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  • Accessing Remote of client machine on Chrome remote browser has font issue?

    Getting blur view on your computer screen? Get advice from our tech experts.

    Accessing Remote of client machine on Chrome remote browser has font issue, Font and icon on remote computer show blurring so not able to work properly. I request to experts to advice solution for the same. In our laptop font is ok but only remote desktop font display problem. I tried many ways but not yet solved.
    I installed display driver also, check display setting ,screen resolution etc but issue not yet resolved. Please advice.
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  • There could be many reasons for getting a blurred font on a remote Chrome browser and sometimes it can be corrected by turning off the Hardware Acceleration. For this one has to go to the extreme right side of chrome window where three vertical dots are there and then click it and then select settings. Now go to the bottom of the screen where one would find Advanced Settings. Click it and then go to the Hardware Acceleration and turn it off at the switch on the screen against this item.

    If the above does not help then go to the same three vertical dots and select settings and go to bottom to the Advanced Settings and click it and then scroll down and you would find a parameter as 'Restore settings to their original defaults'. Click the Reset settings button. Once this done, restart the computer.

    One more thing which is important is that people download many remote Chrome extensions but do not use them. It is advisable to remove those which are not needed as some of them can create such blurring problems.

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  • I tried your advice but its not worked but I solved it in other way will share my solution after getting more response from other experts because we may get good answer for this question which exactly will work.

    Santosh Kumar Singh
    (Sr. Microsoft Dynamics Axapta Technical,Mumbai)

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