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  • Anxiety disorder making my worries worse about my 11th marksheet from 8 years ago

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    I finished my 11th standard cbse over 8 years ago. My combination was PCMB and English. I passed in 4 subjects but it says I've failed math but they promoted me to 12th with a promise that I would do well in 12th. Will this marksheet cause problems in the future? I did pretty well in my 12th cbse boards.

    I only now remembered that I did badly in my 11th standard when I was going through old certificates. I'm panicking at this now because I have an anxiety disorder. I hope this will not result in a big issue now that results in them cancelling my 12th marks and then also invalidating my degrees. I wish I could go back and demand for a compartment exam because its just a few marks to get a passing score. I don't know what to do, I'm absolutely panic stricken. It took a lot of effort to get my life on track after a series of bad events happening to me and I don't want to lose all my progress because of this.

    This used to be a common practice back then, more than half the students failed and were given a retest if it was more than 1 subject and passed conditionally if it was only one subject. But is this ok?
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  • What matters in the career making is the result of class X and XII where you undergo centralised board examinations. Class XI is an intermediate stage and if a student can work hard and cover the syllabus later and have a good performance in class XII, then there is no reason of any worry or anxiety. I do not think that this is such a grave problem as you are experiencing under such extreme anxiety bouts. You have to keep your documents ready in whatever form they had been provided to you. The authorities would notice the promotion remark that is mentioned in your class XI and then see the final good result of class XII and that is a normal thing and nothing to worry about it.

    Please note that anxiety is a severe disorder which affects our proficiency in our work and even our cognitive and decision making faculties are affected by it. We must distract our mind from the root cause of anxiety. It would be better not to worry for those things which are beyond our control and at the same time we have to divert and focus in creative activities rather then weep on past mistakes and failures. Past is past and gone for ever. The future is the place where we have to live and flight for our survival. So, past memory is for only gaining the experience as not to repeat the mistakes and blunders in future in our lives. Please concentrate in your present work and assignment or studies whatever it is and do not unnecessarily get haunted by the dark bands of your past educational life.

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  • There is no reason to worry about the marks you scored in your 11th standard. Nobody will ask for those marks and for securing admission to any course or to apply for a job you need to mention only the marks scored in the board exams of 10th, 12th, Graduation and Post Graduation. Keep all the mark sheets and certificates in a secured place and it is always better to keep the certificates and mark sheets of all your board exams in a separate place. When you keep all those documents separately, you only need to take out that particular folder when required where the pass certificates and mark sheets of all your board exams are kept. In this way, you won't be able to notice the mark sheet/certificate of your 11th.

    The main problem with you is the anxiety disorder and since you have already recognised your problem, you need to address it. This disorder will not let you sit peacefully and you will keep on worrying on various issues in your regular life. If you have not taken professional help already for your anxiety disorder, I would suggest you consult a professional who will help you out to get out of the disorder. Various situations may arise in our lives from time to time which may give rise to many health issues, especially mental, and if those issues are not addressed it will complicate the issues further. There is no reason to worry unnecessarily. You need to be guided by someone to put things in order inside your mind so that you can stay healthy and happy. Exercise regularly, keep yourself busy in activities that you enjoy and consult a professional who can address your problem. You may go through the article How students can deal with common issues to make their lives easier to get an overview of the issues they face regularly.


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  • What you have mentioned above is not a big issue for which you are taking tension. The marks you scored in 11 the standard would not affect your carrier as wherever you apply, they will ask for only 12th mark sheet. You should focus on the future instead of crying in the past.
    Nothing is permanent in life. You should think that way. You are suffering from an anxiety disorder. That's why you are not forgetting this happening. You should keep busy in some activities. You should do some creative work so that mind may divert. You should consult a doctor if any disease persists for a long time. Health is most important for life. It should be safe at any cost.

  • You passed X class and XII class and you have proper marks lists with you. You have not bluffed or deceived anyone. Many of the students who failed in one subject are promoted from XI to XII as that is not a public examination and conducted by local authorities only. The result will not matter.
    One of my relatives failed in one subject in 9th class and he was promoted to 10th class as he failed in only one subject by school authorities. Afterwards, he passed the 10th class. He passed 12th class then Graduation and Post-graduation. He worked as a lecturer in a government college and recently retired. When he failed in 9th class, he worried and started on his studies in 10th class and did vert will in his further studies.
    So your `11th class result is not going to create any problem. Forget that. keep all the certificates neatly in a file and try to present them to the authorities when they want to verify them. Attach only true copies to your applications but not originals.
    Coming to anxiety disorder, this is to be addressed immediately. If you neglect it, it will become more complicated and create you many problems. You have to consult a good psychiatrist and tell him your problem. He will tell you the ways to come out of that problem. He will give you the required medication also and will see that you will be out of that problem. If you ignore the problem now, it will become difficult to concentrate on the works you have to carry out and start worrying for all small issues also. So you should get the treatment.
    Ignore small issues and try to keep cool always. Try to do some meditation and some physical exercise daily as a routine. Go on read good books so that your mind will be present and you will not have any free time to think about unnecessary issues.
    In our lives, we will be facing some problems. We should not worry for them and we should think of ways to come out of those probelms/ No problem is there without a solution. Don't worry. Read books. Pray to God and consult a competent medical advisor.

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  • When your class XII result is already good and you have a credential for that then there is nothing to worry and you can proceed ahead in your career and life smoothly without thinking for such things which have no significance. You have got an attack of anxiety which is a matter of concern and if you cannot get rid of it by your own efforts then I would suggest you to consult a Psychologist who can possibly help you to come out of this situation. Getting anxiety due to petty matters is sometimes a sign of personality disorder and one has to identify and recognise it in time before it harms our personality.

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  • I guess a short trip to a psychologist might help you in dealing with your anxiety problem. If this does not resolve it then you better contact a professional hypnotherapist. Hypnotherapy has been proven to relieve symptoms related to anxiety or panic disorder. Furthermore you do not need to worry about your previous grades as you've already cleared the XII with sucess. Right now what matters more than your studies is your mental health. It must not further detoriate. Otherwise it will affect both your professional and personal life. Please contact a reputed health expert and resolve thisissue as soon as possible. Hope this helps!!!

  • You are unnecessarily worried regarding your class eleven performance especially in Mathematics where you needed a few marks to have been declared successful in that paper.
    However, I will tell you a strange fact that most of students in class eleven find the course structure somewhat difficult due to the introduction of new concepts which they find difficult if their doubts are not addressed properly. In the area of Mathematics, they come across sequence and series, binomial theorem, quadratic equation etc which need thorough concept and if their doubts are not resolved, they find this subject extremely difficult.
    However, the consolation part is that your performance in class twelve was remarkable and this should rejoice you.
    In fact, no authority would like to know your performance of this class. They would ponder over your performance of class ten board, class twelve board, your graduation degree etc and your perforomance in such stages would impress them.
    Hence, wipe out your confusion that class eleven result would impact your interview.
    Join some classes where your communication skill could be developed apart from presentation skill before the interview.
    If you cannot come out of the present negativity, consult some clinical psychologist to redress your present problem with a series of sessions which can restore your confidence.

  • There is no point of getting worried about the marks secured in 11th Class. As you have mentioned, they have already promoted you to 12th Class and hence there is no need of worrying about the marks secured in 11th Class. Firstly, I would like to let you know something about our state of mind. Usually, mind perceives whatever we thought we are. If you think that you are strong, you will definitely become strong and pursue the success. On the other hand, if you think you have Anxiety disorder, definitely you will be losing faith and all.

    Hence, I suggest you not to keep telling your mind that you have anxiety disorder or somewhere you are stressed. As you might have already completed your Degree course and all, there is no need to worry about marks scored in 11th Class as 12th Class marks sheet is the major one which plays important role.

    Coming to the main point, most of the private companies or some other companies, they don't even care about the marks secured in academic qualification and they only look for talent or skills in your core or technical subjects which will be useful for their company's growth. Hence, take all the past things on light note and think what should be done now and please concentrate on your future where you can create lot of better things further.

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