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  • After completing mba in operation can we switch to other field

    Confused whether an operation management graduate can work as an HR? See out experts' opinion over this issue. Also know which fields are open after completing MBA in operation.

    I have completed my bachelor's and now am doing my masters in operation and currently working in a company as a HR admin so I just want to know can a operation management graduate can work as an HR (admin staff). Also want to know that which all fields are open after completing MBA in operation
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  • The versatility of the MBA programme lies in providing inputs to the aspirants regarding the different streams being taught in MBA curricula. Take an example that you are perusing MBA in finance, you will still be taught for Marketing, HR, Operation etc so as to make you familiar with the different streams. To sum up, it is the best way to strengthen the concept of the aspirants of the core subjects and in case of emergency, the aspirants can deliver the best results in the different streams if exposed in such areas.
    Now let us consider the roles of the Operation Managers. They are the specialised people having enough vision to curtail the cost of a particular operation with the reduced consumption of certain items or still better with the total elimination of a particular item. Though the ultimate output as a result of such a change is not going to affect the physical or mechanical properties of the product, there would be a huge saving in terms of financial investment. While making pig iron in the Blast Furnace, the previous trend of using Coke was to the extent of 910 kg/ ton of hot metal where as the present rate being 540 kg/ ton of hot metal. Hence the role of operation manager is important in many ways so as keep the operation process economical without making any compromises in the quality of the end product.
    Now in case of assigning any different role to such Managers in the areas of HR, they would employ their visions how best the efficiency of people engaged in the particular job can be improved upon with certain training in the process, encouraging them to take up multitasking etc. These HR Managers would be competent enough to change the attitude of the work - force so as to achieve the enhanced production with the effective guidance.
    Hence you would not lag behind in your role if your stream is changed in your working area. Moreover, you have been provided inputs of working of different streams in the first year of your course.

  • Presently you are doing your MBA in operations and working as an HR admin. That is good. After completing your MBA also you can continue in HR department and there will not be any problem in your career. Your qualificationwill be useful to fetch a job and the progress in your job depends on how you work in the post and your performance will have a say in your progress. So you need not worry that your progress may get effected. In fact, after completing MBA if we want change to a post on operations, your experience may not be counted. So even after MBA also you can continue as HR admin and try to change to a good organisation in the same department.
    Coming to operations management jobs, thencourse is the best and have many chances. They will be offered jobs in key areas of the business, The following are some of the areas where they can be posted.
    1. logistical management
    2. The overall supply chain
    3. production and quality assurance of the product and process
    4. vendor development and relation management
    5. Procuring, stroing and managing the flow of materials .

    The following roles will be good for an MBA Operations person.
    1. Business Operations Management
    2. Purchasing Management
    3.Materials Management
    4. Operations Research

    always confident

  • Under this MBA branch, you are given the responsibility of performing tasks like production management and shop floor management. Under this, you get to learn how to maintain the process flow, how to manage relationships with different departments of the organization and how to manage the buyer-seller relationship,s and how to make them even more intense, etc. Operation management is related to product design and management, process, service, and supply chain. Its scope of work is very large, under which the company has to work in many areas. The key tasks of an operations manager include planning, forecasting, product design, etc. It includes technology selection, managing the supply area, project management, inventory management, maintenance and quality management, etc.

    Having an MBA in operations management, there are career options in various fields. Now it is up to you who you choose.

    Finance Institutions,
    Consulting firm,
    Insurance, Retail,
    Transportation etc.

    Operations managers form and lead the team for the success of the company. While these have the qualities of future planning, they should also have the capability of quick decision making.

    You can also switch your field if you want to do so, you can go with it -
    If you have the required qualities of good HR within you, then you can get a good job in HR department in any company, under this, recruitment of employees and officers in the company, preparing policies about how to work with staff, salary of employees and for them Management of holidays etc. is taught to you.

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