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  • How to change name in passport according to changed aadhar card name

    Want to rectify your name spellings in aadhar card, pan card, and bank account? Get help from our experts from this page.

    I have realized lately that my SSC, HSC and graduation mark sheet name is different from other documents

    Now I just found out I can change my name from aadhar, pan card, and bank account.

    I had a query regarding passport.
    1. Can I change my name in that too my actual first name. not middle or last name.
    2. I need to change type of ECR to Non ECR
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  • You can change the name and other particulars in the passport by applying for a reissue of the passport. You have to go to their site and you can apply online. You have to make an affidavit as per the procedure which will be known to a lawyer and then you have to advertise in two newspapers about the change of name. You have to wait for 30 days after the advertisement and then you have to apply for reissue. You have to submit a sworn affidavit or Deed Poll as per the format given in online and is called Annexure E' . You have to submit two original paper advertisements that you have given after the affidavit. You have to attach your original passport also. Form No. II for Miscellaneous Services is the form you have to fill and attach the above documents. You can submitted your application online and you can take date for the personal appearance and as per that, you have to go to the passport office.

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  • It has become easier to do any kind of correction in the passport, for whatever correction you want to make in the passport, first of all, you have to register on its website. If you are already registered, then you just have to log in by clicking on the link given above.

    These documents have to be given -
    Old passport (original),
    Self-attested photocopy of first and last two pages of passport,
    New ID certificate,
    Gazette notification of name change,
    Court order (if add some add or delete in the name) and
    PAN card.

    You will need to keep proof of your new name document. If you have the wrong spelling of the name in the new passport, then immediately submit it to the Passport Office. You will have to apply for a passport online again.

    Click the link and download the form. The form has to be filled online and saved and the same form has to be uploaded online. A printout of its form will have to be taken out and submitted to the Passport Office appointment will have to be taken. At the time of appointment, forms, original documents and self-attested copies along with these will have to be submitted to the Passport Office.

    After this, your document and police verification will be done. After this, the department will send the corrected passport through the post at home.

  • For making a change in name there is a procedure of gazette notification and you have to take help of an agent or lawyer who would prepare a legal affidavit and it has to be signed by you in presence of a magistrate who would countersign it under his seal. After this, it has to be sent for gazette notification in the gazette of Govt of India. All this process takes about a months time and then with all those documents you have to apply for reissue of passport in the passport office site by uploading the documents like Aadhar card, Residence proof, name change gazette notification etc and then you would get a date of appointment when you have to take all the original documents with you.

    For ECNR endorsement your graduation certificate would be required as proof of educational qualification. They would also check why it was not done earlier and things like that you have acquired the graduation recently. So, take all the relevant documents with you to satisfy the authorities.

    Once your name change is reflected in the gazette then it would be applicable to your all documents where your name was misspelt or mentioned wrongly.

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  • Your have some name in your educational credentials and some different name in the identity documents like Aadhar, PAN, driving , Voter card etc. You are telling that you have come to know that you can change your name in these latter mentioned identity documents. So that is all right up to that point. Before going further, I want to mention that any change in name whether it is first name or middle name or last name or surname requires correction because a wrong name in any document is an unacceptable thing and would be treated as belonging to someone else. So that is the reason why the so much complex procedure for name change has evolved with time.

    The basic procedure in this regard is take an oath in stamped judicial paper that is make an affidavit to that extent that the correct name is such and such and due to oversight or error it was mentioned in the documents wrongly. This affidavit has to be signed by the person and has to be mandatory countersigned by the magistrate to make it a legal document. This task done, the next thing is gazette notification and giving this information in the newspaper. Once it is notified in the gazette then a copy of that notification would be required to produce anywhere in support of the true name. These documents can further be used for correction in specialised documents like passport etc.

    You have to apply for reissue of the passport and surrender the earlier one and attach a copy of all the supporting documents in favour of your correct name. Nowadays you can upload them online also and then go for the interview in the passport office o the scheduled date for confirmation and verification of the documents. The above procedure of name change might look elaborate and that is the reason why many people take help of the agents who are well experienced and would do your job by taking a fee for that. I would advise to go through that route so that things can be done quickly.

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