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  • Is there any best online education website where teacher can join to teach online and earn salary?

    Looking for a website where you teach and earn online? Check this page to get a broad list of best online education websites.

    Is there any best online education website where teacher can join to teach online and earn salary? There are lot of peoples lost his job due to lockdown or corona period so many people seeking to earn something from online and ready to give tuition online to children or students.
    Can any expert here advice some website on which we can trust and can use to teach online classes or coaching.
    Thanks in advance if you give best answer on this.
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  • Due to increasing activities in online, many sites have been created for teaching the students by the tutors. Most of these sites require the tutors and students to register and then tutors would offer the courses or select some tailor-made courses to teach the students. Depending upon the activities of the tutors the payment would be made to them as per the terms and conditions of the site. There is no concept of salary. It depends on the level of the course, hours taught to the students, hourly tuition rate for that particular course and things like that. One has to go to site and register and then either start an activity within the syllabus offered in the site or design one's own and submit to the site to populate it there and if some students join that course then the tutor has to start the teaching sessions. So, one has to learn this new avenue in that fashion and make a place for himself. Generally these sites would get rating and feedback from the students and based on that a tutor might get better reputation and consequently his number of students might increase which would help in terms of more payment to him from the site. Some of the good sites for this purpose are -

    1. Chegg Tutors - This is mainly for high school and college students and pays to the tutor on an hourly basis. It has a feedback and rating mechanism for the assessment of tutors by the students and if rating is good then that can help the tutor to get more opportunities.

    2. Udemy - This is a huge site in the sense that it has about 80000 courses which can be taught by the tutors. They have already about 27000 tutors working in this site. In this site the teacher has to create a course and when the students buy his course the tutor gets paid.

    3. Tutor Hub - This is a popular platform where a student has to search a tutor online and start learning from him the particular topic. This is a simple site and tutors as well as students can use it easily. Tutor would be using an online tutoring classroom in the site for teaching the students.

    4. Buddy School - It is a convenient platform for the tutors who are beginning their teaching careers. The tutor has to introduce his course material here and when students rate it then he builds an audience and slowly increases his following.

    5. Tutor - This is one of the old site and is a popular one with students. It provides tutoring, coaching, training etc to the students. In this site teachers also customise their lessons as per the need of the students.

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  • There are many websites which will pay you for online teaching. You can join and take classes as a teacher. You have to get registered in the concerned website and follow the instruction given there for starting your teaching there. You have to upload your resume.
    Some of the websites I come across and found to be good are
    1. Uteach: Uteach will help you in creating your own website. This website will be your personal brand. You can decide on the domain name and design. First of all, you have to get registered to the platform, Then you can follow the instruction and upload your video courses. You can go through their website for details.
    2. VIPKID: This is a site dedicated to English teaching. The teacher will have the advantage of choosing a suitable time. is their website. You can get the complete details from there.
    3. Buddy School: Buddy school is available to everybody. Teachers need to register and create their profile. This is a very nice opportunity for a teacher to go for online teaching. is their website and you can register there.
    4. Udemy: It gives the different opportunity to teachers. You can register and upload your own courses and the student purchasing them will pay for it. is their website. You can register there and get all the required details.
    5. Tutor Hub: It is a secure website and it is a comfortable site for both teachers and students. is the website and you will get all the details from there.

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  • Yes Mr. Santosh Kumar, there is a lot of website and application which provide good money for online tuitions. Mr Umesh and Dr. Rao have already given you some websites which provide jobs. Now I would like to include some more websites:
    Unacademy: This is the best website for the online educator. This site provides a good salary and also motivate teachers by providing bonus time to time. To know about more please visit the official site of Unacademy to apply as an educator.
    Hope this information will help.
    Vedantu: Vedantu is also a good platform for educators. This site provides a minimum of 25000 INR per month if you give 4 hours a day. If you like to be a full time educator then you will get 75000 INR per month. If you want to be an educator at Vedantu please visit the official site of Vedantu and apply for the job.

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