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  • Is it still possible to clear backlogs while studying BA in another university

    Want to clear backlogs while studying BA in another university through distant or regular mode? Check out this page.

    I currently have six backlogs while studying B.Sc. microbiology and I'm planning to study BA English now, but I want to know is it still possible to clear my backlogs while studying BA English in another university? I will probably study BA English as a distant course.
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  • Because of the development of science, the world is shrunk into our palm level. My cousin who seeks admission in B.Sc with major of Physics got admission only in Chemistry major. My uncle who is also a lecturer, consoled him to join in the Chemistry major as he can have physics as ancillary. He also joined in the college and at the time of final year, my uncle who went to University on other work inquired for him whether he can pursue Physics Major graduation after finishing chemistry major graduation. He got way and accordingly on his advise my cousin passed his both B.Sc degree. This was happened in 1977. Now we can do many courses if we have interest in study. Go ahead. Contact the university office or university's city centers situated in nearby area about the procedure for appearance. You go there in person with all your details.

  • You can clear your backlogs while studying another degree in another university or the same university. But as per the UGC norms you will be given two years time after completing your degree to complete the backlogs. You may get one more year as a special case if the college thinks that you can be given one more chance. After that, you can't complete those backlogs. You have to start again as a fresh student by cancelling the previous result. You have not mentioned when you have completed your third year of B.Sc. Please see the rule and decide.

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  • Yes, the backlogs of six papers while perusing your B.Sc in Microbiology can be cleared as per terms and conditions of the university. As per latest UGC notifications, backlog papers are to cleared within two additional years apart from the normal schedule of the completion of the course. Hence make the best use of the available time so that no backlog remains pending after the expiry of the permitted period.
    Since you want to take up B.A. In English through the distance mode from a separate university, in noway it will affect your preparation in this direction.

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