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  • Which one to choose - Amazon Fire Stick or Google Chromecast?

    Confused between Amazon Fire Stick and Google Chromecast? Check out this page to know which is the best media streaming device in the market.

    I have a normal LED TV to which I want to connect a media streaming device. Now I am stuck while choosing either Amazon Fire Stick or Google Chromecast.

    Anyone already using the same can help me in chooising the best device. Also want to know whether there are other media streaming devices in the market? If yes, then which ones, and what will they cost?
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  • Basically, these devices are for converting a normal TV into a smart TV. Both the devices are well comparable and very capable in their own ways. There are subtle differences here and there and I would summarise them for taking a decision for buying one of them.

    Let us see some of the common functionalities which both have to almost same degree of ease and these are - easy set up, play contents from mobile device, view ones camera on TV with voice etc.

    Now coming to the differences - Chromecast connects to Google Home and being bigger in size connects to TV with a chord and does not have an optional remote while Amazon fire stick is pluggable and is having Alexa remote.

    If we see all the functionalities of these devices then Chromecast is having more functions than that of the Amazon stick and moreover Chromecast integrates well with the app one uses while Amazon stick is having lesser number of functions. For those who are accustomed to Google home and using it, Chromecast would be easy to operate and its functional range would increase further.

    There are some other similar devices in the market like NVIDIA Shield TV Streaming Player (price about Rs 12800) and Roku Ultra (price not mentioned as stock is not available right now).

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  • These two are very famous video streamers and these two are the cheapest streamers available in the market. These devices will make TV a smart TV. These two are almost similar. But a little difference may be there. I will try to give the differences
    1. Features. Amazon fire stick will have the voice Remote. Alexa. You can find the content you want quickly by using your voice. This facility will be useful only when you want to see the content available in Amazon Prime.
    The set up is very simple and we can handle the fire stick easily.
    The Chromecast is also easy to set-up. There is no physical remote. You have to select a video, song or web page through phone or tablet and then cast the content to the TV. Through Google home devices we can control Chrome also by voice
    2. Performance. HD resolution capacity is the same in both devices. The picture is very clear in both cases. Speech is very clear in both cases. Amazon Firestick sound output is up to Dolby Digital Plus 7.1 whereas Chromecast output is up to Dolby Digital Plus 5.1.
    3. Price: Price is almost the same in both cases. Chrome cast may cost a little less but not very abnormal difference.

    I feel the availability of Alexa and the responsive user interface gives a little advantage to the amazon fire stick over Chrome cast.

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  • Google Chromecast and Google Echo are a perfection as Amazon Firestick is to Alexa. Even though both of them do the same job, there is a minute difference. As we mostly use Android phones in which the OS is owned by Google, integration of chromecast with the phone is seamless. Because chromecast is widely used than Firestick, I would prefer going with Chromecast because of the endless possibilities in using it. You can almost stream any of the media app from your phone to your TV via chromecast. The applications/content wise both are similar. There is not much difference in the price as well. I would say if you are passionate towards trying Amazon products then go for Amazon's casting device otherwise go for Chromecast.


  • Google and Amazon are aggressively posting refreshes of both Amazon Fire Stick and Chrome Cast devices for sometime. If either of the feature is used, the TV would behave like a smart TV.
    Originally these devices were supposed to have introduced smart features in the average televisions but due to upgradation of of snarf speakers like Google Home and Amazon Echo these features have gained popularity. Both of them have adapted smart features to attract the customers.
    Chrome cast with Google TV has captured market even if it is mostly playing catchup to Amazon but even then in terms of design, features and new user interface, this makes this feature well worth of the money.
    It has some added advantages shown below -
    1) Visible user interface
    2) Google Assistant is available at the push of the buttons.
    3) Designs available in three colours
    4) Supports Dolby Vision and Dolby Atmos Audios
    However, there are certain disadvantages listed below-
    1) No dedicated fast forward or rewind button
    2) Does not support stadia at launch.

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