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  • Which subject to choose after 10th pass-out

    Are you confused about what to choose after passing your matriculation? Check this page to get the best options from our educational experts.

    My friend's cousin has completed 10th standard and passed with overall 75 percentage. The candidate has got reasonable marks in Maths compare to all other subjects. In this regards, he is seeking some advice, like, which subject to choose after this for Higher secondary admission and future Degree course etc.- Commerce, IT related, Accounts, Maths?

    Experts can let us know their feedback on this.
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  • First ask and get the student's natural interest and aptitude. Marks may indicate interest and aptitude but can be deceptive also. Hence it is imperative to assess the real natural interest and aptitude. If that special bias or liking is not there and the student can put efforts and learn any subject, then it is better to choose PCM or PCB subjects in 11&12 classes. That can form a basis as it may be easy to branch out to any speculation science or technical subjects in degree and higher level. That can also be okay to branch out for non-science subjects also.
    After choosing it depends on how the students puts effort and how he focuses on the subjects and tries to gather extra knowledge from vast reading and getting knowledge from other sources too

  • I will tell you that if you first identify your interest, if you feel that you are interested in the internet, computer or technology, then you have to choose a career accordingly and if you are interested in medical, accounting, banking, then you should choose a career accordingly. have to do it

    The following are the options for you -
    Science: If you take science subjects after 10th, then you get 2 options, first biology, and second mathematics, you can choose any one of these two subjects. Along with these two subjects, you will inevitably have to study Physics Chemistry.

    Commerce: If you want to make your career in fields like accounting or banking after 10th, then commerce is for you, with commerce, you have to face subjects like accounting, economics, in which there are many possibilities ahead. If you want, you can also do commerce with computer application, tax, honors, so that you do not have any problem in doing professional courses like BBA, BCA, and then MBA after 12th.

    Art: After the 10th, art is also a good subject, taking art allows you to study subjects like history, geography, economics, political science, if you want to go into the administrative services, then art is perfect for you. Some people may have a misconception that there is no identity of a person doing a BA or 12th art, but it is not that you can get a very good job by taking art and make a career in fields like Economics, Politics.

    After 10, you can also learn some professional courses -

    1. Engineering Diploma: Many institutes and polytechnic colleges get engineering diplomas after 10th, after doing these you can get admission to direct BE or you can also do a job in this field.
    2. Computer Hardware and Networking: This is the right option in this computer age, in this field you get information related to computer repair and networking. Which can help in getting a good job.
    3. Stenography and typing: You can also do a diploma in stenography and typing after 10th, in some states, 11th, and 12th can also choose stenography as a subject, typing steno or steno job can be easily obtained. Such adverts continue in the courts and other government offices.
    4. ITI: If you want to do a course after 10th, which gives you a quick and good job, then you can do ITI, you can do ITI in many subjects like electrician, welder, fitter, carpenter, mechanic, Steno, computer, etc.

    Take your own time think about it, have a good discussion on this matter with your family members, your teachers, and your advisable people then only take any decision because this is an important step or stage of your career. All the best.

  • As per the details provided about the student it seems that he has a good grip in Mathematics as compared to other subjects. This gives a clue that he might perform better in pure academics or engineering side where Mathematics plays a vital role. It is also observed that the students who are good in Mathematics, generally excel in complex scientific research that finally helps them to settle in national scientific laboratories or in related international projects.

    First thing in this matter is that the student should be aware of his interest in a particular subject. Today, there are different streams and people would say that there are more job opportunities in one particular area as compared to the other and the student would get confused with those career aspects and might choose a subject where his interests do not lie but due to scope for a career and high salaries he gets tempted or lured to that area. So some sort of prudence would be required at this juncture to take a decision for making a fruitful career. So just choosing a set of subjects in class XI would not be of any avail unless there is a undercurrent for choosing that particular combination.

    Today there is a tough competition everywhere and one thing that the student should note is that whichever line he wants to choose he has to excel there and score high and try to be in the merit otherwise there is no point in going for higher education. If one has a doubt about one's capability then it would be better to go for a diploma and certificate type of thing at earlier stages itself to avoid embarrassment at later stage.

    So, we would see some career lines and then link it with the subjects to be chosen in class XI and that way it might look more logical to go for them.

    1. Teaching - This is an evergreen career and it is said that it is one of the most peaceful and contending profession. If the student feels that he has interest in that line then choosing subjects of the choice like Maths plus science or commerce or even humanities would suffice for the purpose. For university / college lecturer ship one has to follow the PG plus NET route while for school teaching one has to go for graduation followed by B.Ed. For every stream we have to analyse like this so that just by reading this description, the student can decide about it.

    2. Medical - One of the most promising and respectful carer line if the student is having an interest in it. For this Biology is to be opted in class XI and has to qualify in the medical entrance examination.

    3. Management - This line is having fancy for many. It is also true that who does not want to become a manager. One can, after doing the higher secondary with any subjects, go for the MBA degree and pursue this line where tremendous scope is there in industries and organisations.

    4. Engineering - Many students want to pursue this as there are good job opportunities for an engineer. A large number of vacancies for engineers are advertised by the companies time to time. One has to take science and Maths in class XI for this and qualify in the entrance exam.

    5. Finance and Accounts - This area has got a lot of thrust lately and has got good potential for career growth. This would require the student to choose commerce in class XI and after completing higher secondary might go for B. Com. followed by CA or M.Com. or some diploma course in financial or accounting subjects.

    6. Information Technology - This is also an evergreen area and many students have made glorious career in this niche area. It still holds a good potential and if the student is interested in computers and software programs, I would strongly recommend for this stream. For this student has to simply pursue Science with Maths in higher secondary and then go for computer engineering or B.Sc. in Computer Science and then go for specialised courses in specific fields. Some emerging areas are Digital Marketing, Data Science, Cloud Computing etc.

    The above is an indicative list only and there are many other specialised or general streams where one can try one's ambitions to be converted in reality. Some of those are Agriculture, Microbiology, Fisheries, Environment etc.

    Knowledge is power.

  • The information given by you indicates that the student is having a better knowledge of Mathematics. Mathematics is a very important subject and will have many chances for higher studies in various fields. Another advantage is that a person who is good at mathematics can farewell in many competitive examinations also. So the student can opt for mathematics and other sciences as a combination. But the interest of the student is very important. I suggest to ask the interest of the student and go for MP that is mathematics and physical sciences as subjects. That will give him further many chances to study various courses based on his interest. After completing 12th class with MP, the student will have many options for further study. He can do B.Sc or BE/ B.Tech. There are many options in these courses. He can select the course he likes and can continue his studies to do MSc, PhD or ME/M Tech. These degrees will give many chances for the candidates to go for careers in various field. He can go for teaching jobs. R & D jobs, Management Jobs and Scientist jobs.

    always confident

  • As you have mentioned that your friend's cousin has scored some good marks in "Mathematics" subject compared to all other subjects we can find some key steps to be followed.

    1. Sometimes we can get the answer in the Question itself. As you are saying he has got good marks in Mathematics, it itself showing that he has got keen interest in Mathematics subject.

    2. There are several courses to be taken after completion of 10th Class for getting admission in higher secondary course (10+2 level). Some of the major disciplines are,
    A.Commerce (Company Secretary, Chartered Accountant, ..etc.,)
    B. Science (Physics, Biology, Mathematics, English, Computer Science, Chemistry..etc.,)
    C. Arts (Political Science, History, Home Science, Economics..etc.,)

    3. As he has got interest in Mathematics, I would suggest him to go with "MPC (Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry" after 10th Class.

    4. After completion of MPC at 12th Class level, you may for "Engineering". There are several streams again in Engineering like
    Electronics and Communication Engineering
    Electrical Engineering
    Computer Science Engineering
    Information Technologies
    Civil Engineering
    Mechanical Engineering...etc.,

    5. You will be finding great job opportunities in IT Companies, Core Sector, Private Organizations or even in Government Organizations. Some of the government organizations like "Union Public Service Commission" and "Staff Selection Commission" recruitment Board offer "Junior Engineer" recruitment for candidates from Engineering background.

    Our part is to give suggestions to him and the final decision depends on him. Hope my suggestions would be helpful to you.

  • The marks in high school examination would not be criteria for choosing the subject or your carrier. These marks of high school examination are not important. You must decide what you want to be? What is your interesting subject? Always try to get admission in the category which suits you the most. Please ask the student about his favourite subject and his interest. And by asking him decide a subject of his interest.

    Honesty is the best policy.

  • The student has secured 75 percent marks in Mathematics in class ten board indicative of his passion for this subject but Mathematics alone would not be the decisive point in choosing his ultimate career, a little more is to be known regarding his inclination for other subjects so that he can proceed further in a line with such combination of subjects providing him immense interest. Let us discuss some of the lines suiting to him for making a bright career with the perusal of such combination of subjects -
    1) Choosing the Art Stream - With his deep passion in Mathematics, he can well understand the complexities of Economics where there is wide application of datas, mathematical models and other economical patterns. His combination of Mathematics, Economics and Geography would be a perfect combination even for his graduation stage. With some impressive marks in this combination, he would be inducted in one of the best colleges for the perusal of his B.A. degree. After his graduation with at least high second class marks, he can appear for civil services and other banking examinations or he can go ahead for the post graduation so as to choose teaching line in some college with the clearance of NET.
    2) Science Stream - Choosing Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics and Biology would provide him dual advantage of choosing either Medical line ( due to Biology) or Engineering line ( due to Mathematics). However, he should show his enough inclination in either of the streams. Subjects taught in class eleven and twelve should be thoroughly understood which in turn will arouse his further interest.
    3) Management Profession - This is open to all graduates regardless of the stream. However clearing CAT with an impressive percentile beyond 98 will render him opportunity to be inducted in a top IIM institution paving the scope for his further growth. Even with the MAT and getting a seat in a top B class school would not be bad. Some of the streams such as Human Resources, Marketing, Computer Management are the fascinating areas for accelarated growth in the industries.
    4) To take up B.Ed after the graduation- This could suit him if he is interested for undertaking the teaching profession. It should persued through a well reputed university.
    5) Opting for CA - The student will have excellent growth if he persues in this line while doing his B.Com. He has to clear the foundation course apart from his main examination. The course material is provided by the institute but the student has to go through the different basics included in the syllabus so as to emerge successful.

  • As mentioned above by the author, student having much interest in mathematics. So, he can opt this subject for making future. Moreover, there are many stream available which would be suitable for him from career point of view.
    Let us discuss some of the stream for making good career with subject combination as follows:-
    1)Information technology - Nowadays, this subject are more in demand. There are many opportunities available in this field. So, those student who are interested in computers and software programs, can go for this stream. For entering in this field, student has to pursue Science with maths in higher secondary and then go for computer engineering or B.Sc. in Computer Science. Digital Marketing, Data Science, web designing etc are job oriented field.
    2) Management course - It can be done by any stream. If you have done graduate in any discipline can go for MBA course. Most of the institute conduct entrance test which has to qualify for taking admission. After completing it, you can get good job in industries. Human Resources, Marketing, Computer Management are the emerging areas in this field.
    3) Engineering stream -These days, many students are pursuing maths subject as there are a large number of job opportunities published by the companies . For this one has to take Maths in class XI. After that he has to qualify the entrance exam for getting admission in B.Tech.
    4) Arts stream - There are many subject such as history, Geography ,Economics, politics etc can be chosen after 10th if you having interest in these subject. These are good subject for making career in civil services. Besides, by taking this subject, you can make career in teaching field also.

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