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  • Clarification regarding higher studies abroad after completing Diploma.

    Are you a Diploma holder and are you aspiring to pursue your studies abroad? Follow this thread to be benefited by the opinion and advice of our experts.

    Please clarify my doubts-

    1)Is it possible for a Diploma holder in Architecture to study abroad?
    2)Will I be eligible for a student loan?
    3)What will be the procedure to opt for foreign studies?
    4)What are some good universities for an architect?

    Also, in your opinion, is it preferable to study abroad?
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  • Admission to the undergraduate course after the diploma is offered by some foreign universities. But it is better to complete B. Arch in India and then go for a masters course to good universities abroad is better. You will have more options.
    Get admitted to B.Arch 2nd through lateral entry. It will be three years course and after completing B Arch, you have to attend GRE and TOFEL. Then You can get admitted to the good universities based on your performance.
    Scholarships are available for abroad studies and some banks are giving loans also.
    The following are some good institutes for Architecture courses.
    1. Bachelor of Arts in Architectural Studies from The University of Toronto (U of T) - Canada
    2. Bachelor of Science in Architecture (BSA) from Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) - USA
    3. BA Hons Architecture from University of Greenwich - UK
    4. Bachelor of Engineering in Architecture Design from Stanford University - the USA
    5. Bachelor of Arts in Architecture (Honours) from National University of Singapore (NUS) - Singapore

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  • There are some institutions abroad where you can apply for a graduation course in Architecture. But the problem is that your Diploma in Architecture would not be of much use for admission and the condition of eligibility mentioned by those institutions is generally a good score in High School or Higher Secondary along with a good score in English language efficiency test like TOEFL or IELTS. However, you can mention your diploma qualification while applying in the website of the respective college and if they give some preference to it or some credit score to it for admission then that is alright and may benefit you in overall assessment by them for admission. Most of the institutes would be seeking a High School GPA of 3.5 to 4.0 and for English language proficiency test they would be seeking a TOEFL score of at least 70 or above with no sub score below 20 and for IELTS a score of more than 6.5 would be desirable. There could be some little change in these score values from institute to institute but that is the broad range one has to keep in mind.

    So seeing the above perspective in mind it would be a better thinking to do graduation in Architecture in India itself and then try for Post Graduation in foreign countries as there are many which take international students in their PG programmes. In any case TOEFL / IELTS would be required.

    So what I would advise you at this juncture is that there are some universities which take international students for their graduation courses in Architecture and you visit their site and see the eligibility and other conditions and then take a decision to apply in one of them based on your present qualifications. I would also suggest you to go through at least 2-3 of them to have a comprehensive idea of the situation. Some of these universities are as follows -

    1. Michigan State University, USA.
    2. University of Kentucky, USA.
    3. Fanshawe College, Canada.
    4. University of Brighton, UK.
    5. Nottingham University, UK.
    6. Queen's University, Belfast, UK.
    7. University of Newcastle, Australia.
    8. University of Malaya, Malaysia.
    9. Victoria University, Australia.
    10. Auckland Universit of Technology, New Zealand.

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  • Across all the countries have variety of courses. First of all you should see yourself whether you planned to work in foreign countries or in India. Then you select the country if you want to work. Then select the course. As far as your selection of course concerned architecture of our country and other countries will definitely vary. My subject is labour law, If I did any course on this subject, will the application hold good to seek a job in India without studying Indian law?
    When you have a good eatables in your own house, why should you opt a hotel?
    Similarly if you study architecture in India, you can have many precedents for better architecture as our earlier architectures especially in New Delhi,Karnataka,Tamilnadu, Andhra pradesh etc.

  • Please see these links

    I think you should contact SBI also for loan.

  • There are many universities abroad which are entertaining the foreign students for the various courses including graduation in Architecture. You have to visit some of the representative ones and find out the details. Other than the educational credentials they are particular for English language proficiency for which one can online appear in exams and get the score certificate from agencies like TOEFL and IELTS. One thing which is coming up in this context is that due to pandemic situation many foreign universities are running online courses and one can see that possibility and option also. It is a finically viable proposition as a lot of expenditure would be curtailed. Another thing is even in our country there are so many institutions providing this course and one can keep that option also in mind. Our degrees are at par with any foreign degree. Only difference is if someone is having idea of doing job in that country after acquiring the qualification from there then that is advantageous. Based on above considerations you can take a decision.

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  • Though you can persue your Engineering in Architecture in some foreign universities but considering the cost angle in completion of such a course would be huge particularly when the scholarship is not sanctioned in perusal of that programme through the university.
    Hence the best option in this regard would be to take up the Architectural Engineering course from India from a well established Engineering College with your lateral entry in the second year of the Arhitectural Engineering and the same would be possible if you had the impressive scorings in your Diploma Course.
    Once you pass the Arcitectural Engineering from the Indian University with a minimum of 70 percent, apply in the foreign universities directly by filling up the application form and must submit the scores of TOEFL test, Letter of recommendation of three different sources and your personal statements indicating your likeness for the particular university.
    Ensure that in your TOEFL test basically designed to evaluate your English Proficiency Skill should be at least above 90 so as to get admission in a well established college for Master's degree and for the IELTS score, it should be at least 6.5 scale for your convenient intake of the course.
    Some of the best universities for undertaking your post graduate course are as follows -
    1) Massachusetts of Technology
    2) University of East London
    3) Stanford University
    4) Natuonal university of Singapore
    5) University of Cambridge
    6) RMIT University, Australia
    7) University College London.

  • 1)Is it possible for a Diploma holder in Architecture to study abroad?
    A: As you completed your Diploma or doing your Diploma which is usually 3 or 4 years and you can apply for the Bachelor of Architecture.

    2) Will I be eligible for a student loan?
    A: If you have a good score and get admission into reputed college or university, you can approach any bank for an educational loan and depending upon your family financial status, you may get the loan sanctioned from the bank. Do approach different banks to know their lending rates and other clauses and then only finalise. You can even take help of your senior students or local friends to know more about each bank loan rates.

    3)What will be the procedure to opt for foreign studies?
    A: You may require to clear the entrance exam like TOEFL (Test Of English as Foreign Language), SAT(Scholastic Aptitude Test) or TAT(Technical Aptitude Test) depending on which country you are applying, some may even need IELTS, LOR(letter of recommendation from atleast three different sources. This may vary university to university so check official websites of college or university for admission criteria.

    4)What are some good universities for an architect?
    a) The Bartlett School of Architecture(London)
    Tel: +44 (0)20 3108 9637

    b) Sorbonne Uuniversite-France

    c) ETH Zurich (Switzerland)

    5. Also, in your opinion, is it preferable to study abroad?
    A: Studying abroad is possible for everyone if you wish to and have your thoughts clear about what suits you best considering the factors like the cost of the entire course, Value of your Degree, Location/ college you wish to join, Are you applicable for a scholarship, Duration of the course, Adjustability in the region, financial situation and grades, etc. If you can get a clear answer to your question, you can surely follow the other steps and look ahead of going abroad for your further studies.

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  • The answers to all your questions are as follows -

    1) Is it possible for a diploma holder in architecture to study abroad?
    The answer is yes, for any degree or diploma in which you want to pursue your career by completing your studies, you can take admission in the best universities of any country based on your merit.

    2) Whether the student is eligible for a loan?
    Due to a lack of money, banks also offer education loans for this dream if it is not complete. The interest rates for education loans are 11.75 and 14.75 percent.

    Before giving loans, the bank will need an identity card, admission letter, fee receipt, ph, too, and academic documents from the students. If you have taken an education loan, you get an exemption under Section 80E of Income Tax. Necessary documents will have to be submitted to the bank along with the form for the education loan.
    This loan of the bank also covers tuition, exam fees, lab fees, uniforms, library and hostel fees, travel expenses, purchase of books, and other necessary equipment. For this, students do not have to spend separately.

    When do you get a loan?
    The bank first checks whether the university in which the student is going to take admission is recognized or not. Not only this, but the bank also knows about the course whether after doing this course, students will get a good job or not.

    3) What will be the process of opting for foreign studies?

    As more and more students from India want to move abroad for higher studies. The United States or the USA generally tops the list of study abroad places for international students and Indian students are also the first choice for the US.

    4) What are some good universities for an architect?

    1. The Bartlett School of Architecture | UCL (University College London) / United Kingdom
    2. Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) / United States
    3. Delft University of Technology / Netherlands
    4. ETH Zurich (Swiss Federal Institute of Technology) / Switzerland
    5. Harvard University / United States
    6. the University of California, Berkeley (UCB) / United States
    7. University of Cambridge / United Kingdom
    8. National University of Singapore (NUS) / Singapore
    9. Manchester School of Architecture / United Kingdom

    Also, in your opinion, is it better to study abroad?

    This field of career is also very interesting because of the prospects of the boom in the construction industry for the coming decades. After studying Mathematics, Physics, and Chemistry subjects in XII, you can do a Bachelor in Architecture. If you have studied engineering drawing at the school level, then this course becomes much easier. B. One has to pass the entrance examination for admission to the Arc course. A B.Arch degree is necessary for a postgraduate course in Architecture.
    B. Apart from Arc, three-year diploma courses are also offered in various polytechnics. For admission in the Diploma course of Architecture, it is necessary to pass class X with Mathematics. A pass with the twelfth maths subject is required to appear in the NATA exam. To be successful in NATA, at least 40 percent marks should be obtained in the NATA examination, after which merit is made based on marks obtained in the NATA examination and the twelfth examination (same weightage of both)

    Where to do the course in India -

    Jamia Millia Islamia University, Jamia Nagar, Delhi.
    Birla Institute of Technology, Mesra, Ranchi
    Roorkee Engineering College, Roorkee
    Government College of Architecture, Lucknow University, Lucknow
    Indian Institute of Technology, Kharagpur School of Architecture and Planning, Chennai
    Dayanand Sagar College of Engineering, Bangalore
    College of Engineering, University of Kerala, Thiruvananthapuram

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