controlling your height. A straight posture will make you gain some height. A little bending will make you look shorter and it may reduce the growth to some extent as this posture will have some strain on the spine.
    Many people feel proud to be tall. Amitabh Bachan is a tall hero and he is living a tall life and attained a special status in movieland. So feel proud for your height and live happily. Try some of the above tips so that your growth may not be very fast as you expected.

    always confident

  • Your age is the correct time for growth and as all the factors in your life like genetics, food intake, exercising etc are indicating to height gain you are naturally achieving it. But it would not go on like this and soon it would arrest by itself. The body has a mechanism to control these things and soon you would not witness any growth. It s unlikely that you would go on becoming taller and taller.

    There are no magic potions for arresting it but there are some measures which many people undertake to discourage the tendency of the body to gain height. Some of them are -

    1. Do not undertake stretching exercises, as they induce height gain in the body. Do not hang from girdles or bars or things like that which many children do as a fun activity. No hanging from trees either.

    2. For some time eat poorly. When nutrition would be poor body would not gain height. Avoid or take a little of all nutritive foods like dairy products, protein and calcium rich foods etc.

    3. Consult a doctor and ask him if you are a suitable case for hormone therapy. Estrogen is one hormone which is generally recommended in such cases.

    Knowledge is power.

  • Mostly, the height of anyone increases according to the genetic heredity of his family that if everyone is taller in your family then you will grow taller or everyone in your family is of shorter height, then you will also remain shorter, which is true but sometimes Sometimes it happens if the parents of a child or all the members of his family are short, then the length of the child will also be more. You can manage your height with good nutrition.

    Due to not getting the right Protein and Nutrition, our body's balance of development gets messed up, but if you want to develop your body properly then start taking special care on your food and drink.

    Whenever we talk about height, it is such a major point that is out of our control and there is no such thing that can increase or reduce the length of a person.

    A lot of sleep is necessary for our health as well as it is also very beneficial for our growth. It is very important for us to get at least 8 to 10 hours of sleep.
    What happens when we rest, at that time our hormones stay in balance properly and the muscles of the body and other body parts develop properly, so sleep is necessary. Apart from this, we should always sleep properly.

    Do not stress. When we are under stress, our body parts slow down to do their work. Our mind is then entangled in that tension, then it cannot give any order to our organs.

    Many people use many medicines which claim to reduce or increase your height. After taking these medicines, you may have many side-effects and can affect your growth, therefore, such medicines Avoid being consumed.

    Exercises gives our body a good shape and together keeps us fit but by exercising you can manage your height. It is believed that our height does not increase after the growth plates are closed, but if you do swimming, biking, yoga and other exercises, then your body will be in a perfect curse, the height can be stopped through some special exercises.

  • Well, as many members have already pointed out above, your height seems to be increasing due to genetics or it could be hormones on an overdrive. You can get it all checked up by a well qualified medic preferably an endocrionologist. Do not take any medications to stop or arrest your growth without pirior notification. From a well qualified medic. Doing so can adversely affect your body in many ways. Hope this answers your query.

  • In a temple of Tamilnadu there is a statue of Bull which was growing more and more. People and King were afraid about this. The king discussed with the relevant authorities and specialists and on their suggestion a big nail was installed on the top of the bull statue. Then the growth got stopped and even now we can see the big bull statue with nail. Growth is very rare item in human and normally we cannot stop this by any medicines etc., as it may go worse if we approach a thing against the nature. Believe this and go along with as you cannot lose anything besides popularity as highest man in the world.

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