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  • Best school management software

    Want to install a useful and very effective school management software? Check out the recommendations made at this Ask Expert page to know of the best software that is beneficial to manage various accounting and admin. tasks for a school.

    I would like to know which is the best school management software for various aspects such as fee payment, attendance, administrative tasks, etc. Is there any software that you are currently using? Share your best recommendations.
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  • As we all know that computerisation helps us immensely in managing anything in our business and that applies to running a school also. Today it is difficult to imagine running a school without computer aids. For school management there are so many softwares and apps available that it sometimes becomes a difficult task to select the one as per one's need. So what I would suggest is as most of them give a demo version free for a few days one can just check the functions available and ease of using it and then can decide to go for one of them. I am giving some selected softwares out of so many available in the internet .

    1. HDSchool - This is one sturdy application which has facilities for course management, time table management, payroll etc. It is claimed to have a intuitive interface.

    2. DigitalSchool - It has many useful modules like courses, results, fee, salary, accounting, enquiry, attendance system, SMS facility, transport etc. It also have video and photo gallery.

    3. eConnext-K12 - This covers classes from Kindergarten to 12th grade. It has many administrative and educative functions and streamlines the school operations well.

    4. Chanakya ERP - It is used by many institutions and it can be customised to the needs of schools and colleges.

    5. Campus 365 - This uses a cloud based ERP system and can be customised to the needs of the particular educational institute. It claims to provide end to end solutions.

    6. MyClassCampus - It is having many modules which are necessary to run a school and it is offering a 7 days free demo also.

    7. Parentsalarm - This is also equipped with many modules required for school running and at the same time has a real time system to communicate with the parents.

    8. ChalkBox - It is an old school software but having all the modules required to run a school effectively. This has got a user friendly interface.

    9. HyperDrive HD School - It is one of the popular application used by the schools and has all the important functions in it. Free trial is also available.

    10. School Diary - This is also equipped with many school functions and also have a very good module for connecting the teachers and parents. Messaging is inbuilt in it.

    11. SchoolPRO - It has got many features like attendance tracking, parent and teacher interviews, flags and alerts, and many more. This is available locally or cloud based as per the choice of the subscriber.

    12. Entab CampusCareĀ® ERP - This is also one popular application being used in schools. It is a comprehensive school management software and has got so many modules. It takes care of everything from managing attendance of thousands of students, facility of bus tracking, GPS and online fee management etc.

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  • These days we are finding software solutions for almost all activities. For any organisation to take care of their activities ERP programming is one of the best solutions. This ERP package can be made tailor-made to your needs. In my previous organisation, we used this ERP package for all our activities. However, that is a costly affair and we should have a constant up-gradation as per the requirement. However, there are many softwares available that are exclusively designed for schools. there are some free softwares and some are to be purchased.
    The following are available free softwares. I have given only a few but many other softwares are also available.
    1. Fedena: This is a free version. But there is a paid version also with the same name. The paid version will have many features than the free version. You can use it for attendance tracking. student information and many many other features.
    2.FeKara: This software is good for the schools where the strength is less. This will have features like Dashboard, Examination management, Admissions, Faculty messaging, Attendance tracking, Time table for classes etc.
    3. Gibbon: This is a good software which is having all management requirements and also gives some features useful for teachers .
    4. OpenSIS; It is good for small or medium size schools which is having some teachers having computer knowledge. Student demographics is also a feature in this software.
    5. SchoolTool: It is a web based software useful for school management. Assessments and discipline tracking are also two important features which can be monitored with this.
    6. TS School: TS School is also known as Time Software School. It is a good software for schools of all sizes.

    There are some paid option also. Some of them are listed below.
    1. PowerVista: Their website is The software provided by them will be easy to install and maintain. One can understand all the features easily and can handle.
    2.Edumarshal: Their website is It is amodern cloud ERP with eLearning platform . A user friendly platform. This is useful to save time and money in school management.
    3. Skyward school management: Their website is This is a good version which includes future-ready student information system.
    4. My class campus: Their website is It is an Indian based company. Lesson Planning, Exam Scheduler, User directory, Fee & Finance management are also included in this package.
    5. OptionC: Their website is Grade books, assignments, online lesson plans, report cards
    are some of the main features this system offers to the customers.
    6. Adminonline: Their website is This is designed for schools and coaching services. Finance, administration, communication, customers and other features are included in this.

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  • There are many software available on Internet which would be useful for school managements.
    ZeroERP education management software - ZeroERP is that the best education management software for Schools.
    Apart from this, you'll be able to also see the subsequent software

    Go E School
    Jack prodigy
    Pelagian School Accounting Software
    School cube

  • As the strength of the students are on the increasing trend and hence we need to have the matching management software. A school management system equipped with ERP system is capable of managing and streamlining the day - today work of administration with the proper utilisation of automation power.
    While we are looking for the school administration software, we may include some efficient plateform shelling the school management to use the best means of software to streamline their functions. A few such such softwares are listed below -
    1) Entab Campus Care - Entab Campus Care ERP is basically an artificially intelligent software equipped with tremendous modules and superb features. Campus Care ERP is a comprehensive school management tool managing everything right from the attendance of thousands students, providing the facility of bus tracking, GPS and online fee management etc. This is essentially a cloud computing drive and this software is completely safe supporting automatic recovery backups. Its other features such as stability, safety, accuracy, security and high speed would attract your attention.
    2) School Diary- This software would help in making connection of the parents with the teachers. It would include some special features such as bus tracking, children safety, fee payments and of course communication. Essential informations can be acessed at any time anywhere in the form of multimedia content. Some of the notable features of this software features are one to one massaging, staff - management, admission management etc.
    3) My Class Board - It is a cost effective school administration software offering a flexible range of modules and features. Managing finance performance to performing academic tasks such as grade management, uploading report - cards and examinations are some of the special features of this software.
    4) School PRO - It is one of the best appratus in creating a strong communication channel between parents and teachers. Depending upon the requirement of the school, we can select cloud or locally hosted School PRO. It covers programme such as attendance tracking, parents and teachers interviews, flags and alerts etc. The company provides training to the users so that they become fully familiar with the overall features.
    5) My Class Campus - My Class Campus is essentially a school management system serving as one of top solutions for the management for wide range of operations ranging from finance to inventory. This ERP provides system and generate reports for the effective functioning of the school. This would include gate - pass issues, human resources management, hostel management, grievance redressing etc.
    6) Jack Prodigy- This software is equipped with cloud computing and keeps the data absolutely safe and confidential. Other features we can have are resume builders, leave management, parents and teachers meeting etc. It is best suited for mini school having the strength of students less than 750.
    7) School Tonic - While thinking in terms of paperless administration to be employed in the school. School Tonic would serve us in that direction. This software would provide parents all the necessary details of their wards such as fee - management, students admission, their marks - sheets and information regarding the upcoming examination etc. The school - management can connect all the stakeholders on a single plateform enabling communications in a more effective way.

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