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  • What are the career options in accounting except CA, CMA & CS

    Looking for the career options in accounting except for CA, CMA & CS? Get complete details from here.

    What are the highest Accounting degrees in India except for CA, and are they helpful in a career as an accountant?
    Who is providing them in India and what is the duration of those courses?
    Are they also available in distance mode?
    What are the fees?
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  • To have a career in accountancy, you should have a degree in the related fields. Once you have that you can do higher qualification at Post Graduation level. There are many courses which will help you in understanding and acquiring the required skills. CA is the best. You asked about options other than CA, CMA & CS. So the list is as follows.

    1. ICWA: This degree is almost similar to CA. It is to be done after graduation. The degree is offered by The Institute of Cost Accountants of India (ICAI). Their website is You can get all the required details on this website. These days cost auditing has also become important for all the corporates. So many career opportunities are arising for them. Persons with this qualification can become the financial heads of corporates and they can also have their auditing firms.
    2. MBA in Finance: MBA is a post-graduation course with various specifications and finance specialisation will give you the required skills to work in accounts and finance. Many universities are offering this course. But if you can do it in Business schools, the value will be good and getting hired chances will increase. You can do this course through correspondence course also. The value of the degree depends on the institute from where you obtained the degree.
    3. M.Com: This is a post-graduation course and many universities are giving this course. But the value of the course also depends on the university in which you studied.
    All these courses will give a chance to have a career in the accounts department. But among the three ICWA is very good and attracts good jobs with good payments. Wit good experience after getting the qualification, you can go up Director Finance level in the corporate sector.

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  • CA is the most sought after accounting certification that people go for as it opens a vista of opportunities. As you have some reasons to not go for that then for you definitely some other alternatives are there which you can consider in place of CA. In addition to the usual M.Com., PhD in Commerce, and MBA in finance, there are other courses that have a potential for making a good career in this line and some of these are Certified Financial Planner (duration of course 4 years and fee about Rs 150000), Certified Management Accountant (duration of course 3 years and fee about Rs 130000), Certified Public Accountant (duration of course 3/4 years and fee about Rs 150000), Chartered Alternative Investment Analyst (duration of course 1/2 years and fee about Rs 240000), Chartered Financial Analyst (duration of course 4 years and fee about Rs 350000), Chartered Financial Consultant (duration of course 1 year and fee about Rs 400000), Chartered Global Management Accountant (duration of course 3/4 years and fee about Rs 320000), Financial Modeling and Valuation Analyst (duration of course 1 year and fee about Rs 40000), and Financial Risk Manager (duration of course 1 year and fee about Rs 120000).

    So there are many available but you have to see your interest and inclination before selecting one of them. Suppose you are interested in teaching in university or college then going for M.Com. and then qualifying in NET would be a good option. If you have interest in research you can think of going for PhD route. Some people have interest in investment consulting and analysis and they can think of going for Chartered Alternative Investment Analyst course. There is good potential in the risk management line as nowadays everything is insured and under some sort of protection and projects and big programs are to be tailor-made in that perspective and for such work one can acquire skills by doing Financial Risk Manager course. So, there are many possibilities but one has to see from ones interest and liking because one has to venture in an area where one can make wholehearted efforts and it is only possible when it is of interest to the individual.

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  • There are lot of career opportunities if you had been the student of commerce. What is needed is the careful selection of the course according to your inclination and there would not be dearth of better job prospects provided you are an excellent achiever in the course you persued.
    CA is considered to be a prestigious qualification providing you both name and fame if it is persued sincerely, however in your case, you don't want to go further in this line and hence a few courses have been enlisted below helping you to achieve smooth career apart from hefty perks with your involvement in prestigious organisations. The following lines may be seen and choose any one of your liking. These are as follows-
    1) MBA in Finance- The course is especially suitable to the aspirants interested to learn how effectively a business can be tackled with the familiarity of financial domains. The aspirants would be conversant with the different tools helping them to undertake successful assignments in a large firms or banks where they would employ the techniques for the better growth of the company. The best step would be to clear the CAT with an excellent percentile so as to get a chance of their admission in one of the best IIM locations. In that way, they would make excellent inroads in multinationals with the faster growth in their careers.
    2) M.Com - M.Com is a post graduation degree in commerce having several specialisations in the field of accounting, business- management, economics, banking and finance, taxation etc. This is an ideal course for the aspirants wishing to build up a career in the areas as indicated above. Apart from they can even go in the teaching line by clearing NET test provided the aggregate marks in the qualifying examination is not less than 55 percent. They would be inducted in constituent colleges subject to their clearance of the oral tests conducted by the panel of experts.
    3) Business Accounting and Taxation- This is a programme meticulously designed by the Industry Expers to groom aspirants to become ready for accounting job roles. The course learning modules comprise of topics like financial reporting using ERP Software, GST, Direct Taxation, Pay Roll Components, Excel and MIS reporting etc.
    This will open up the careers of the aspirants in the promising job profiles such as Finance Manager, Taxation Analyst, Corporate Legal Officers etc.
    4) Financial Risk Manager - Financial Risk Manager is a certified course comprising of nine months. To become a FRM certified professional, you need to appear for the test conducted in two sessions namely in May and November in any calendar year. The primary job of a Financial Risk Manager is to identify and analyse the threats to the company assets, earning capacity and up gradation of revenue of the companies with which they are attached.

  • Some of the career options in accounting except CA, CMA & CS for graduates in commerce are as follows:

    1. Short term professional courses like Certified Corporate Accountant(CCA) which are in good demand.
    2. Tally ERP 9.0 with GST: With the implementation of GST, this course is in the propensity for commerce student or graduates.
    3. If you have an inclination in understanding and convincing others, you can work as an insurance agent or a Risk Manager
    4. If you are having good communication and presentation skill, you can even take up Financial Analyst or Investment Banking or Financial planning or consultant job which has a good scope in the modern world.
    5. Certified Public Accountants(CPA): It is leading licensing examinations that have great opportunities in MNC's, and other professional services firms like industries, government and education institutions which have global recognition. It can be completed in 1 year time that has 4 exam sections and can be cleared in a single level exam.

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