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  • Can anyone share list of open source video editing software or free video editing software

    Looking for video editing software? Get a vast list of good video editing software for editing videos and from where to download them.

    Can anyone share any good video editing software for editing videos. If the software is open source and receives regular updates then that would be best.

    If any open source software is not available then free video editing softwares can also be shared. Do also mention from where to download them without much hassle.
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  • Video is made from phone or camera, so before uploading it somewhere, you have to use the video editor software to edit it well. Many video editor software is on the internet so that you can edit the video in any way -

    Most common video editing software are -
    Adobe Premier Pro - This video editor software is for Windows and Mac. It has been developed by Apple and is very high quality video edit software.
    Window Movie Maker. - If you want to learn video editing and you do not know much about it, then Window Movie Maker will be right for you in the beginning. It's very easy

    Some other video editing software -
    1 Lightworks - is a video editor software. If you use different video editor software for different video platforms, then let me tell you that if you get the features of different video editor inside it, you can use the video of different platform Can also edit inside
    2 Camtasia Studio. - This is a very popular software that can be done by both professionals and bogginers, you will get both free and paid versions on the internet. It has a great interface
    3 Sony Vegas Movie Studio - is one of the best video editing software as it gets edited quickly inside video and is not difficult to use much. This video editor works only in the window
    4 Blender - You will get it mostly on internet for free, its main task is to add the 3D animation to Windows, besides all the functions like cutting editing etc.
    5 Final Cut Pro - You can use it for video editing in the window. It is such a popular video editor that even big professional editors use it. The special thing about this editor is that it has a very nice interface.
    6 Corel VideoStudio - is a simple video editor software, it is very easy to use and is a popular graphics suite and it supports all formats of video inside the input whether it is made from DSLR or iPad or smartphone and the input Supports all popular video formats inside output
    7 Shotcut - This is also a very good software to work on Windows as well as Linus, it can be easily edited in Vedio.
    8 AVS - Video Editor is one of the top video editor. If you want to edit a good quality video from your window computer, then you can use this video editor. There are many features inside it so that you can make many types of videos can affect.

  • There are many apps which are available for this purpose. Some of these are as follows -
    1. Magisto:
    It has facility of mixing and editing the photos, video clips together and also provides a music in the background for which it has an internal library. It is free but can be upgraded to premium on payment.
    2. InShot:
    This is a very simple and fundamental video editing tool and suffice for the basic editing jobs like trimming, speeding, adding music etc.
    3. WeVideo:
    This is a cloud based app which is available free for its basic version and paid for the premium one. It has many advanced functionalities like audio editing, licensed music, high resolution editing etc.
    4. Blender:
    This is a versatile application having facilities for speed control, filters, adjustment layers, adding video clips, audio clips, images, and effects etc.
    5. VideoShow:
    It is one of the most popular software used for video editing. It has many facilities like music, filters, text overlaying, stickers, scenes manipulations etc.

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  • The following are some of the free video editing software. I think these softwares will be useful to you.
    1. OpenShot: This is the best software for beginners. This is available of Windows, Mac, and Linux operating systems.
    The interface and design of this software make this perfect for simple editing.
    2. VSDC Free Video Editor: This is a very good software and many people are using it. This is available windows operating system. There is a paid version also and it includes many more features. But this is considered to be the best in available software.
    3. Movie Maker 10: This is also a free video editing tool for windows. One can add captions with fonts and colours you like.
    4. Lightworks. : It is the best online video editor for real-time project sharing. Windows, Mac, and Linux operating systems are compatible. It supports a wide range of video formats.]
    5. Shorcut: It is one of the best tools for movie making for audiophiles. It supports many platforms like FFmpeg, 4K, ProRes, and DNxHD. It is a top-notch editor.
    6. Blender: it is the best professional video editing software. It is with 3D creation suite, Eventhough It is designed as a 3D animation suite, it comes with a functional video editor. This is compatible for Windows, Mac, and Linux.
    7. VideoPad: It is the best free video editing software for sound mixing and useful windows. Double built-in screen is a special feature in this tool.
    8. iMovie. This is in general treated as the best free YouTube video editor. This will support for 4K resolution and allow users to create cinema-quality films. Mac operating system is compatible with this.

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  • There are many video editing softwares available in the internet. Some of them are free, some are free as well as having paid versions and some are only in paid category. Please note that some of the free video editing apps will put their watermarks on the videos. Now we will go through some popular and free apps for this purpose.

    1. VSDC desktop video editing software - It is available in free as well as paid version and works in Windows environment. The free version has many features including a mask tool, green screen video effects etc.

    2. Movie Maker 10 - This is a basic video editing software for Windows and has many video and picture editing tools including adding captions and customisable fonts. It has animation facility to add music and titles etc.

    3. Shotcut - It is an open source free video editor for Windows, Mac, and Linux. It is very versatile and supports so many formats. It has multi-format timeline for mixing and matching and also has capabilities like bass, treble, filters, compressors etc.

    4. VideoPad - It has easy to use interface and it is an ideal software for beginners in this field. It is free of cost and works in Windows environment. It has multiple display facilities and audio overlay is quite smooth. The videos after editing can be posted directly to the platforms like Facebook or Youtube.

    5. Quik - This free app is for Android and iOS and has got many features like professional time-lapse sequence creation, aligning videos to music, intelligent editing assistant etc.

    6. Magisto - It is for Android as well as iOS. It is free as well as has a paid premium version. It is said to be the best AI-powered video editor. It is easy to use and has functions like facial recognition, filters, effects, auto cropping etc.

    7. KineMaster - It is loaded with many features and has both the versions free as well as paid. It is easy to use app and has many functions like blending, voiceovers, speed control, video reverse, chroma key, frame-by-frame adjustment etc. It works in Android and iOS.

    8. OpenShot - It is very good software for the beginners and is easy to use. It is very good for some jobs like clip resizing, scaling, trimming, snapping, rotation, credit scrolling, frame stepping, time mapping, audio editing, and real-time preview. It works in Windows, Mac, and Linux environment.

    Actually there and many more softwares for this purpose and people use one or more of them as per their basic requirement. For example the You tubers generally use Adobe Premiere Pro, Final Cut Pro X, Adobe After Effects, Lightworks, Shotcut etc. For the beginners Movavi Video Editor Plus, Pinnacle Studio, Lumen5, Blender etc are preferred. Then there are some free apps which do not show the water mark on screen like VSDC, OpenShot, Shotcut, DaVinci Resolve etc. So one has to select as per one's choice based on all these factors.

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  • Video content is always changing and is the source source of making money on YouTube by creating their own OTT video subscription like Netflix.
    While choosing the best video editing software, you need to consider numerous points such as the usage of computers, file transfers, editing features like fillers , transition videos, audio setting and video file outputs etc.
    You may use the following editing softwares as per your convenience-
    1) Abode Premier Pro CC - It is considered as as a leading video editing software where well integrated workflows are used to edit your videos without exiting your timeline. Here video footage can be edited in ultra high end 8 k as well as in virtual reality. Content delivered is appropriately optimised for any screen.
    2) Final Cut Pro X - It is a premier video with the provision of video editing package perfecting blends of video features with a smooth learning curves for the consumers. The interface uses a three plane view with a trackless Magnetic Time feature excellent for using dual monitors. Some other special features include multicam editing, unlimited video tracking, chroma keying and above all super fast performance.
    3) Ease VS Video Editors - Their Video editing offers a lot of basic timeline features like cut, trim, merge and rotate. Their tools make video editing easy and convenient too. Here there is the provision of addition of music file to your timeline. You can upload directly to YouTube. You can also use Ease US tools to convert youtube videos to MP3. It is a simple video editor at an amazingly low price for Windows that could be used by anyone.
    4) Abode Premier Elements 2020 - Premier Elements have lot of great features like transition effects, enhanced face detection, focus adjustment and the more.
    5) Open Shot - Open Shot is regarded as a popular video editor equipped with open source offering DMG installer for MAC OSX. So it would not be necessary to get it compiled and installed manually.
    The special features of this platform are as follows-
    1) 3D animated titles and effects
    2) It is supported by almost all video / audio formats.
    3) Desk top integration
    4) Key frame animation.
    6) Vid Cutter - Vid Cutter is an open source video editors for achieving basic tasks. It can work for all the common tasks like clipping or cutting. It will provide you some special features such as the followings -
    1) Major audio/ video supporters
    2) Key frame viewers
    3) Different clips containing cut, split and other different clips.

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