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  • Details about Goddess Lakshmi according to Hinduism

    Want to know all about goddess Laxmi? Searching for detailed information regarding the various avatars, history, purpose etc.? Find responses from experts on this page and get to know all about the goddess.

    Goddess Lakshmi is the spouse of the central deities of the trinity of Hindu Vishnu. She is the goddess of prosperity, wealth and purity.

    I would like our experts to help me with the following answers:
    i) How many avatars did Goddess Lakshmi take and why did she take such avatars?
    ii) What was the purpose or story behind each avatar?
    iii) Why did each avatar come into its form and how did it vanish or die?
    iv) Any more information about Goddess Lakshmi( her birth, parents, siblings, children, her weapon, different names that she is known by, her temple location, etc) that add value to this post.

    I have raised questions on different avatars of Hindu Gods and Goddess that are interlinked with this ask expert questions to know or learn more about them. They are Lord Vishnu, Brahma or Prajapati, Lord Shiva or Mahadeva, Hanuman or Bajrangbali, Parvati or Gauri or Uma, Saraswati, Their vahana or the deity's mount, etc.
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  • Lakshmi is the wife of Lord Vishnu, who is believed to provide good fortune to her devotees and also save them from poverty, poverty, and misery. Goddess Lakshmi, the goddess of divine qualities, is also called Sri and Mangala because she is also a source of power for Lord Vishnu. When Vishnu incarnated Shri Ram and Shri Krishna on earth, Lakshmi also appeared as Mother Sita and Rukmini.

    Goddess Lakshmi's lotus symbolizes spiritual power
    Kamal is always shown with Mata Lakshmi. Here, the lotus becomes clean, the symbol of pure spiritual energy, along with Goddess Lakshmi. Lotus roots are in the mud, but it blooms on water, there is no sign of mud on the lotus, remember lotus is also an indicator of spiritual power.

    Description of Goddess Lakshmi in Vishnupuran
    According to Vishnupuran, Lakshmiji is the daughter of Bhrigu and Atri. They lived in heaven. Due to the curse of Durvasha Rishi, he left heaven and made Kshirsagar his home. Lakshmi appeared from Samudra Manthan and married her to Lord Vishnu. In some places, statues of two forms of Lakshmiji are also installed - Bhudevi and Sridevi. Bhudevi is the life-giving form of mother, while Sridevi is there to provide wealth and wisdom. Both live with Lord Vishnu. Some people think of them differently, in fact, both are forms of Lakshmi.

    Mahalakshmi - who resides in Vaikuntha.
    Swargalakshmi - who resides in heaven.
    Radha - resides in Goloka.
    Dakshina - who resides in the yajna.
    Grihalakshmi - who resides in the Griha.
    Shobha - that resides in everything.
    Rukmani -who resides in Goloka.
    Sita Devi - wife of Lord Ram
    Rukmini was the wife of Lord Krishna, she had married Krishna. Lord Krishna of Dwarka abducted and ran away with her to stop an unwanted marriage at her request and save her from the evil Shishupala. Rukmini is the first and foremost queen of Krishna.

  • Goddess Lakshmi is the Goddess of wealth, power, and beauty. She is a symbol of immense fortune and good luck and supposed to dwell in the houses of the rich and affluents. Our scriptures like Vedas and Puranas describe her in those elegant ways. In many places she is known as 'Shri', a sign of affluence. It is believed that in her first form she was the daughter of sage Bhrigu and his wife Khyati. Lakshmi is the consort of Lord Vishnu and it is imperative that wherever Lord Vishnu takes a form she also takes birth in that eon to become her consort. For example when Lord Vishnu came on Earth as Lord Rama by taking birth in the house of king Dasarath then Lakshmi was born in Janakpuri as Sita. In many calendars or religious pictures we see her sitting on a lotus surrounded by elephants on her side and one noticeable thing about her is that when she is with Lord Vishnu she would be seen with the normal two hands but alone she would have four of them and generally from one of them gold coins would be falling symbolising her form that makes the devotees rich. She is also having a Mahalakshmi form which is worshipped specially in Depawali times and in this form she is depicted more powerful with eight hands. It is also firmly believed that Goddess Lakshmi visits to bless the devotees only in those houses where cleanliness is there and people are hard working. Due to this during the Deepawali festival people invariably keep their houses clean and tidy.

    Let us now go to the various forms and avatars of Goddess Lakshmi. There are many forms of Lakshmi worshipped by people but mainly eight forms are considered as the main forms -

    1. Dhanya Lakshmi - This is the form which blesses the harvesting and we have abundance of grains in that year. This is also said to provide the real joy and happiness to people who worship this particular form.

    2. Adi Lakshmi - In this form she is considered a part of Lord Vishnu only and actually the power behind him and his creations. This is the most powerful form and is supposed to bring happiness and content in the life of the devotees. Adi is explained as the initial or first form also.

    3. Dhairya Lakshmi - This form symbolises the patience and endurance. If worshipped in this form it is said that the Goddess gives immense courage, stability, and strength to the devotees.

    4. Gaja Lakshmi - This has a fascinating story. It is said that during the churning of the oceans by the Gods and demons Lakshmi came out of the ocean and being a daughter of the ocean came out of it holding lotuses in her hands and was accompanied by elephants holding decorative pots.

    5. Santan Lakshmi - Santan means children and those who worship this form are bestowed with children. The grace of mother is always like that and this form manifests it in that fashion only.

    6. Vijay Lakshmi - Vijay means victory. Those who aspire for winning in this world in all their activities and attempts worship this form of the Lakshmi and she gives boon to the devotees for winning everywhere in all their endeavours.

    7. Dhan Lakshmi - Dhan means money or wealth. If Goddess Lakshmi is happy with a devotee, she can provide immense wealth and prosperity to him in various forms like land, food, mind power etc.

    8. Vidya Lakshmi - Vidya means learning or education. Many qualities in human beings are obtained through education and this is the form of Goddess Lakshmi which provides these things to the devotees.

    Famous Goddess Lakshmi temples in India -
    1. Chattarpur Mandir - It is located in Mehrauli area in Delhi.
    2. Chaurashi Temple - It is located in Chamba Valley in the state of Himachal Pradesh.
    3. Maha Laxmi Temple - It is one of the biggest temple and is located in Breach Candy in Mumbai.
    4. Sripuram Golden Temple - It is located in Vellore in Tamil Nadu.

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  • Goddess Lakshmi is the wife of Lord Vishnu and she is the Goddess of wealth and fortune.
    All Devatas lost in the war with the Demons and they are desperate. The Amarvathi has gone into the hands of demons. So all the Devatas went to Lord Vishnu, prayed him and asked them to suggest a way to regain their supremacy. Lord Vishnu suggested them to churn the Milk Ocean ( Paala Samudram). It was told that they will get Amrut in that process and once they drink it they will become immortal. The churning started by both Devatas and Danavas. During this process, Maa Lakshmi floated on the milk in the ocean seated on a full-blown lotus. Maa Lakshmi selected Lord Vishnu as her master and married him. Devatas got Amrit and drank. They fought with Danavas and regained their Amaravathi. If Maa Lakshmi is angry even Devatas also will suffer. If she is happy with us she can give us wealth, health, wisdom and mental peace. If she is angry we have to suffer a lot. Her anger may make us unable to perform good work and we may suffer from poverty, hunger, weakness etc.
    Each time Vishnu is incarnated, she reincarnates with Lord Vishnu wherever he incarnates. Lord Rama is the incarnation of Lord Vishnu and Maa Sita is the incarnation of Maa Lakshmi. Lord Krishna is the incarnation of Lord Vishnu and Maa Rukmini is the incarnation of Maa Lakshmi. Like this, in all the incarnations of Lord Vishnu, we will see Maa Lakshmi. That is the dedication she is having towards Lord Vishnu. Maa Lakshmi can show her power on Devatas also if the start behaving arrogantly. In addition to the above incarnations, eight avatars of Maa Lakshmi are very famous in Hindu mythology. The avatars of the Goddess Lakshmi in these eight forms have a specific purpose
    1, Dhana Lakshmi: Goddess Dhanalakshmi is with six arms. She will be holding a discus, a conch, a water pitcher, a bow and arrow and a lotus. Her sixth hand will be giving us the Abhaya Mudra with gold coins flowing from her palm in a continuously. She is responsible for our wealth.
    2. Dhanya Lakshmi: Goddess Dhanya Lakshmi is the destroyer of evil and provides relief to all those who pray her and request her help. She ensures that her devotees never go hungry.
    3. Vijaya Lakshmi: She ensures success in all the endeavours of Her devotees. She gives us inner strength and a winning attitude. If we pray her she gives us the required strength to achieving victory in all aspects of life.
    4. Maha Lakshmi: She is having four-arms., She carries a lotus and a white flag in two arms. The other two arms in Abhaya mudra and varada mudra.
    5, Gaja Lakshmi: She gives animal wealth or power of royalty. Gaja Lakshmi brought back the wealth lost by Indra from the ocean. Some say that she is worshipped by elephants.
    6. Santana Lakshmi: She is also having six hands and in one hand she holds a child. She gives children to the people who worship her. The child in her arm holds a Lotus.
    7. Veera Lakshmi: She is also called as Dhairya Lakshmi. She bestows valour during battles and courage with strength for winning over difficulties in life.
    8. Vidya Lakshmi: She is the goddess of knowledge of arts and sciences. She appears in a white saree. She holds a book of Vedas in one hand and a peacock feather as a pen in second hand.
    These eight avatars are very famous.
    In addition to the above, there are another two avatars known as Saubhagya Lakshmi, Rajya Lakshmi and Vara Lakshmi.

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  • Lakshmi is the goddess of the wealth and fortune. She being the wife of Lord Vishnu is said to have taken different forms having her association with the God Vishnu. She was always present in each of his incarnations.
    Once when he was the dwarf Vamana, she appeared from a lotus and was known as Padma or Kamala both signifying Lotus. When Lord Vishnu took the form of Parshuram, she accompanied him being his wife known as Dharani. When he was Lord Rama, she was her queen known as Sita.
    In the most widely received account of Lakshmi's birth, she rose from churning of the ocean of milk sitting on a lotus holding another blossom in her hand. It followed a rift between Gods and Demons over the possession of her.
    Godess Lakshmi is often regarded in sculpture seated on a lotus having full breasted and broad hipped with her constant smiling. She is sometimes being lustrated by a pair of elephants engaged in pouring water over her. Her vechile is the white owl. She continues to be worshipped by Hindus particularly in their homes especially on every Friday and also on the regular festival days throughout the year.

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