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  • About my marriage relationship issue

    Planning to get married within the family circle? Want to know if this is permissible according to the law and religion? No worries, you can check out this Ask Expert page and then decide whether to proceed with this marriage.

    Hi! I have one question about marriage problem. The girl who I am going to marry is my father's sister's daughter. From my father side relationship is some what okay but from my mother side the relation is not matching because the girl's mother is my mother's mother's sister. The girl with my mother is sister. She is calling my mother as sister.

    Kindly resolve my issue. Whether it is okay or not: marrying her?
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  • Actually it depends upon the customs in the community. If in your community marrying in such near relationships is allowed then there is no problem. Otherwise it is better to avoid the near relation marriage as that is considered unethical.

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  • It is not clear that from which angle you are making this query. If you are asking from social point of view then you have to follow the local custom and respect and honour the local rules and regulations in this regard as we cannot survive by ignoring our community or society. Generally in many societies such marriages are not thought to be feasible.

    If you are asking this from legal point of view then the considerations would be different. In Hindu marriage act it is specifically mentioned that any relationship in sapinda category is not allowed legally and is questionable in a four of law means it is actually prohibited. Sapinda means direct relation up to five levels in father's side and three levels in mother's side. The level is to be counted considering the present level as one. From this angle yours is not a direct relation so is admissible.

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  • The reality is that some provisions of Hindu marriages act prohibited marriages in spouses and restricted relationships, But at the same time, it has also been given that such a marriage can be done if the tradition allows it. But in such a situation, when someone calls marriage as valid according to tradition, then one has to prove that tradition. About any person, the spindle relationship will be called the descendants of up to three generations in the mother's line and the descendants of up to five generations in the father's line. The row will be counted upward concerning the person concerned and the person concerned will be considered the first generation. Two persons will be called each other if one person is the ancestor of the other in a row or the other has the same ancestor in the relationship. It can be seen in this way that a man will have a separate relationship with the daughter of his maternal uncle because the man's maternal grandfather and the woman's grandfather will be the same person. Similarly, there will be a strong relationship with the daughter of the aunt because the grandfather of the man will be the maternal grandfather of the woman. We will thus calculate up to three generations in the mother's relationship and up to five generations in the father's relationship to identify the Sapind.

  • 1. The marriage issue is to be resolved with your family and relatives.
    2. In some castes marrying father's sister's daughter is acceptable. But in some cases, it is not acceptable. So that you have to discuss with your family members you have to take a call.
    3. Legally, your relation will come under sapinda relation. "Sapinda relationship" will extend up to the third generation in the line the mother, and the fifth in the line of the father. The first generation being the bride and bridegroom. So your marriage may get registered under special marriage act.

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  • The daughter of your father's sister is cousin to you. Your father's sister is your aunt. So you have no problem in marrying her daughter as you have right to marry her. If you are following 'gothra', you check the girl side gothra if both are similar is called 'sagothra' that means she is equal to your sister, so it is not advisable to marry her.
    As for as relationship you can marry her. But nowadays a practice is prevailing that scientifically marriages within relations have some genital problems. So far I concerned the marriages withing right relationship is acceptable and valuable than the outside marriages as the incoming girl can know the customs and rituals of our family than the incoming girl. Many difference of opinions, disputes are coming only based on the rituals and follow ups as the same is insisted by mother in law to daughter in law. In many houses the gents do not care on the rituals and follow ups as the society is expecting this only from house ladies. So, the husbands newly married do not care about the rituals and followups and they do not care if the newly wedded girl do not follow them and even he got angry with his own parents who insists or expect the followups from the girl. If the girl is within the relationship, there are possibilities that she could follow them.

  • Whether you should marry or not in close relation, all these depend upon your family from a social point of view. In some community, this kind of relationship is not acceptable. whereas, some community like tribal community allow this kind of marriages.
    From a legal point of view, your marriage will be called " Sapinda relationship" in which extend up to third generation in the line of mother and fifth generation in the line of the father. According to Hindu marriage act, Sapinda relationship is not allowed.

  • The relationship narrated is not clear. It appears that one relationship is direct and another relationship is indirect or as cousins. one or other level from both sides-maternal and paternal. So very near relationship. Moreover there is objection from one side. Hence it is prudent and practcal to avoid this marriage.
    However confirming that the relationships do not come in the prohibited relationship legally and if socially accepted in your community, you may go ahead getting consent from both sides.

  • According to Hindu Law, Sapinda Relationship is forbidden since such a bondage would indicate their close relationship between them and as such the relationship between them is prohibited unless there is a custom to follow the same in their society.
    Under such cases two persons offere pinda to the same ancestor and in such cases, two persons would be Sapinda to each other. This relationship is further modified to the third generation of the mother and fifth generation of father considering the sufferer being the first generation.
    If the custom permits such a marriage despite being Sapinda relationship, marriage can be negotiated. There is a provision of such a marriage under the section of 5 ( four) of the Hindu Marriage Act 1955.

  • The query you have raised was raised earlier by other members and our experts have provided their answer to it. I would like you to check the link about marriage relationship issue . You can find relevant information through the link and hope you give it a second thought on your marriage.

    As mentioned by other members and expert, there are certain customs and tradition that we follow and we need to view it in an open angle when it comes to marriage as it is not only about two people but two families and we need to take along everyone for a happy and prosperous life.

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